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What are your top ten Edmund moments/quotes? From the movies or books.

Oooh, great question! To be honest, I can’t remember the books very well, I’m overdue for a reread, so I’ll do my best to keep a balance between book and movie moments. =) In no particular order:

1) When Edmund breaks Jadis’ wand to change the momentum at the Battle of Beruna. My boy is so clever, like, seriously, I could imagine him being an amazing strategist during the Golden Age and destroying Narnia’s enemies in battle by thinking ahead.

2) “But even a traitor may mend. I have known one that did.” Ugh, my feels for this quote. Even though everyone else forgives Edmund for what he did in LWW, he never forgets it (I sincerely hope that he forgives himself for it) and he grows so much from that experience. He earned that title of King Edmund the Just, don’t you forget it.

3) Edmund’s fight with Trumpkin. It starts off fairly lighthearted, then Edmund gets into his rhythm and then just whips him. And then Skandar pushes out his hip and looks so cool doing it.

4) “Between ourselves, you haven’t been as bad as I was on my first trip to Narnia. You were only an ass, but I was a traitor.” I’m so so sad that this didn’t make the film and that Edmund and Eustace never had that moment together (honestly, Edmund’s character was butchered in that film, but don’t get me started). Another reminder that Edmund hasn’t forgotten what happened during his first trip to Narnia, and this time he’s using it try to console somebody else.

5) “I know, you had it sorted.” MY FAVOURITE LINE. I love the way Skandar delivers it and I love the importance of that scene in terms of Edmund’s growth. It really was like closing an arc for him (until it reappears in VoDT… /grumble). EDMUND SAVES THE DAAAY!

6) Edmund’s meeting with Miraz. This entire scene is freaking amazing, I love how he dances with words in this conversation. They were clever to send Edmund (diplomat and spymaster), if they had sent someone else, I wonder whether it would’ve worked out the same way.

7) “It’s not like there isn’t air inside.” Oh, my sassy boy. And then proceeds to hit a six through a window. That boy has cricket skills.

8) “Is it Latin for ‘worst game ever invented’?” I’m so glad they kept Edmund as the snarky character, it’s honestly so hard to choose between all his brilliant comebacks, I could seriously make a second gifset of them.

9) The scene where Lucy sees Aslan and no one else believes her. I love his line, “The last time I didn’t believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid,” but more than that, I love that he waits for Lucy to leave and he walks behind her. He literally has her back. Like, all my sibling feels.

10) Pevensie hugs! I’m thinking of the one he shares with Lucy after he is rescued from Jadis where he literally rests his head on Lucy’s (like, HE NUZZLES HER HEAD. OMG, IT’S ADORABLE) and the one hug he gives Lucy after Jadis relinquishes her claim on his life and HE PICKS HER UP. Like seriously, it’s the cutest thing ever.

I know, I cheated on the last one because it’s two moments, but I CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM. Edmund is my favourite forever and always. Thanks for the great question! xx

Episode Two: Beruna

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by AJHall

MJN Air find themselves in Narnia.

Words: 4627, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Wardrobe Pressure

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Easlmus of Western Wood | Faun | Age Up To Roleplayer (is four years younger than Rinassa) | OPEN | Faceclaim: Elijah Wood |


Easlmus is the younger, much quieter half-brother of Rinassa. He was born four years after his brother to a different mother, due to Rinassa’s mother dying not long after Rinassa was born. When Rinassa and Easlmus’s father left to fight against the White Witch, Easlmus was cared for by his brother. He was a curious, open little Faun, preferring to be out in the snow exploring and talking to the birds and beavers that came by, but was always found by Rinassa in the end. Easlmus was taken to the Field of Beruna after he heard of the arrival of the Great Aslan, and even the Four Kings and Queens had come.

As a child, Easlmus briefly met Mr Tumnus, when Mr Tumnus had known Easlmus’s cousin, Eryan. Easlmus doesn’t know much of the relationship between the two Fauns, but he didn’t know that Eryan loved Mr Tumnus very much before she went away with her father. Both Easlmus and Rinassa have a feeling that poor Eryan died along the way.

Easlmus fought alongside his brother in the Battle for Beruna and sustained a life-threatening injury from on one of the White Witch’s minions, and was thankfully saved in time by Queen Lucy. Both Easlmus and Rinassa felt they owed their lives to Lucy, and she took them on as her Queensguard, a duty Easlmus wholeheartedly accepted.


Easlmus is a firm friend of Queen Lucy, and is even friends with King Edmund to a degree. He tends to his duties with his brother and is better at finding Queen Lucy when he and Rinassa are sent to find her; Lucy trusted the locations of where she may be to Easlmus. Never once has he asked her to return; he would either join her or wait for her.


Easlmus is a dilly-daydream. He imaginative and creative, often playing an instrument with his brother or painting a picture. Easlmus is also quite bright, playing chess and reading many of the books they have in Cair Paravel’s libraries. He has a rather extensive knowledge of the Western Wood and isn’t afraid to show it.

Though Easlmus be a dreamer, he is more serious than his brother. He is a little less emotional than Rinassa, for Easlmus does not wish to appear weak in light of his emotions. Though he will express joy or anger, sadness and exhaustion are not emotions he wishes anyone other than Rinassa or Lucy to see.

Easlmus is also protective, loyal and dedicated to his brother, Lucy and Aslan. In times of danger, he is not afraid to step up and fight for those he cares about. He doesn’t have many friends, but that doesn’t dampen the desire to protect the ones he has.

Character submitted by Lucy