General. Senator. King. Just .. King though. Peter’s the High King. Senator Edmund has proven his intellect time and again in the Senate, swaying the majority of both his allies and opposition in many of his policies. One of his brother’s most esteemed advisers, he has managed to single handedly defuse wars and separatist movements on his planet and on several systems without any weapons being drawn. While his words are his deadliest weapons, he is also one of the most skilled swordsmen of the MidRim, having bested rogue Jedi Knights in single combat and having led the successful defense of Beruna from the Tonvarr. 

Edmund was on Coruscant when the Telmarine Siege began. It coincided with the arrival of the Sith Empire, barring his return to Narnia to aid his siblings and the Crown Prince of Telmar. He was asked instead by the Senate to join a diplomatic envoy designed as a Trojan horse to intercept the approaching Sith forces.

The last transmission High King Peter received from his brother ended with the alarms blaring on board the Narnian Capital Ship Splendor Hyaline, and a voice over the intercom declaring, “ My Lord, a massive fleet is dropping out of hyperspace ! ”  

Narnia: A Star Wars Story

Set on the backdrop of the Old Republic and the Sith Invasion, Narnia faces its own war when the King of Telmar - a moon of the planet, dies in an assassination. In his place, his brother, General Miraz takes the throne for himself. With the Telmarine Crown in full support of the Anti-Alien Movement, the true heir, Caspian X escapes and finds allies in Narnia in an effort to liberate his people from the tyranny and injustice of his uncle.

Know your way around Narnia

CS Lewis was born on this day in 1898. A poet, academic, critic and theologian, Lewis is best known for his novels, particularly the timelessly popular Chronicles of Narnia.

This delightful map of Narnia and its surrounding lands was drawn by Lewis himself and now resides in the Bodleian archives, preserving a privileged insight into Lewis’ world-making processes.

Lewis did not intend for his own illustration to be published in his books, intending instead that a professional artist would create a more polished interpretation. Pauline Baynes was introduced to Lewis by his fellow Inkling JRR Tolkien, and she redrafted the map for publication in Prince Caspian, the second book of the series.

In a letter with further instructions for Baynes, dated 8 January 1951, Lewis described the finished look he was hoping for.

My idea was that the map should be more like a medieval map than an Ordnance Survey – mountains and castles drawn – perhaps winds blowing at the corners – and a few heraldic-looking ships, whales and dolphins in the sea.

For those who do not know Narnia quite so well, here are some of the more interesting places on the map.

Aslan’s How: The mound covering what was once the Stone Table where Aslan was sacrificed.

Beruna: One of the four named towns in Narnia. Strategically built at the confluence of rivers, Beruna became the site of two great battles.

Cair Paravel: The capital of the Kingdom of Narnia, and the location of the Royal Castle where High King Peter, Queen Susan, Queen Lucy and King Edmund havetheir thrones.

Dancing Lawn: The ritual site for old Narnians, and the meeting place after Prince Caspian flees from Miraz’s castle.

Lantern Waste: The location of The Lantern of Ever Lighted Lamp, the lamppost where Lucy and Mr Tumnus first meet after she passes through the wardrobe. Lantern Waste is also where Digory, Polly, Jadis and their companions witnessed the creation of Narnia.

Miraz’s Castle: Where Prince Caspian is raised by Miraz, his uncle and un-rightful ruler of Narnia. 

Trufflehunter’s Cave: The home of Trufflehunter the badger, first talking animal that Prince Caspian meets and later a Knight in the Order of the Lion.

Edmund x Reader - Memories

Yo, guys, hi, i’m back  with another acc lmao. so, this fic is a collab with my friend, @persistentedmund so yeah. she’ll be posting part two, for now, here is part one. hope y’all like it.

-rain :)

Edmund x Reader – Memories (Part One of idk lmao)

Word Count: 1,511

Contains: Sorcery

Setting: VODT


Finally, after a year of waiting to get back to Narnia, they finally are. Y/N, Edmund, Lucy and their cousin that was accidentally been brought, Eustace. Who is not pleased. The moment Eustace stepped—well, swam he was complaining about literally everything. The crew of the Dawn Treader saw the four, swimming hopelessly, so others jumped, turns out Caspian is there.

Now, they found land and they’re currently investigating about it. All of them were looking around, even Eustace.

“Yeah, nobody’s in. Do you think we should head back?” Eustace suggests as he pointed behind him.

“Do you want to come and… guard, or something?” Edmund said, shrugging.

“Uh, yes!” Eustace said as he scurried away to where Edmund is standing. “Good idea, cousin. Very, um… logical.” He looked at the four who is, Caspian, Edmund, Lucy and Y/N. They stared back at him before walking closer to the big doors of some kind of temple or whatever it was. Caspian walked back to Eustace, giving him a dagger. Eustace took it, staring at it as if it was something made of gold as he blinked a few time like he wasn’t believing what just happened.

The four looked at him again. “I got it, I got it. Don’t worry.” Eustace said as he turned around, trying to be alert or something.

Y/N chuckled, shaking her head as she opened one door and entered, the other three following her. They look around their surroundings as they kept on walking forward. There were big white statues, ropes, bells that were tied up to the ceiling that has some holes.

“Um, I’m ready to go when you are.” Eustace said but the four ignored. They know the boy was scared but they have to go around and investigate things. They noticed a table, Edmund removing his bag from his body with a hand that holds his torch, putting it on the ground. The other three walked up to the table as Ed pointed his torch to wards thee big book that was placed at the top of the table. The massive (not that massive) book has a long list of names with some kind of price or something and others were also crossed out.

“Who are these people?” Lucy said.                                                        

“Why have they been crossed out?” Edmund added.

“It looks like some kind of… fee.” Y/N said.

“Slave traders.” Said Caspian as they our looked at each other.

Then, the bell that was heard outside, erupted. The four looked up and men were coming down. “Look out!” Caspian shouted as he started shooting.

Edmund, Lucy and Y/N fought with sword as the other men came down. They were all fighting, almost winning until they heard a scream. They froze. They all looked where it came from. A man held Eustace in his hand as his other hand is holding the dagger that Caspian gave Eustace, pointing it to him. “Unless, you want to hear this one squeal like a girl again, I’d say you should drop your weapons.” The man who is holding Eustace said.

“Like a girl?!” Eustace repeated, ready to open his big mouth again to throw another sarcastic remark, but then…

“Now!” The man said as Eustace jumped.

Lucy was the first one to drop her sword, followed by Caspian, then by Y/N.

“Eustace,” Edmund said, glaring at the boy.

“Put ‘em in irons!” The man said and the others that attacked the four obeyed. They tried to fight back but they were too strong and there were lots of them. Edmund received a smack on the cheek.

“Listen, you insolent fool, I am your King!” Caspian shouted.

“You’re going to pay for that!” Edmund said.

“Actually, someone else is going to pay,” a man said that appeared out of nowhere. “For all of you.” He smiled creepily as he looked at the four. “But before that, who among these two, sees visions about everything?”

Y/N. Y/N does, she sees them. Father Christmas gave Lucy a healing cordial and a dagger. Susan was been given a bow and arrows and a horn. Peter was been given a sword and shield. Well, Father Christmas gave Y/N a small sling and the power to see visions. Y/N was the one who everyone depended on if they have to know something. If one of the Pevensie’s were on trouble, she’d feel like she got hit by a big red train and see a vision how they were on trouble. Like, Edmund when he go stabbed back in the First Battle of Beruna and all these visions she saw came like a nightmare until she found out how to control it.

“C’mon, answer now.” He said as he came up to Caspian. “We don’t want these two boys to be killed.”

How did they even know one of the girls sees visions?

“And how sure are you that the girl who sees visions is with us?” Lucy asked slowly.

Y/N had always been in danger, honestly. Everyone knew she sees visions, she can literally see what’s going to happen in the future, what’s happening on the present to Lucy and Edmund and Caspian if they are on the other side of the world.

“Yeah, and seeing visions? Well, that’s logically impossible.” Y/N said.

The man eyed Y/n suspiciously. “You’re talking nonsense, girl! This world is magical.”

Y/N grinned suspiciously, trying to play it off. “Right, how dumb could I be?” She said.

“Well, this girl has a healing cordial.” The man said as he pointed at Lucy. Lucy and Y/N looked at each other.

“That doesn’t really make sense.” Lucy said as Y/N nodded.

“Well, they said, the girl who has a healing cordial is the girl’s friend.” The man said. “So, it means,” The man then, turned to Y/N. “It’s you who sees the visions.”

“That’s impossible. I just got here.” Y/N said, “And, I said, it’s logically impossible but you said this is a magical world, and I don’t know anything about this world.”

“Then, why would they trust you and not him?” The man asked, pointing to Eustace.

“Well, Y/N here is not that stubborn like he is,” Lucy said.

“Me? Stubborn?!” Eustace complained.

“I’m losing my patience,” The man said, sighing. “Alright, you two have two choices. You either tell me who sees the visions or… these two boys die.”

“Option three?” Y/N said.

“Now!” The man shouted as they pulled a sword and pointed at Edmund and Caspian. Well, Y/N was only looking at Edmund actually. He was her husband. Yeah, they got married back in the Golden Age and they accidentally came back in the real world, they were kids again. It became awkward, of course, until they grew p, coming back to Narnia, finally, owning up to their feelings. Edmund courted her again and she agreed.

“It’s me.” Y/N said.

“Y/N,” Edmund whispered, looking at her, worry filling up inside of him.

The man walked over to Y/N, two fingers of his hands on each of Y/N’s temples. “Hey! Don’t touch her!” Edmund said, trying to go to her, but was held back by the men who attacked them. Y/N tried to fight back but two men were holding her, trying to hold her still. Edmund still tried to fight to go to the man.

Y/N felt weak, and then everything went black to her as she collapsed on the ground.

“No!” Lucy said.

“Y/N!” Edmund shouted.

“What did you do to her?” Caspian said.

“Let’s take these two on the market,” the man holding Eustace said, referring to Lucy and Eustace. “Then those three on the dungeons.”

“Listen, you insolent fools, I am your king!” Caspian shouted. The three were being pulled as they still keep on fighting back.

“No! Edmund, Caspian!” Lucy shouted.

“Lucy!” Edmund shouted.


Edmund was knocked out along with his wife. Caspian is trying to open the gates, kicking it. Edmund opened his eyes, sitting up.

“You alright?” Caspian asked him as he noticed Edmund’s awake.

Edmund nodded. “We have to get out.”

“There’s no escape.” A man said, from the dark. He came out of the dark, Caspian helping him. It turned out to be he is one of the Lords of Caspian’s father.  

Y/N sat up as she opened her eyes. She shook her head, looking around, wondering where she is. Edmund scurried over her, kneeling beside her.

“Hey, are you alright?” Edmund asked, moving a strand of her hair behind her ears. She flinched at the action.

“I-I’m sorry, but who are you?” Y/N asked.

“Y/N, now is not the right time for jokes.” Edmund chuckled.

“No, seriously, who are you?” Y/N said. “How do you know my name? Where am I?”

“Cut it off. Please.” Edmund said but Y/N frowned.

“Your majesty, what happened?” Lord Bern said. “Did the slave trader touch her?”

“Yes, my lord, put two fingers on each temples.” Caspian said.

“Why, you’re majesty, they swiped her memory.” He said. “And if she doesn’t get her memories back as soon as possible, she’ll die.”

Peter Pevensie x Reader - Of Fights and Things

Request: Hi! could you do one where peter gets hurt in a fight and the reader is forced to take care of him, and even though they fight all the time, he loves her and peter ends up confessing his love for her :)

Peter Pevensie x Reader - Of Fights and Things
Setting: Prince Caspian, after the raid at the Castle (movie wise anyways)
Contains: Hmm, curse words.

Also a heads up, I’m actually a person who curses a lot! Though, I’m gonna try to contain myself.

Your name: submit What is this?

“The two are at it again,” Lucy sighed as she trudged her way towards Susan and Edmund. 

What Lucy meant was that (Y/n) and Peter were arguing about what had happened back at the castle. 

Susan and Edmund glanced at each other and you could easily see a glimpse of worry in both of their faces. What had happened back at the castle was horrifying. Edmund was the one who had seen the bodies of Narnians lined up and piled on top of one another at the gate. It was “absolutely horrific” was how he explained it. If (Y/n) and Peter were arguing about that… Well, they couldn’t imagine how terrible Peter must have felt along with Caspian. 

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Stubborn Idiot [EdmundxF!Reader] [One-Shot]

Stumbled across the ‘First Kisses for the Pevensies’ post again and just couldn’t help myself… ^^’

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]


Stubborn Idiot

Fic Summary: His first kiss was in the midst of an argument. He didn’t get along with her much because they were both stubborn and both madly in love with each other.

Word Count: 3,2k

Warnings: Language

“We’re going to need more men.”

“A lot of good that’s gonna do us when we’re up against giants.”

“Then what do you propose, oh high and mighty, all-knowing pain in my ass?”

“Stealth. We can’t go up against an enemy way bigger and stronger than ourselves with just brute force and manpower, your obnoxiously annoying highness.”

“A lot of good that’s gonna do us when we’re stealthy enough to get our butts crushed under a giant’s foot. In your case though, it might just be an improvement.”

“So you think my ass needs improvement, huh? To know that, you oughta have been staring at it - again.”

“S-Shut up!”

“Oh what’s the matter? There’s nothing wrong with being a Peeping Tom, now is there?”

“Tch, you’re one to talk Miss 'I couldn’t stare at his abs during training more shamelessly if I tried’.”

Peter groaned in annoyance. Here they went again.

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you guys??? i’m on 200 followers!! i want to thank you all so so so much for helping me get here, i appreciate every single one of you <3

to celebrate, i’ll be doing three kinds of blogrates: an aesthetic blograte, a narnia blograte, and a harry potter blograte :)

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formats under the cut!

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Caspian x Reader - Surprising Changes

Request: Hi ! Could you please do a Caspian imagine when lucy, Edmund and eustace arrive in narnia and y/n is married to Caspian or something ?? Thanks xx

Caspian x Reader - Surprising Changes
Setting: When Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace arrives on the Dawn Treader
Contains: Nothing bad really. I’ll be going by the movie. 
Word Count: 1596

I really didn’t know how to end it, so I’m really sorry. Also, I might write a little prequel to when Caspian and Reader’s relationship starts. Stay tuned! 

Edit: Sorry guys, I was reading through this and I realized a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. They should be fixed but if not, please do tell me lol. I try reading them by myself but sometimes I don’t catch them until a little while after I post it. Thanks! 


The waves hit the shore of Narnia repeatedly. It was early in the morning and the sun was barely rising. If you looked out into the ocean from the coastline, you could see the alluring waves just calling out to you, to sail into the endless sea. The salty fragrant of the ocean was somehow rejuvenating. That was the power of the Narnian ocean. Of course, Narnia was just magical in itself. 

But today was the day the Narnia is to be left behind and Caspian the Tenth would travel out into the Great Eastern Ocean that was filled with the unknown. It had been three years since the Kings and Queens of old had aided him in the Narnian Revolution. Three years since (Y/n) had decided to stay in Narnia instead of going back to England. Besides, Narnia was her home and Aslan told her her duties lied here in Narnia now. In those three years, Caspian helped bring Narnia back up to where it used to be in the Golden Age. And in the three years, Caspian and (Y/n) had courted then got married.

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After a long and dangerous quest through the icy lands of Ettisnmore, one of battling many angry (and hungry) giants, Peter and Edmund’s search party had finally ended. The High Councilors of Cair Paravel have recovered lost royalties of Narnia! Unfortunately, there are still some royalty stuck out there in the unforgiving terrain but fear not another search party will be called out soon!

The Pevensie Brothers Net welcomes our new prestiged guests of Narnia into our network, we hope you enjoy all the perks of being with us! A ‘Member Exclusive’ Challenge will be available shortly (+ ALL announcements will be made directly through the network and group chat).

We’re so happy to have you with us! The Kings and Queens of Narnia warmly welcome the following members:

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Edmund Pevensie x Reader - Enguard!

Hello! Could I get an Edmund X Reader where he and the reader are really good friends, but they want to be more than friends and their both scared to tell each other…?

Edmund Pevensie x Reader - Enguard! (One-shot)
Setting: Golden Age
Contains: Blood. Not a lot though, it’s like in the movies basically. It has a lot of action though. Oops.
Word Count: 1769

Enjoy! This is actually kinda super long though. Like really long. I’m gonna add in word counts now… Hope you like it!

Edmund snuck a glance over at (Y/n) while they were on a walk with the others. Lucy stood right between them while (Y/n) was chatting with Susan. Lucy looked up at Edmund when she noticed his head moved. She smiled to herself because she knew how much the two of them liked each other. 

As the Pevensies and (Y/n) strolled through the forest, the birds were singing and there were plenty of Talking Animals who came by to say hello to the Kings and Queens of Narnia. (Y/n) herself wasn’t actually a queen. There were only four thrones afterall. Though she may not be a queen, people treated her with the utmost respect since she was a friend of the Pevensies and saved King Edmund himself in the Battle of Beruna against the White Witch. Almost at the cost of her life.

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We all headcanon Edmund as being the diplomat that knows how to deal with people but, like, we’re forgetting the many instances in which he was anything but good with people. And many happened after his redemption arc. The reason why so many see Edmund as this very level-headed guy is just for the fact that his and Peter’s temperaments are switched in the movies. If anything, it’s Peter who would be the best diplomat, not Edmund.

The one instance that stands out the most to me would be that moment in Prince Caspian (the book) when Trumpkin first meets the Pevensies and is explaining his surprise to see children instead of warrior kings and queens.

“As it is—we’re awfully fond of children and all that, but just at the moment, in the middle of a war—but I’m sure you understand.”
“You mean you think we’re no good,” said Edmund, getting red in the face.
“Now pray don’t be offended,” interrupted the Dwarf. “I assure you, my dear little friends—”
Little from you is really a bit too much,” said Edmund, jumping up. “I suppose you don’t believe we won the Battle of Beruna? Well, you can say what you like about me because I know—”
“There’s no good losing our tempers,” said Peter. “Let’s fit him out with fresh armor and fit ourselves out from the treasure chamber, and have a talk after that.”

Here we see Edmund losing his temper over being called a child — which he was. His pride was hurt and his first reaction was to get angry and possibly do something that would not help their cause. Peter was the one being level-headed and reasonable.

I’m not saying that Edmund would make a terrible diplomat, on the contrary, the guy is cunning and clever as heck. He thinks analytically and thinks of only how he and his siblings (and Narnia) would benefit from any agreement. Even though he was no longer that terrible child that would sell his family to the enemy, it didn’t mean that he suddenly became this entirely different person. His redemption only meant that he was a better version of himself, not that he was a different person all together. He would never stop thinking analytically and rather deviously, he would just now put it to good use.

Peter is the people-person, he’s the one with a level head. He would be the front man, the one sitting in council meetings making the tedious negotiations, handling the difficult foreign rulers. He would also calmly set into motion military plans and think every aspect through so as to lose the fewest lives on either side. Peter was the go-to guy when there was a situation that involved handling other people.

However, Edmund was the one that did things behind the scenes. He was the one that drew up domestic policies and would read over foreign policies to make sure that he and his siblings weren’t receiving the short end of the stick. He couldn’t stand being in council meetings for how long and tedious they were, and for how terrible the foreign rulers would become. While he definitely would have learned how to properly behave himself around said terrible rulers, his siblings were careful about placing him near questionable people. Edmund is a natural isolationist. He doesn’t do people, not like Lucy or Peter. He would rather negotiate treaties through the privacy of his study where he could sit alone for hours and ponder the different sections of the policies.

There’s just so many instances that we all laugh about in the fandom but if you really think about it, when dealing with difficult people, Edmund’s comments could have gotten Narnia in trouble with other kingdoms. He makes snide remarks that many foreigners that disliked him before would use as an excuse to dislike him even more. For those that know him personally, the comments may be amusing, but to rulers like the Tisroc (a man who thinks himself all-powerful and deserving of constant veneration), they could near be a declaration of war.

I just don’t necessarily understand when people pine Peter as the undiplomatic one when, canonicaly-speaking, he’d be the best diplomat out of all of his siblings. While Edmund wouldn’t be a terrible diplomat, he wouldn’t be good at the face-to-face negotiating and interactions unless someone were there to control him. He’s not a people-person and hasn’t really been throughout the entire series, pre- and post-LWW.

Of Prayers and Churches

I’ve always wondered how churches and religions worked in Narnia, especially because the Pevensies were coming from a place where religion was a highly contested issue and Christianity was still fairly traditional. I know that Calormen has temples to Tash (or maybe that’s just a headcanon some writers have), so I thought that some place to pray in Narnia wasn’t a far off idea. I especially like the idea of Susan being the one to bring up the idea of a church, being as she is so focused on the logic and practicality of life; thus, it makes the most sense for me to have her want a church, to have a physical place to be reminded of your faith. This is also why I believe Edmund will also support her, unlike Peter and Lucy, who see no need for a physical reminder of Aslan. Hope you enjoy this!

The first Sunday after the battle at Beruna, Susan Pevensie woke up—as she always did—at dawn before she realized she had nowhere to be. She had gone over to her armoire and began looking through her jewelry box, filled with the few baubles she had been gifted in the past week. Back home, in England, she kept her cross in a tin box by her bedside table; of course, she was in Narnia now, and there was no tin box and, thus, no cross.

When she realized there would be no Sunday mass because, well, there was no church, Susan sat back down on her bed in her white nightgown. She was still a Christian even if it was war time; her mother made her and her siblings go every Sunday. Even though she wasn’t in England anymore, that didn’t mean she had to give up her faith. But, of course, there were no priests here and no churches and no communion and no mass.

So, she decided she would have her own private prayer, even if it did feel a little strange to miss Sunday mass, and knelt by her bed and began to pray. However, she hit another obstacle. Susan believed in God, as all boys and girls do: in the way that you believed in Santa because you didn’t understand faith and religion and the universe. Of course, she was no ordinary girl; while she still had no understanding of how the universe worked—she did travel to a new world a mere week before—she knew that it was far more complex than adults made it out to be, and certainly much different than the priests at church said it was. By this point, all she knew was that there was Aslan; God, like Santa, felt like a fairy tale to her, but Aslan seemed to be more than magic, more than everything really. He radiated power and love and life, as if he is the only thing that ever will be. So, because she felt more comfortable praying to Aslan than she did God, that is exactly what she did.

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Rituals and Traditions of Narnia

Anon asked: I’ve always wondered what kind of rituals or celebrations do you think they would have in Narnia? What do you think would they be celebrating? What would their rituals include? I’ve just always been intrigued by Narnian culture.

So, I’ve decided to make a mini list. Please feel free to add to it! I’ll be tracking this post and reblogging some favourite additions.

-Every Spring, they had a large feast celebrating the victory of Beruna. Their story of the first coming was always told. This lasted even to the time of the Telmarines.

-In the Fall, there was an old royal tradition called “Harvest Day.” In this time, the royals and the Knights would work amongst the people for a week, helping wherever they could. At the end of the week, the families helped would be invited to the castle for a small ball.

-Mistletoe was a huge tradition in Cair Paravel. Many believed it was magical, and caused people to fall in love. While this isn’t true, most Narnians told their children this as part of their list of Christmas tales.

-The classic and common “Narnian” breakfast consisted of toast with Marmalade, tea, and porridge. Anything else was a special occasion.

-Before winter, the Pevensies sectioned out 10% of the taxes to be allocated to personal construction for any Narnians, and another 20% for public constructions. Edmund, especially, kept up with the roads.

Match Set

Everyone seems to be writing Soulmate!AUs of late, so I thought I’d try my hand at it! This was just a bit of ‘fighting the winter blues’ writing for me today.  And also, because I can never get enough Nine/Rose.   

Twenty-one. In exactly eleven minutes, Rose Tyler would turn twenty-one and the next phase of her life would begin. She sat cross-legged on her bed, staring at the bright, blinking numbers on her alarm clock and ran her gloved fingers over the worn leather cover of the well-loved photo book in her lap. A knock came to her door and she looked up to see her mother enter and sit next to her quietly.

“How are you doing, sweetheart?” Jackie inquired, softly. She remembered being in Rose’s position years ago. The waiting, the anticipation, the awful nerves as you watched the time click down, wondering how much and how fast your life would change.

“Nervous,” Rose laughed. “What…what does it feel like?”

Jackie moved closer and put her arm around her daughter’s shoulders. “Well, it feels different for everyone, I’ve heard. For me, it was like an obnoxious, insistent push, nagging me where to go, what street to take, what building to go in until I did it. Lucky for me, you dad had been at the pub right down the road, delivering menus. I walked straight into him and I knew right away.”

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anonymous asked:

What are your top ten Edmund moments/quotes? From the movies or books.

Oooh, great question! To be honest, I can’t remember the books very well, I’m overdue for a reread, so I’ll do my best to keep a balance between book and movie moments. =) In no particular order:

1) When Edmund breaks Jadis’ wand to change the momentum at the Battle of Beruna. My boy is so clever, like, seriously, I could imagine him being an amazing strategist during the Golden Age and destroying Narnia’s enemies in battle by thinking ahead.

2) “But even a traitor may mend. I have known one that did.” Ugh, my feels for this quote. Even though everyone else forgives Edmund for what he did in LWW, he never forgets it (I sincerely hope that he forgives himself for it) and he grows so much from that experience. He earned that title of King Edmund the Just, don’t you forget it.

3) Edmund’s fight with Trumpkin. It starts off fairly lighthearted, then Edmund gets into his rhythm and then just whips him. And then Skandar pushes out his hip and looks so cool doing it.

4) “Between ourselves, you haven’t been as bad as I was on my first trip to Narnia. You were only an ass, but I was a traitor.” I’m so so sad that this didn’t make the film and that Edmund and Eustace never had that moment together (honestly, Edmund’s character was butchered in that film, but don’t get me started). Another reminder that Edmund hasn’t forgotten what happened during his first trip to Narnia, and this time he’s using it try to console somebody else.

5) “I know, you had it sorted.” MY FAVOURITE LINE. I love the way Skandar delivers it and I love the importance of that scene in terms of Edmund’s growth. It really was like closing an arc for him (until it reappears in VoDT… /grumble). EDMUND SAVES THE DAAAY!

6) Edmund’s meeting with Miraz. This entire scene is freaking amazing, I love how he dances with words in this conversation. They were clever to send Edmund (diplomat and spymaster), if they had sent someone else, I wonder whether it would’ve worked out the same way.

7) “It’s not like there isn’t air inside.” Oh, my sassy boy. And then proceeds to hit a six through a window. That boy has cricket skills.

8) “Is it Latin for ‘worst game ever invented’?” I’m so glad they kept Edmund as the snarky character, it’s honestly so hard to choose between all his brilliant comebacks, I could seriously make a second gifset of them.

9) The scene where Lucy sees Aslan and no one else believes her. I love his line, “The last time I didn’t believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid,” but more than that, I love that he waits for Lucy to leave and he walks behind her. He literally has her back. Like, all my sibling feels.

10) Pevensie hugs! I’m thinking of the one he shares with Lucy after he is rescued from Jadis where he literally rests his head on Lucy’s (like, HE NUZZLES HER HEAD. OMG, IT’S ADORABLE) and the one hug he gives Lucy after Jadis relinquishes her claim on his life and HE PICKS HER UP. Like seriously, it’s the cutest thing ever.

I know, I cheated on the last one because it’s two moments, but I CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM. Edmund is my favourite forever and always. Thanks for the great question! xx