I really hope the boys enjoyed themselves in Atlanta last night. I couldn’t even believe that we were in the same state! Then I pictured their cute little faces drifting off to sleep in the Ritz-Carlton. Especially Niall. I also hope those two girls, Amelia and Rachel, who won those free tickets and got to meet the boys, had a great time. But unfortunately I have to hear all about Kristen and Niall second encounter. Blehh!

Thanks for coming last week and hanging out at my show! Always a good time. Watch out y'all, we’re working on some pretty cool projects together, coming to y'all soon! @bertshowbert @staceysweiss @stoneoo7 #bertshow #Q100 #mathai

November 9th:

Today I spent four hours volunteering for the Bert Show’s Big Thank You, which is their initiative I get a handwritten letter in the hands of every deployed service person for Thanksgiving! It’s the least I can do when I think of the sacrifice my friends overseas are making for me while they’re gone for a year.