Right after my recent post I got a email letting our community know that a Bert’s Big Adventure child passed away yesterday.

This is in honor of that family. Sending my love and prayers.

As a parent with a child of chronic illeness, one of the things we don’t talk about or focus on in our community and understandable so is the fear of our kids passing away. But it’s a thought that rear it’s ugly head at some point; especially when they are sick.

Our “normal” days are normal because there’s no medical emergency going on but we are still managing medications, doctors appts with multiple specialists, contemplating life changing decisions, preparing for a medical procedure, coordination support services, therapy sessions, ordering medical equipments, etc… The list goes on and our kids still have school and a social life and so on and so forth.

So if you know of any families with kids who has special health care needs, just check in on them once in a while. Not always to dwell on their challenges but to just be with them and see what they may need. It could be something really simple or nothing at all. But it’s the thought that counts.

That’s why Bert’s Big Adventure is such a needed organizations in our community.

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At the What Women Want Expo and wanted to throw some shine on Bert’s morning show in #Charleston, #SouthCarolina. They have #BertsBigAdventure which takes one child (that has a chronic illness) and his family to Disney World every year! If you are in the Charleston area and have a child with a chronic illness, go to the website to register!! 92.5SX