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I know it's his choice and all but I hate how Bertie's been lately with deleting his videos, his twitter. Just basically getting rid of everything that helped him interact with and get the subscribers in the first place. He's forgetting that if he had never created those vlogs and interviews he probably wouldn't have met a lot of the people he works with today or gained the audience he know has now for his short films. It's as if he's just trying to delete his past, and that makes me really sad.

At first I felt the same way when he said he didn’t want to be part of the YouTube crowd anymore but after reading a lot of his tweets, he really hasn’t forgotten where YouTube got him. He still hangs out with Jack and works with other people from YouTube to make his short films, he hasn’t forgotten where it’s gotten him. In fact, I think he said something in a tweet like “I will always be grateful for what YouTube has given me and all the people I’ve met through it but what it’s becoming now makes me sad and I want to get away from it” he said something along the lines of that. He’s deleted his bertiefuck account because it stresses him out, that’s a valid reason and we shouldn’t judge him for that. Bertie interacts with fans more than ever before now, he DMs people on twitter, replies to people’s questions on tumblr, likes and reblogs people’s posts. And favorites indirects on twitter nearly everyday :) he’s more thankful for his support now more than ever because he’s making content he actually enjoys now and he’s grateful there is a crowd that really does enjoy it. He’s not deleting his past, he just wants the spotlight on the work he’s proud of and not on things he’s ashamed of. Do you delete your old pictures on Facebook? Or untag yourself from really old photos on there? I do that all the time because I don’t want anyone seeing me how I was when I didn’t look good. Same scenario with Bertie and his YouTube vlogs. I hope you understand his actions and continue watching his short films and forget about his old vlogs. It might be hard at first but just think of how much effort is put into them opposed to him talking about his life for 3 minutes. If you ever want to talk to Bertie, post your opinion on tumblr and tag his name. He will respond to it. I guarantee you he will see it (there’s like a 90% chance he will respond back) and he will explain to you “he’s a filmmaker not a youtuber.” YouTube is still my favorite platform but I do kind of understand where Bertie’s coming from. People from vine are coming over to YouTube and other kids who recite “like, comment, subscribe” like it’s a prayer. It’s a lot different from what it was a couple years ago. Well, this has been one hell of a response. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say anon :) if you’re still upset or confused even just send me another question, I’ll be here to answer :)

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Don't get me wrong, I love Bertie's films and I'm so happy for him but he has to realize that he can't stop the people missing his old videos. Those people are the reason why he has an audience right now and idk i think he has to chill a bit and stress his self from constantly explaining his self and sometimes he comes across as an 'asshole' when explaining his self which leads to some of those people to stop watching his videos. I know that isn't his intention but I feel like he's (c)

"(c) stressing hisself from something inevitable."
The anon’s message was sent in two parts so I added the second part on top of this.

I don’t know why you think he comes off as an asshole when he tries to explain to people why he doesn’t make YouTube videos anymore? He simply explains that he makes films now instead of vlogs. And corrects them calling him a youtuber instead of a filmmaker because that’s what he is now. Do you have an example of when he seemed mean in a response to a viewer who wants the old Bertie back because it seems to me he just is explaining why he’s not the old him anymore? I’m also gonna disagree with his viewership today. If people don’t like his current films then they should stop watching them? Especially by now, they could just not watch his videos anymore you know? The viewers who watched the old him and still watch his films today have grown and understand why he doesn’t want to show his old content anymore. He can stop people from liking the old him because that isn’t who he is anymore. Those vlogs are something he’s not proud of and doesn’t want that type of work to reflect who he is. And what do you mean by inevitable? Surely the old viewers will give up on Bertie when they realize he isn’t going to make vlogs anymore and be replaced by new viewers who like his new style. That’s what is inevitable. I wish I could see the argument from your point of view but it doesn’t make any sense to me how you think he is being an asshole for explaining himself. Bertie’s different now, accept it or don’t. It’s your choice. Also, I don’t know about you but his old vlogs never entertained me as much as his films today. So much time is put into them and they’re so beautiful. Bertie’s stressed because he wants his films to be the best to his ability and aren’t we all stressed at age 16/17? WE HAVE TO DECICE WHO WE WANT TO BE AT THIS AGE. I still don’t know what I want to be but Bertie does and he’s trying his best to make it work. That’s why he’s stressed. It’s not strange at all how he is. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say anon and also understand Bertie’s actions.

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What did you think of the new film?

It’s been well over 3 months since he last posted one of his films and the wait was worth it! The storyline was great and so was the acting. I like how he made it very personal to him and I could see so much of his personality in both of the characters. It felt like he was sharing something much more than just the story when he made this film and I did feel that personal connection he probably was intending. I did feel as if this film was a lot different than the his other ones and it’s a good type of different. He’s changed so much and to think that he’s going to keep improving makes me so proud and hopeful and emotionally unstable… all at once :) I wish I could spot the more technical side of his films but I don’t really posses that ability. In short… It’s great I think you should watch it when you have the chance. It’s nothing like I’ve seen before. 

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Do you think Bertie has ever seen 'The Graduate'? The style reminded me a little of his. Mike Nichols' work is more mature (in quality and content) but I think Bertie could take some cool stuff away from it, especially use of longer takes and some of the raw style. Maybe he already has. What do you think?

Yeah maybe. And if he hasn’t then maybe you should recommend it to him! 

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It's so nice to have found a blog that actually wants to support Bertie and his films. I've seen so many blogs that are purely him when he was younger and vlogged. What I'm trying to get at here is I think you are a very wonderful person and I really enjoy your blog.

Wow this is such a lovely message omfg thank you so much! I started my blog like 3/4 years ago so this blog has grown along with Bertie :) I fully support his current decisions and love this version of Bertie best! YOUR MESSAGE IS JUST SO NICE THANKS SO MUCH I LOVE YOUU. <3