Killed the Cat (2014) ; Dir. Bertie Gilbert & Alia Hassan

“There are no strategies to kill people, real people.”

“Well, real people are gonna kill each other regardless. I guess you might as well use a bit of strategy!" 

Bertie’s Short Films: Rocks That Bleed 

‘Rocks That Bleed’, Bertie’s newest short was, honestly, exceptional. There was something about it that had me engrossed to the final scene, and I was genuinely emotional when it ended. Jack Howard was completely brilliant too, and when the two actors were paired with all the other things that make Bertie’s films so wonderful it was really beautiful to watch. Definitely my favourite so far! 

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Bertie’s Short Films: Killed The Cat

Bertie’s most recent short (co-directed with Alia Hassan) was released tonight and it was quite experimental but genuinely fascinating to watch. Dark, ambiguous and slightly creepy, it was again different to any of his previous shorts which I really liked. Characters, plot and cinematography were also on point as usual but my favourite scene was one that included masks and flour and weird trance dancing (hence why I included it in this!)

I thought that a gif was appropriate for this project because there is something completely different and strange about this film, and I urge everyone who hasn’t seen it to do so at once! (even if it is almost 2am..) I hope you all like this!! Goodnight. 


Bertie’s Short Films: ‘Grey Area’

Bertie returns with his newest short film ’Grey Area’, a sort of sequel to his last film 'Tick Where It Hurts’. A beautifully coloured piece and it feels yet more mature than it’s predecessor, because of this I wanted to portray the same look I gave Tick but by adding the film texture the graininess is clear. I strongly urge everyone to watch this stunning piece of work, and I hope you like my take on the film posters!  

Side note: If you’re interested, I made all the other details I usually put on the poster almost unreadable because I thought that the film had such a clever and unusual use of contrast and garish colours so I thought I would try and translate that through the posters.