Bertie’s Short Films: Rocks That Bleed 

‘Rocks That Bleed’, Bertie’s newest short was, honestly, exceptional. There was something about it that had me engrossed to the final scene, and I was genuinely emotional when it ended. Jack Howard was completely brilliant too, and when the two actors were paired with all the other things that make Bertie’s films so wonderful it was really beautiful to watch. Definitely my favourite so far! 

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Killed the Cat (2014) ; Dir. Bertie Gilbert & Alia Hassan

“There are no strategies to kill people, real people.”

“Well, real people are gonna kill each other regardless. I guess you might as well use a bit of strategy!" 

Bertie’s Short Films: Space Quest

I really liked this addition to Bertie’s ambiguous short series ‘What’s the story here?’, especially the colour palette! My interpretation of the story is three friends and hardcore fans are discussing the possible directions of the next star trek film which is soon portrayed by dramatic re-enactments of their ideas. 

Following the star trek spoof theme, I decided to make a poster that borrowed the style used for 70s/80s sci-fi movies! I really hope you enjoy this poster!!! (it took me 2 days to make lol)