Bertie’s Short Films

Last year I decided to make some posters for Bertie’s first three short films and to my surprise and amazement people, including Bertie, seemed to like them so I carried on. Now, I’ve made nine for the nine spectacular films on his channel and I really urge everyone to watch them if they haven’t already! It’s really refreshing to see the plots and his style mature. This started off as a project for me during the summer but it’s turned into something I really look forward to and I’d like to thank you all for the support for my work and those of you who’ve bought my prints. You’re all so kind! 

You can watch them in order (Stray Dog, Diner, The 56 Year Old Boy, Many Moons, Tick Where It Hurts, Grey Area, Killed The Cat, Cosmic Divide, Rocks That Bleed) here or if you’re interested you can buy my posters here!