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‘In all these parts, I get to reach quite far from my central self. They’re all in corners of my unconscious, my subconscious, the envelope of my experiences and my sense of self. I get to explore what the world feels like in all these different ways because, in all of these characters, there’s some part of me in there.’

Happy birthday, Bertie Carvel! | 6 September 1977


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For those folk who expressed an interest in BBC Radio 4’s 2007 Classic Serial adaptation of E. M. Forster’s Maurice (unrepeated since, and not on i-Player), the Bertie Faerie has worked some practical magic. Message for details. :)

Radio 4’s Maurice starred Alex Wyndham as Maurice Hall, Bertie Carvel as Clive Durham, and Joseph Kloska as Alec Scudder. My edit above is entirely unofficial and nothing to do with the BBC. (Any original press-kit pics/info seem to have vanished into the mists of the noughties.)