I love how everybody in the snk fandom goes :

“No wtf ERERI”
“JEANMIKA bc Jean loves Mikasa”
“Guys plz EREMIN is almost canon”
“Jean is in love with Marco!!”
“Armin and Annie tho”
“I prefer Levi x Petra !!!!”

But then we almost made a silent agreement that nobody touched Reiner x Bertholdt, Sasha x Connie and Christa x Ymir

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Hi! My friend suggested your blog as a good writing blog! I read through your works and they're amazing! May i request a little crack pairing of mine? Just a little drabble~ The pairing is Bertholdt x Sasha. Thank you!

Title: A Cute Gift
Pairing: Bertholdt x Sasha

The chores needed to be done, but as long as she got it done, nothing would stop the girl from complaining as she shovelled horse crap. Exhaling slowly, chocolate coloured optics flickered in the direction of her cleaning partner, the tall male was lugging hay into the stables to feed the horses before returning to his own shovelling.

“I thought it was Reiner’s turn for cleaning duty?”

“He took my kitchen chores last week, so I took over for him this week,” Bertholdt explained, removing a glove to wipe at his sweat slicked hair.

“Not a fair trade if you ask me,” Sasha uttered before lifting the shovel once more. “This sucks big time, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah it does…”

“I would rather be anywhere but here, training, kitchen cleaning, anywhere!” The girl said, a small pout beginning to form on her features as she turned in the direction of the male, only to find he was no longer there. Jaw dropping slowly, surprise coursed through the girl.

“Did he ditch me with cleaning duty?!”

Unhappy with the situation, Sasha had no choice but to continue shovelling out the horses stalls. He would pay dearly for this later.

Halfway through cleaning, the brunette whirled as someone cleared their throat from behind her, only to come face-to-face with a…


“It is so cute!” Sasha exclaimed, orbs flickering in the direction of her comrade who held the bunny out to her.

“You seemed to be having a miserable time so I thought you would enjoy playing with a friend instead.“ Bertholdt explained, a soft smile on his features as he watched the girl cuddle the bunny in her hands.

Beaming a smile at the male, Sasha knelt down on the ground to play with the animal, a moment later Bertholdt joined her, kneeling down as well. Not one to miss an opportunity, Sasha leaned over, pressing her lips to the males cheek.

“Thank you.”

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Name: Evanna
Gender: Female
General Appearance: Darkish brown hair, with blueish, green eyes
Personality: Usually very shy and reserved, but is also very stubborn. While she has the tendency to be more of a loner, she is very caring and empathetic.
Special Talents: Sasha taught her well with a bow and arrow.
Who they like better: She tends to drift more towards Bertholdt more, only because Sasha tends to be more stern with her.
Who they take after more: Evanna tends to take after Bertl more, but she has is very bullheaded like Sasha, and gets very enthusiastic about something she’s passionate about.
Personal Head canon: Anytime she and Sasha have an argument, and Evanna is alone, Bertl will sneak her something sweet, like a piece of candy or something.
Face Claim:  Lauren Cohan


My feels for BeruSasha ;w; I imagine they would sing this song to each other (except I kinda feel like Sasha would be a bad singer…)

I love Gekkou Symphonia <3

  • Lyrics source:


kaze ni ubawareta wake ja nai
katamichibun no yuuki de
bokura higeki wo ukeireru

It’s not as if it was stolen away by the wind
With just enough courage to go forward
we will accept tragedy

kokoro ga koko ni atta hazu no kuudou
motto boku ga ookikereba
kimi wo mirai wo sukueta darou ka

A void where my heart ought to have been
If I had been stronger
I would surely have been able to save you and our future

taisetsu na hito mamoru sube wo
tatta hitotsu shika motanai
sonna anata ga
hagure tadayou sora

With only one way to
protect the people dear to you
You lost your way
and drifted through the skies

anata ijou no hito ni deaenai

I will never meet someone like you again

tsuki ni aragau nagai FUREA
hajimari mo sezu owaru monogatari
kizutsuki uru yawarakasa tojikometa senritsu
kanaderu hodo utau hodo kowareru hodo ni
anata ga koishii

A long flare defying the moon
A story ending without ever beginning
An easily damaged fragility
I love you so much that I would sing and play that locked away melody
until I broke

tsuki ga yume kara noboru you ni
kanashiki koiuta
seijaku no fuyu ni kaeru yo

Just as the moon ascends from dreams
so will I strum a sad love song
and return to you in the silent winter

masatsu wo shiranai yasashisa de
kiri fukai mori ni mayoi
futari sennen toozakaru

With kindness that does not know of friction
you lose your way in a forest thick with mist
as the two of us grow a thousand years apart

haiiro no HA-MONI-
ai to jiyuu wa
naze deau koto dekinai
itsuka areno no tsuyu ni naru made

A grey harmony
Why is it that
love and freedom never meet
until they one day become dew in the wilderness?

kokoro no omosa ai no omosa
zenshin de kiiteita
urei kedakai ushiro sugata

The weight of the heart, the weight of love
I was listening with all my body
as I watched you walk away sad yet noble

anata no yume wo mamorinuketa nara

If only I had been able to protect your dream until the end

tsuki ni aragau nagai FUREA
hajimari mo sezu owaru monogatari
sotto sora ni oku namida wa
mikan no SHINFONIA
anata dake ni
kimi dake ni
hoshi no yuigon

A long flare defying the moon
A story ending without ever beginning
The tears I softly place in the sky
are an incomplete symphonia 
For you alone
For you alone
I leave a last testament of stars

anata ni aitai

I want to see you

Some SnK Couples: Kissing