yeah, Reiner, let’s talk about this, real quick, real quick. 

We all know Eren Jaeger, yes? 

cute kid. 

well balanced. 

great temper. 

totally, totally…

even-tempered guy. 

You uh, remember where he’s from?

yeah, yeah, there’s this uh, great little village, you might’ve heard of it, great little place, beautiful landscape, stucco style housing, great neighborhood for kids, lots of families, real estate value has been going up for years. 

yeah, well, he’s uh, from this little town. 

and uh, if you don’t remember…

this kid’s, uh, mom and his entire village, well. 

they got utterly destroyed.

by you. 

and uh, well, this guy’s MO is

It’s kind of his thing. 

he’s said it a million times. 

And you thought that…

you could not only reason with him, and convince him that he should leave with you, that he should just walk away or else he’ll destroy the walls and the entire population living within it…

but you also thought that this kid

yeah this one. 

was gonna….be totallllllly down to pal around with the two people responsible for killing his mother and destroying his village. 


ok reiner. 

Warriors of Mare

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