“We are victims of this cruel world. I forgive you, Bertholdt”


Bus Stop Promotional Posters for the Shingeki no Kyojin Exhibition in Osaka 

As part of a promotion for the Wall Osaka Exhibition, posters depicting titans roaming the city have been placed at various bus stops around Osaka. 

The Wall Osaka Exhibition, which will be held at Grand Front Osaka’s Knowledge Capital building, will run from September 11th to October 18th.


SNK 82 Spoilers Translation

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Disclaimer: This is quick translation and sorted from the raws provided by @yonkouproductions 

Notes: Added some additional pages, thanks to lovely @fuku-shuu , read her summary here and stay tuned for her translation from Chinese scans for the chapter!

*~* for inner monologue

Page 1
Eren…and that’s the operation plan. The rest is the execution of the plan. As long as we can trick Colossal Titan (Bertholdt). This Victory.

Page 9
Reiner: *What kind of blow did I receive just now? It broke Armored Titan’s knee in one blow? I lost my memory after that moment. Bertholdt…What happened to me…*

Bertholdt: I’ll blew out this area…if possible fall forward in this titan’s form.

Page 21

He’s coming!!!

Page 22

Jean: Reiner!!! *First I’ll become decoys*

Page 24

Jean: *Connie and Sasha utilize 2 stick of lighting spears, aim for both sides of Armored Titan’s jaws.*

Page 25

Connie: SASHA?! JEAN?!
Jean: *Once the his jaw are blown up, his mouth will be opened. Mikasa will use the only remaining lighting spears to aim for his nape from inside his mouth.*

Page 26

Bertholdt: *Why is it…? Why Armin can’t be blown away? Why are you not releasing your [3 DMG’s] anchor? You are unable to come closer…

Armin: As expected!!! His bones are not evaporating!!! If we don’t pierce the anchors into his muscles, the anchors won’t fall off.

Page 28

Armin: My breath!!! If more than this…!!! NO! Not yet!!! This is still not enough! I need to gather more time!!!

Bertholdt: *What are you trying to do? Trying to divert my attention? Eren is still battered over there you know? Mikasa & co. are still occupied with Reiner over there. Is there really nobody else?! If that’s so…this is really the end…then, I understood…*

Page 29
Bertholdt: *I will make things easier for you.*
Armin: Ugh… *I can bear this.*

Page 30

Armin: *I still can’t let go. I entrust my dream, life and everything to Eren. These are the only thing those I can throw away. Eren will definitely manage to reach the sea.*

Page 31

Armin: *He’ll see the sea for me.*

Page  34

Mikasa: …HANJI-SAN!!!

Page 39

Bertholdt: That is…the hardened form [shell]…? Huh?

Page 40-41

Page 45
Armin: You promised that we’ll go to the sea together right? Did I ever lie to you, Eren?
Eren: Shit… I should’ve known it before…Things like you’re braver…than anybody…

Even though being burned out…the dream he entrusted to his best friend won’t disappear.