More details about Loft’s POP UP SHOP in Shibuya have been published! 

A Garrison uniform such as the one worn by Pierre Taki’s character Souda in the Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action Films will be on display as well as a 3D Manuever Gear costume as seen in the movies. A mindless titan head model, the same type used by the films, will also be on display.  

Beyond their exhibitions, Loft’s POP UP SHOP will include a Colossal Titan standee where customers will be able to pose and take photos and live action Eren and Mikasa based costumes and visuals. The shop will contain over 300 kinds of goods including dishes, posters, t-shirts, plush dolls, and more.

Loft’s POP UP SHOP in Shibuya will open July 1st and close August 2nd. Its costume exhibition will close July 31st.


SnK Boys And Their Pets

Bertholdt and his Great Dane
The Great Dan is a large German breed of domestic dog known for its enormous body and great height. The Great Dane is typically a gentle giant, easygoing and mild-mannered.

This is a series I’ve been wanting to start for a while, so I decided to start with Bertl cause I felt like drawing him today. Let me know in tags if you reblog this who you want to see next - I have my ideas for Eren, Levi and Marco already, but do plan on doing Reiner, Jean, Armin and possibly others.