Dear Mr. Mustang,

Day 5 of Royai Week: Letters
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January 10th, 1904
Dear Mr. Mustang,

        The house is quieter with you gone. It’s funny, all that time trying to keep the noise down and it’s the first thing I notice. Father barely speaks, I think he’s still furious with you -  he doesn’t show it, he was never one to vocalize his thoughts. He stays in his study, leaving his comfort zone for dinner time or at night once he’s done brooding, I suppose.

I’m not completely sure why you’ve asked me to write to you, but your face looked genuine when you asked so I won’t take it as a jest. I suppose I’ve run out of things to say. I’d like to know what the academy is like. I wish you the best in your training.

Riza H.

Riza bit on the edge of her inkpen, nervous about the words that she wanted to say without saying too much.  She sat back into her wooden chair, having half a mind to tear it into pieces. Her hand hovered over the sheet, ready to crumple into a ball, but she hesitated.

Leaning forwards, she grabbed the short edge of the letter and folded, creasing it to fit neatly within an envelope. She tucked the letter away to drop off at the postal office during her trip to town.

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Good Memory

In Vol 23 of FMA Riza says something along the lines of “…Flame Alchemy leads good men to madness..”, leading me to believe that Berthold Hawkeye was once a good man, but when he lost his wife (that’s just my personal opinion) he needed a distraction to forget the pain. That is what lead me to this. There is also a bit of Royai thrown in here because I am trash!

Thanks to @allisontherumorhargreeves for being my beta!

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“Berthold, I thought I asked you to put the book down.”

Berthold didn’t look up from the offending text. “This could be the breakthrough I’ve been looking for.” He didn’t know how she couldn’t see the importance of his work.

Elizabeth Hawkeye rolled her eyes as she walked into their small library and snatched the book from her husband’s hands, eliciting a sigh and making him fully turn around in his seat to face her.

“Elizabeth. I am not in the mood right now. Give me my book back.” Berthold made to snatch the book from her hands but Elizabeth quickly stepped out of his reach.

“It will be right here when we get back.”

“Get back? Get back from where?” Berthold knew his answer wasn’t the right one when his wife placed her hands on her hips and gave him a steely glare.

“BERTHOLD! Please tell me you aren’t that dense?!”

Berthold continued to give Elizabeth the blank stare he knew drove her insane.

“Ugh, alchemists. I told you yesterday, we’re going to take Riza to the lake today and have a picnic.”

“Ah, yes right. I seem to recall something along those lines.” Berthold responded, casting his eyes away from his wife while he scratched his beard nervously.

Elizabeth just rolled her eyes as she flicked her long blond hair over her shoulder.

“Get changed, brush your hair and go get your daughter. I’ll finish making lunch.” And with that Elizabeth strode out of the room, book still in hand. Berthold just shook his head as he got up from his chair and made his way to their bedroom. He opted for a pair of brown slacks and a simple white button up. After quickly running a comb through his long hair he grabbed his hat from on top of the vanity and left the room. When he turned into the hall he walked into something and heard a small “oof”.

“Riza, what are you doing? I could have hurt you.” Berthold knelt down in front of his five year old daughter. The small girl slowly got up from her spot on the ground to stand in front of her father.

“I’m sorry Papa, I wanted to see if you were coming.” Riza’s tiny voice was timid, barely audible.

This made Berthold pause.

“What made you think I wouldn’t be going with you?”

Riza cast her dark eyes downward. He secretly enjoyed the fact that she inherited her mother’s rich brown eyes instead of his grey blue ones.

“You spend a lot of time reading. And.. I see other kids playing with their papa’s… But I know you read so we can live in this house. But…but I want to spend time with you like other kids.” Riza’s voice became softer as she continued.

Berthold pursed his lips as he reached out and put his hands on his daughter’s shoulders.

“You like to read, don’t you Riza?”

The little girl nodded, her eyes still cast towards the floorboards while she fiddled with the hem of her sundress.

“Maybe next time you can come and read in my study with me.”

Berthold watched his daughter look up at him with bright eyes, launching herself into his arms.

“Thank you papa! I will be extra quiet so you can read your BIG books!” Riza said with a giggle. Berthold simply ruffled her light blonde hair, a smirk on his face as he released her.

“Now go put your hat on. It’s sunny out.”

Riza nodded excitedly before dashing off to her room.

Berthold stood up from his previous, crouched position on the floor and made his way downstairs. He turned the corner that lead to the kitchen and saw his wife filling a wicker picnic basket with fresh sandwiches and homemade lemonade. He saw his book was left unattended by the sink and slowly made his way over to it. A voice made him freeze in his tracks before he got close.

“Touch that book and I will make sure you never read again.”

“RIZA! Let’s go!” Berthold yelled as he quickly ducked out of the kitchen, the sounds of Elizabeth’s laughter following him down the hall.

Berthold ambled over to the bottom of the stairs to check on Riza, who bounded past him with little acknowledgment to continue towards her shoes, her father not far behind. Elizabeth came around the corner and handed her husband the basket and an old green checkered blanket before slipping on her shoes and following their daughter out the door.

The mid-afternoon sun shone down on the family while they walked down the dusty road towards the lake. The two adults watched as Riza ran ahead, laughing as she did.

“You know, you need to come out of that study more. Riza is growing up so fast, I’m afraid you’ll miss something important.”

Berthold barely held back a sigh.

“I know Elizabeth, believe me I’ve tried. But… I just know I’m close to a break through here. It maybe the lead I need to finish my life’s work. Without resorting to signing up for that preposterous State Alchemist program your ridiculous father is so intent on me joining.” Berthold’s voice filled with venom at the thought of his father in law’s pleas.

Elizabeth was silent as she reminded herself that she knew who she had married from the outset. She had expected something more familial but the end goal, as always, was alchemy.

“I know you and my father don’t see eye to eye on that matter. He just wants us to be closer to him. He never gets to see Riza, she hardly has any idea who her grandfather is.“ Sensing a rebuttal Elizabeth didn’t give him the chance. “But what I want you to remember is to spend time with your daughter. Before you know it, she’ll be going off to discover the world. Meet a boy, fall in love…”

“No boy’s until she is at least 30.” Berthold interrupted, his face set in his normal stoic expression with a little added fire in his gaze.

Elizabeth’s gentle laughter carried across the lush countryside as they approached the lake. Riza had beat them there and was already playing at the edge, a stick in her hand as she made ripples in the otherwise calm surface.

Berthold laid the blanket and basket of food down under a tree near the water as Elizabeth wandered over to Riza. Berthold sat down and leaned back against the tree, watching his family play in the water. He smiled contently as Elizabeth splashed Riza and she squealed in joy.

“Papa! Come play!” Riza’s cry was loud enough to be heard well across the lake.

Berthold merely shook his head as he leaned further back against the tree, closing his eyes as he relaxed. He was abruptly woken up by being drenched before he even realized he had begun to drift off. Berthold threw his hat off as he whipped his hair out of his face, snapping fully awake and zeroing in on the source that disturbed him. Elizabeth was leaning over, her hands in the lake and a mischievous smirk on her face. Riza stood to the side, her eyes wide and her hands covering her mouth.

“Mommy… Why did you wake papa?” Riza whispered.

“This old grouch needs to learn how to have a little fun once in awhile.” Elizabeth’s sharp eyes never strayed from her husband’s.

Berthold huffed as he slowly stood up and walked to the water’s edge where his wife stood, his daughter choosing to slowly back up from her parents.

“I’m not that much older than you Elizabeth.”

“You’ll always be my old grouch.” The mischievous smile grew on her face.

Berthold’s features remained impassive as he bent down and began untying his shoes. Riza watched silently as her father removed his shoes and socks, rolled up his pant legs and trudged into the shallow lake after her mom.

She watched wide eyed as her father and mother squared off, their hands in the water. The  tension between them was palpable as both Hawkeyes waited for the other to move. Elizabeth suddenly jerked her hands up, splashing water at her husband, not just making the first move but catching him off guard. Riza giggled as she watched her father unsuccessfully try to splash her mom while she deftly avoided him every time. Riza immediately stopped laughing when her father turned his attention to her.

“Be careful Riza,”  

Riza’s eyes grew with worry as he eyed her. Had she done something? He had been happy just a second ago…

“or you may get splashed as well.”

The little girl let out a squeal of delight as she tried to avoid her father’s onslaught, racing through the shallow water. The Hawkeye’s continued to chase and splash as squeals of delight and laughter brightened up the already sunny day. Once they were thoroughly soaked they decided to stop for lunch.

Elizabeth wrung out her hair, as well as her and her daughter’s dresses while Berthold attempted to dry his shirt.

Conceding defeat he returned to his seat against the tree, drops of water trailing down the back of his neck. Elizabeth sat down beside him and rested her head against her husband’s shoulder, Riza deciding to curl up in her mother’s lap while she happily ate her sandwich. Berthold poured them all some lemonade and helped himself to a sandwich, being careful not to nudge his Elizabeth while he did.

The family spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing under the tree, Berthold contently leaning his head against his wife’s as she hummed a tune and absentmindedly ran her fingers through her daughter’s short hair, eventually putting the young girl to sleep.

Elizabeth and Berthold gave each other a look that said it was time to leave, slowly gathering their things as to not wake Riza. Berthold took her off his wife’s hands as they slowly walked back, Riza’s head cradled on his shoulder.

Berthold could feel Riza shift in his arms as they got closer to home, her head coming to rest against his neck.

“Thank you for coming to play papa. I love you.” Riza’s voice was sleepy, her eyes staying closed.

Her sudden words stunned him but Berthold simply rubbed a hand on his small daughters back.

“You’re welcome little Riza.”

Elizabeth held the door open for her husband, a nod in silent thanks as he took Riza to the family room and laid her down on the couch, covering her with a quilt before going to find his wife. Berthold approached her as she was cleaning the dishes from the picnic and while she didn’t look up at him, it was easy to tell she was smiling.

“So, is staying holed up in your study worth missing moments like this?” Elizabeth asked.

Berthold softly smiled as he picked up a cloth to dry as his wife handed him the dishes.

“No, it’s not.”


“Hey, Lieutenant. You okay? Looks like you got lost for a second there.”

Riza snapped out of her thoughts and looked around the room at her co-workers until her eyes met her superior’s, melancholy brown staring into worried black.

“Of course sir, I’m fine. I apologize.”

“Are you sure you’re okay Lieutenant?”

Riza smiled at the team’s worry before replying, gaze fixed on the Colonel.

“I’m alright. I just…got caught up in a good memory.”

Everyone in the room smiled a little before going back to their work. It wasn’t something they expected her to say and it was nice to see her look a little at peace. Riza let her eyes linger on her superior as he raised an eyebrow at her. She gave him a miniscule nod to ensure she was actually okay. Her Colonel gave her a genuine smile before returning to his reports.

“That reminds me Colonel, Elizabeth called while you were out of the office. She says that she wants to reschedule your date to tonight. Said she had something important to discuss.”

The Colonel nodded, not once looking up from his desk.

“Do anything to make her mad, boss?” Havoc was only half joking.

Riza kept her head down, hiding her small smile from the rest of the team.

“She said she had remembered something and needed to talk to you. That’s all of the information I was given.”

“Hmm, I’m sure it was something good if she wants to reschedule. I’ll have to finish this paperwork up early then.”

Riza’s smile only grew as she signed the form in front of her.

“A good memory indeed”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about Berthold Hawkeye and Mrs. Hawkeye? Maybe even a few with lil infant/toddler Riza?


  • So I feel like Berthold’s contempt with the military comes from Riza’s maternal side. (is this obvious?)
  • I can see a younger Grumman being stern and overbearing with Riza’s mother. To the point of : No you cannot go out this man bc of reasons A, b, and C
  • The Grummans come from a long line of military, probably why they’re affluent (are they affluent? I feel like everyone always considers grumman rich but shrug) 
  • Maybe because Berthold isn’t a part of the same social class as the Grummans? Maybe Berthold is a bit older than Riza’s mother? He’s an orphan with no name or family history?
  • Whatever the reason, they elope and estrange themselves from her family and his (if he has one). His wife falls pregnant and has Riza (kdfjndjkf just thinking about baby makes me djfknsdjf) 
  • They find peace in the countryside.
  • Riza’s mother makes an offhand comment about how Riza was born out of “the fires of their love” or something cheesy from a classic book she’s read and not in the traditional way her parents always wanted to. 
  • Riza’s mother comments on how controlling alchemy through fire isn’t a thing and perhaps that’s what get the gears turning for Bertie. 
  • Riza’s mother suffers an untimely death. And after the struggle and battles they had to go through, Bertie can’t even stay with her long enough to watch their child grow. 
  • So out of a terrible way to deal with grief (that doesn’t deal with grief) he throws himself into researching fire alchemy. 
  • A slow start at first, but then as Riza turns into a toddler, she starts to resemble her mother more and this pains him so. BAD.  that he begins his research in earnest as means to keep his wife’s memories alive. But then it just becomes an obsession, far away from the original objective. It became his only purpose.
  • Unfortunately, this also means Riza grows up with an emotionally negligent and terrifying enigma of a father. 
from where we stand

Well, this here’s the first chapter of whatever monstrosity that my brain unleashed. There’s not gonna be a lot really happening, it’s largely a buildup/background chapter needed to reorient yourself into this AU. Happy reading!

Also on FFN.

Words: 8,519

Somewhere in the Eastern Mountains, Amestris, 1905

It was the sharp ring of the bell that signaled to the workers that the work-day had ended. Twelve hours they had stood on their feet, performing the same task over and over and over again, baking under the high heat radiating off of the large machines that they worked on. Often standing hunched over their machine, performing tedious work with hardly any feeling in their hands, fighting from breathing in the dust and stray particles in the air.

But it had been a good day. There had been no major accidents. Nothing for them to halt the production line while the machine was being repaired because someone had leaned too far over and their loose items became caught in the machine.

Riza remembered the sight of Mary-Ann Arbor being hauled out, half of her scalp ripped from her body, simply because she had leant too far over and one of her beautiful red braids had gotten caught in the machine. They had taken her home to her family, where they bandaged their wounds as well as they could and prayed desperately for her to make it against odds and survive the night. Their prayers had not been heard and young Mary-Ann was dead by morning.

Riza solemnly buttoned the many buttons on her coat before grabbing her pail that served to carry the lunch she never ate and made to leave the factory. She would be back before the sun broke over the horizon in the morning, and give another full day’s work. Only for the cycle to repeat itself over the next day, and the day after that. Only stopping for the one day of rest required by the government, only for her ten to twelve hour shifts to begin again until the next day of rest.

It was a dull existence, but it provided food for the table and a way to keep the bank off of their property.

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Pre-series Royai + [incomplete] FMA Timeline

based on Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect Guidebook 2 + 3 and manga

Everything is canon (i.e. manga-based since it’s the original material by Hiromu Arakawa) unless stated otherwise. Events not taken from the guidebook timeline are marked with an asterisk, and were based on the manga (and/or FMA:B, if necessary) instead.

WARNING: manga and FMA:Brotherhood spoilers!

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Berthold Hawkeye is scum but I do wonder what drove him to tattoo his research onto Riza. Since he did regret neglecting her was it out of some twisted form of love? Carving the pride of his work as an alchemist onto what should have been the pride and joy as a father, his daughter. Maybe he was arrogant instead; he created Riza so perhaps he felt justified on giving one of his creations to another.

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Wait are there people who legit think bertholt was a good father??? He fucking... tattooed a secret to a dangerous power on his daughter's back...

i saw a big post not that long ago where people were debating on whether or not riza consented to the tattoo, which is disturbing to me because she was only sixteen or seventeen AND theres no way she wanted the tattoo, if anything she just wanted her father’s attention. like, yes, obviously he trusted her judgement in deciding who should know flame alchemy, but what if he was the one who decided? like “ok riza, strip for my apprentice. thanks” ok berthold