• the isle of the lost’s kids:are kind, polite, take a class to be "good people" without any fuss, help girls improve their look, take the shit everybody's says about their parents, try to fit for the sake of the comfort of all, are always apologizing for what they parents did.
  • auradon ppl:be caREFUL!! those kids are DANGEROUS, they will end our land!!!!!
  • auradon kids:literally discriminate the isle of the lost's kids, are mean, never say anything nice about anybody, always blame villians children for they parents mistake, don't give a shit about other ppl feelings, marginalize those who are different from them.
  • auradon ppl:our beautiful children <33 they are so GOOD people, always being nice and welcoming those in need, we must protect them

No Thomas, you don’t know that. The only thing that we do know is they helped rescue us from WICKED. They gave us new clothes, they gave us food, they gave us a proper bed! Some of us haven’t had that in a long time. Some of us a lot longer than others.