When you love your cat so much you have to write it a sonnet.

Giovanni Reder, Portrait of the Cat Armellino with a Sonnet by Bertazzi, ca 1750, Museo di Roma

This Cat painted here on canvas,
tasted a loving kiss from a beautiful goddess,
after having done the portrait from life,
the cat keeps himself well guarded and most jealous.
In order to keep himself fully intact,
like an Ermine who lives in fear
and to avoid being caught
flees rapidly to stay in the wood or in a more hidden place.
So you as well, oh adventurous Cat,
preserve your mouth intact and your heart pure,
and only think of the one who kissed you,
and allow only me to love you,
you who shoot a kiss, 
and take back my lovely kiss to cool the passion.

Piano Concerto In C Major, L7e.5
Andrea Dembach, Luca Bertazzi, Orchestra Da Camera Del Conservatorio Di Musica Di Mantova
Piano Concerto In C Major, L7e.5

Piano Concerto In C Major, L7e.5 ( 1790 )

I. Allegro Con Spirito
II. Alla Romance : Andante Larghetto
III. Rondo : Allegro

By Composer Luigi Gatti 

Performed By Pianist Andrea Dembach, Conductor Luca Bertazzi And The Orchestra Da Camera Del Conservatorio Di Musica Di Mantova

Luigi Gatti ( October 7, 1740 ( October 11, the date generally recorded, was the day of his christening ) – March 1, 1817) was a classical composer. He was born in Lazise, Italy in 1740, the son of an organist, Francesco della Gatta. He was ordained a priest in Mantua. In the 1780s he became Hofkapellmeister in Salzburg and Leopold Mozart showed his irritation at not receiving it himself. Between 1801 and 1804 Gatti helped Mozart’s sister, Nannerl, to locate unknown pieces by Mozart. He died in Salzburg in 1817.

He is famous for writing oratorios, cantatas, sextets and septets. 😊