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Relationship status: single
Favourite colour: the bruise palette 
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. Even if I wear a color (which is very rare), it’s tinted Bert’s Bee
Last songs i listened to: Heartsigh by Purity Ring
Last movie i watched: Get Out
Top three tv shows:
 Steven Universe, iZombie, Wynonna Earp (honestly, it’s completely possible I’d pick a different three tomorrow. Favorites are hard).
Top three characters:
 Holtzmann, Peggy Carter, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)
Top three ships:
 Yatesmann, Toltzmann, Bering and Wells

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Ryuko-chan and Mikisugi-kun

[The following comics assume an age difference of 12 years between Ryuko and Mikisugi. These take place in the past when Ryuko is 3 years old and Mikisugi is 15. Ryuko has forgotten these events by the time they meet in the series at Honnouji.]

Ryuko: How come Aikuro’s and Daddy’s voices don’t sound like my friend’s voices?
Mikisugi: Hmm?

M: When they grow up their voices will change. Just the guys though.

R: Hey, what about me? No fair!
M: Ryuko-chan’s voice will probably not change at all…

14 years later
M: I’m Mikisugi, homeroom teacher for Year 2 Class A.
R: Oh, you’re the homeroom teacher. I’m the transfer student, Ryuko Matoi.
M: (Her voice has completely changed…and into something quite harsh)

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