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So I felt like making an appreciation post of Anthony and his many friends. I know a lot of these are probably already on Tumblr but I just felt like gathering them together to be mushy. So here’s the order if some of you don’t know some people from the pictures 1: Anthony and Flea, 2: Anthony and Dave Grohl, 3: Anthony and Eddie Vedder, 4: Anthony and Bert McCracken. 5: Anthony and Dave Navarro, and last: Anthony and Everly Bear. cx

{ Bertl Boo } // Bertholdt

“ Bertl. Berty. Bertos. Bert. Berty Bear. Bertl Boo. ”, You poked his face endlessly, smiling to your self as he faced away from you.

“ Put some clothes on! ”, He pushed you away, placing his hand on your bare stomach as you giggled. Your wrapped your arms around him from behind as you watched him become flustered.

“ That takes away the point from taking a bath together, doesn’t it? ”, You arched you eyebrow at him smirking. You pulled continuously at his arm but he resisted you. Resulting in you getting no where but you becoming out of breath.

“ Yeah but it isn’t all-”,you cut him off, becoming annoyed at his persistence.

“ Yes Bertl Boo. It is in fact not allowed. But you know what else is not allowed? Us being alone right now. Now come on, the bath is gonna start to get cold.

” Well I guess that’s true. “, Bert admitted and let you drag him into the bathroom. You both stood there in silence after you locked the door. At first you starred at each other nervous but then small giggles began to come out until you both started to giggle from excitement.

You were already in your underwear. You had been undressing and yelling at him to hurry up before this happened. Bert had never seen you in your underwear or let alone naked. You both hadn’t seen each other naked and you had plan this just for you two. You finished getting undressed and faced away as he did. Until you felt him slip into the bath.

“ What do you wanna do? ”, Bert whispered to you. You looked over to him, seeing his bare chest and the rest of his body merged into the water. He could however, see your bare chest and that was a lot more too look at.

“ Take a bath together. Obviously.”, You answered and grabbed the wash cloth. You looked up at him as he nodded and gave you the okay to press the cloth against his skin. You noticed he still wasn’t looking at you. He felt rude if he were to stare too long. It would be different if you were during something sexual perhaps. Then it would be okay. But this … well you both were all love dovey and vulnerable.

“ You can look at me. ”, You granted him and saw his eyes shoot up to yours, still avoiding your areas.

“ It’s okay. That’s like, the whole point of this. ”, You gave him a little smile and placed the cloth into his hands. He picked up the clothe and pressed it against your skin, watching the water trickle down.

His cheeks turned into a soft shade of red as he starred and took in your body. You took in his toned muscles and torso. His lean arms and torso and shoulders. He actually looked really cute naked. Or maybe you thought that because you could only see his upper half and because he was blushing.

“ You’re all clean. ”, Bert placed washcloth and aside and you pulled him closer to you. He hesitated afraid you might feel a part of him he did not want you to feel. So he made sure to be very careful with his positioning.

“ Well now that we’ve seen each other naked Berty Bear. ”, you whispered to him grazing your fingers up his thigh under the water. “ It’d be stupid not to do anything ”

imaginarywarriors  asked:

In Root x Shaw's relationship, who do you think is Bert and who is Ernie? Bc Burt is grumpy, but also taller, and Ernie is perky, but then, he's shorter.... Would Bear be rubber ducky? What are your thoughts on this highly important topic?

This is without a doubt the most controversial topic to ever come across my blog. Thank you so much for bringing this important subject to light. Despite the height complications, I believe that Shaw is Bert and Root is Ernie. I’ve done some extensive research, and here are my findings:

Why Root=Ernie & Shaw=Bert


As it is evident, Ernie sneak attacks Bert at night, as we see Root do to Shaw.


Only Root and Ernie talk to the big banana (a.k.a. the Machine)


Come on now, they’re even seated in the same spots at the bar. Coincidence? I think not.


Both laying the SAME way getting work done on the SAME ear. 0.o


Is an explanation even needed here? These facial expressions do not lie.


Back hugs. Ernie is in the back. Root is in the back. Bert is sick of this shit. Shaw is sick of this shit. (Except for, past their stone-cold expressions, they are totally enjoying it.)


And lastly, we see Shaw/Bert listening in on identical white doors while Root/Ernie keep an eye on the booty. For strictly business reasons, of course.

I hope these ironclad facts have cleared things up on this highly important subject. And, by the way, Bear is totally Rubber Ducky.

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