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Warning for some seriously freaky stuff here, guys.

Hoooo boy. Submechanophobic folks, give this one a pass. Seriously, I’m tempted to stick this under a readmore, but no one would see it.

At the Sturt Reserve in Murray Bridge, Australia, lurks Bert the Bunyip. He is a coin-operated animatronic that rises up from underwater. Here’s footage of him from four weeks ago, showing his unpleasant aging.

There are plenty of videos of him online before he came to this condition. Here’s a video of him working optimally, though still showing cosmetic wear.

However, this is the friendlier renovation of Bert the Bunyip, implemented in 2000. 

The original Bert was added in 1972, created by Dennis Newell. Viewer be warned, here is a photo of the original Bert from 1972.

I tried to warn you, I really did. I can’t look at the dang thing for more than a minute.

10 years after launch, Bert was given a baby to operate alongside him. The only photo of the baby is in bad quality, but by the looks of it, it’s for the best.

According to the official website, “The sound box has had many problems during its time… at one stage vandals somehow worked out how to jam it so it would continue to roar - often through all hours of the night. Then the Bunyip and baby were also vandalised and part was broken off. A quieter, more friendly looking bunyip was built and his cave was revamped in 2000.”

No known footage remains of the original Bert, nor his added baby a few years later, but again; perhaps some things are best left lost to time.

I’m not going swimming any time soon. :)

- Mod Rat

A few years ago I was at an anime con with my then 9 year old daughter. Attack on Titan had just finished it’s US broadcast and was at the height of it’s popularity. We were sitting in a panel room with Josh Grelle, the voice actor of Armin Arlert and Lauren Landa (Annie). They were entertaining questions from the audience.

I don’t know how many of you go to cons, but the questions at these events tend to be repetitive. People ask far too many about shipping. They ask about life as a voice actor, they ask the actors their favorite, hardest, easiest moments and so on. Trust me when I say voice actors are patient people.

About 30 minutes in, my daughter’s hand shot up and Josh called on her. She walked to the microphone and asked, “Do you think Armin will ever see the ocean?”

Josh, Lauren and the entire room let out a collective awwwwww and a few people actually got emotional–Josh included. He finally said, “I sure hope so. If I have one wish for this story it’s that Armin gets to see the ocean.”

I don’t share a lot of personal pictures, but I’ll make an exception here since meeting Josh was the greatest day of her life.

My daughter’s anime tastes have long since moved on to swimmers and setters, spikers and bikers, and those adorable ice skating boys, but Armin Arlert is still Her Guy. And while she doesn’t read the manga, she follows Armin-centric instagram accounts and each month asks me for details of his life. So yesterday when she came home from school, I was excited and happy to show her the panels of Armin happily splashing in the ocean. She’s waited basically a quarter of her life for this moment. 

So please believe me when I say I get it. I am  happy for everyone who loves Armin and the rest of the 104th. It was a great moment for you and I felt joy seeing your joy (especially yours @daydream24-7 and @guyinlovewitheremika ).

That said, I also completely understand the rage and disappointment in this chapter. I personally am struggling myself. This was a terrible chapter for anyone who loved Erwin, Ymir, or the Warriors. The time skip essentially rendered all of our pain as unimportant and inconsequential. We’re having to accept that everything we wanted and needed regarding our favorite characters isn’t going to happen.

We’re never going to see Nile, Pixis or, ya know, Levi’s reaction to Erwin’s death. Any conflicted feelings over eating Bert are probably long since resolved. We won’t get Reiner’s reaction. Ymir is probably dead. We’re expected to accept that Historia read her letter and got on with her life. And Annie–who dat?

It’s not just the characters I’m mourning, I have concerns about the story. In two pages the titan threat that hung over us is just gone. And not by some cool  awesome use of the coordinate, but by a titan guillotine that slowly picked them off one by one. It feels cold and anti-climactic.

I have so many questions. What about the structure of the military? Is there still a Survey Corps? What have they been doing for a year? Aren’t they worried about Zeke and Reiner? I’m sorry but you do not put a time skip in the middle of a battle. You do not leave that many threads hanging. I wanted and expected so much more.

And now people are resettling Wall Maria. What about all those bodies? Not just Erwin’s, but there are a hundred dead SC members rotting in the sun. I used to accept that there was no time to mourn the dead, but they’ve obviously had nine months of relative peace. I hope a little of that went into consideration for the fallen but we’ll never know.

While the day at the beach was nice, I’m struggling with the point of it. Was it simply to prove that Grisha’s journals were trustworthy? If so, wouldn’t being surrounded by 50 meter walls that are stuffed with a colossal titan filling be enough to prove that? 

Clearly I’m still processing all of this. I keep telling myself to be patient and give it more time, but how much more time do I allow? My biggest concern is if Isayama can still pull off a satisfying story, or is this an indication that he’s lost interest and is trying to wrap things up as quickly as possible. I’m looking forward to reading the meta of the people who I know are more objective than I am. I’m interested in hearing their thoughts. Maybe they’ll help soothe mine.

Anyway, thank you for listening. I just needed to get this out. 



so yeah, some designs are better than others but I did it all in a whim… orz

I had the most trouble choosing who’s gonna be Poseidon, first thought was Armin bc sea? but I couldn’t see little Armin as him. then maybe Eren but ended up drawing Reiner as Poseidon with a hawaiian shirt. but as you can see I went back to Eren in the end ^^;

and Levi is Erwin’s first lady?? idk

*Stop That Wedding* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. They have been dating since second year at hogwarts. Her parents don’t approve of newt. Even tough they arevsolemates.They drag her off to get married, but when her dog runs off to get newt. Will he get there in time to save his solvate

•Found some time to write!! SORRY THIS IS SO LONG. I really got in to it and yeah…. sooo….. enjoy :)


You giggled as Newt tickled you beneath your favorite tree you two had shared since childhood. Newt had been your best friend your entire life and after you both started dating your second year at Hogwarts, you knew you were soulmates.


However, your family was more upper class and had wealth, whereas Newt’s family didn’t. Your parents never approved of your relationship with him and constantly chastised you for being with him. Although your parents vocalized their disapproval, you continued to see him behind their backs.


“We should run away together….”


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Miss Fisher’s Secret Santa Mysteries

Miss Fisher is getting ready to hang up stockings for Christmas, but what with all the crime solving and flirting she has to do, she’s worried she won’t have enough time to do her Christmas shopping (she’d ask Dot for help, but then everyone would end up with embroidered lavatory seat covers, and well…) so how about we share the labour love and do a Miss Fisher Fandom Secret Santa instead? That way Phryne won’t have to do all the work, and there’ll be gifts for everyone.

“How do I participate?” you ask excitedly.

Simple. Just send me (@olderbynow) a DM before November 20th saying you’d like to participate, and then I’ll send you back the name of your giftee no later than November 25th. After a bit of mild stalking (or not), come up with a gift you think they’d appreciate and publish it at any time between December 1st and December 25th, tagging the recipient in your post* and tag the post with “miss fisher’s secret santa mysteries” to make posts easier to find/track for other people.

“But I’m not a creator,” you sob dramatically.

That doesn’t matter! Secret Santa gifts can be ANYTHING at all. Write fic, make a fanvid, make an image post, share some meta, do an episode/character analysis, put a quote on a picture of Cec and Bert. ANYTHING goes, as long as it’s a positive thing that will put a smile on someone’s face (or a tear in their eye, if that’s what they’re into). You don’t have to be an artist, you just have to want to make someone happy.

“I have other questions,” you whisper shyly.

Shoot! Reblog this post and ask, or send me a DM and ask. (Unless it’s about the birds and the bees or how to do your taxes. In that case, probably go somewhere else. But anything related to this Secret Santa, I’ve got you covered.)

*If you’re writing fic or doing a fanvid or anything else that it makes more sense to host elsewhere, then you should do that, of course! Just add a link and maybe a bit of an explanation in your post (unless you’re the silent mysterious type, in which case you should just say nothing) to let people know where the treasure is hidden.   

Crack snk X-mas

Eren is trying to untangle the Christmas lights, some how he gets himself tangled in them. Mikasa has to save him.

Ymir and Christa hang the mistletoe, all the while Ymir tries to get Christa under one.

Annie helps Armin with dinner. More like shes keeping Sasha from stealing and picking at the food.

Connie tries to keep Sasha from provoking Annie too much(Armin makes sure Annie doesn’t hurt Sasha)

Jean and Marco hang up the stockings on the mantel.
As Jean makes fun of Eren for losing his fight with the lights, he almost sets a stocking(and himself) on fire, much to Marcos dismay.

Bert and Reiner struggle to get the tree into the house. Levi is giving them a death glare for tracking snow in which doesn’t help the situation.

Hanji is singing Christmas carols and trying to get Moblit to dance with her.

Erwin gave up when Hanji dressed him up as Santa. So he’s just reading a book and ignoring everyone.

Petra is trying to keep Levi from killing everyone (especially Hanji) by giving him hot chocolate.

Then all hell breaks loose when …

Annie goes after Sasha for stealing some food. Sasha running for her life bumps into Reiner and Burt. The tree they just put up tips over and lands on dancing Hanji. Moblit tries to rescue Hanji as Reiner and Bert apologize.

Connie and Armin running after Annie and Sasha, knock Eren into Mikasa causing them to kiss. Which causes Jean to start a fight with Eren. Mikasa grabs Eren and kisses him again. Marco tries to comfort poor Jean.

Levi loses his shit and Petra tries desperately to settle everyone down.

Santa Erwin watches amused as Levi loose hit shit and starts to clean the mess.

Ymir and Christa come out of the bathroom(cough cough)after hearing all the noise to find everything’s gone to shit.
Connie and Armins are trying to hold Annie back. Sasha is begging for her life. Eren and Mikasa are making out. Moblit is trying to keep a drunk Hanji clothed. Levi and Petra are vigorously cleaning. Bert and Reiner are no where to be seen(they’re hiding from the chaos). Marco is trying to cheer up a very pissed and sad Jean.

Ymir grabs Christa and takes her back to the bathroom.(wink wink)

The end( that’s all I could think of)

* if someone wants to make this into a real fanfic, please do*

Influences of the Untaught: Contemporary Drawings

Throwback Thursday!

In the October 1988, we opened Influences from the Untaught: Contemporary Drawings, a show featuring the work of nine artists selected from the four corners of the country whose work derives from primitive, folk, and naive sources. For them, images familiar since early childhood had been a constant source of inspiration, no matter how sophisticated their later education.

They cited family members, or creative but untrained individuals in the community, and even the presence of artworks from earlier cultures as influences.

Jeff Way was inspired by the ancient burial mounds of Native Americans in his native state of Ohio, and Beverly Buchanan by the folk artist Nellie Maw Rowe. The insights and foibles of his father, an untaught artist, were a major influence on Denis Gaston’s art. Scottish artist Tom Duncan drew from Celtic designs from the church of his community, and Florida-born Josette Urso was inspired by the heritage of her Sicilian-born father. Both Aminah Brenda L. Robinson and Trena Banks drew heavily on their southern roots and Black culture, Alison Saar spoke in her work about the Watts towers in Los Angeles, and Bert L. Long Jr. saw the personal visions of the untrained as a source of inspiration, citing the intensity that he felt emanates from those works.


Tom Duncan, The Mercurochrome Kid IV, 1988.

Installation views at The Drawing Center, 1988

a few bertl headcanons, to lighten the mood...

1. Bert is an avid music fan, and enjoys singing loudly in the car when he drives

2. This is irritating to Reiner, especially considering Bert’s favorite car-aoke tune is No Doubt’s ‘Underneath it All’

3. Bert has a speech impediment, which has lessened to a slight lisp due to years of speech therapy

4. Bertolt is a huge Kate Nash fan, and owns her entire discography. His favorite song of hers is Merry/Happy.

5. Bert’s favorite food is Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

6. Bert is a wonderful cook, and his dream career would be as a sous chef in a fine-dining restaurant.

7. He loves the food network, and watches it almost everyday.

8. Bert is a nice Jewish Boy. He cried at his Bar Mitzvah.

9. He wears his yamaka on Jewish holidays.

10. Bertolt can often be caught saying yiddish phrases, especially when he’s talking to himself– all his friends are used to hearing him mumble things like “bubbeleh,” “chutzpah,” and of course “kibitz” under his breath

11. Bert gets very anxious using the ATM. He almost always puts his card in the wrong way and he hates getting beeped at. He’s extremely nervous he’ll forget his pin number, because one time he forgot it and the machine ate his card. (thanks @titansatemysoul)

12. Bert makes long lists before he goes to the grocery store and checks them religiously. If he forgets anything on the list, he has to go straight back and get it.

13. Bertolt is an avid knitter, and loves knitting patterns.

14. One Christmas when he was broke, he made everyone blankets, hats, and scarves. He knew everyone’s favorite colors without asking.

15. Bertolt remembers everyone’s birthday, right off the top of his head.

16. He keeps his spaces very clean. Not necessarily because he hates messes, but because he panics when he loses things. 

17. When Bertolt knows he isn’t very good at something, he will dedicate his time and consistently work hard to get better at it.

18. This was the case with shuffling playing cards, which he used to be miserable at. Now he can do a perfect bridge shuffle.

19. Bertolt loves Lox on his bagels. Reiner used to tell him that was disgusting until Bert made him try some, home made from scratch.

20. When Bert is stressed out his first coping mechanism is to go for a run. He loves to run. Like Forrest Gump.

21. He also loves push-ups. He can do these with one hand, but he doesn’t brag about it or anything.

22. Bertolt has a pair of reading glasses he wears whenever he needs to see up close. He has a second pair just for reading things on his computer.

23. Bertolt is a very chill person, until he’s not. His temper is hair-trigger, and its often a point of embarrassment for him when he loses his cool. 

24. He loves his French Press. 

25. Bertolt is a mama’s boy. He loves hanging out with his mom, and has a set day every week that he goes out with her on mom dates.

26. He owns 6 versions of the same sweater in different colors. This goes for pants, tee-shirts, underwear, and socks, as well.

27. Bertolt loves patterned socks. He collects special patterned socks to wear on special occasions. 

28. Bertolt wakes up early everyday to make Reiner lunch. He puts in a note with every single one.

29. He enjoys the simple things in life. Cupcake Wars, Progressive Juicing, Self-Striping Yarn, and Brisket, to name a few.

30. Bertolt’s favorite book is Naked Lunch. 

31. Bert collects novelty mugs. He has hundreds, and he notices everytime Reiner tries to give one away. 

32. His favorite band is The Arcade Fire.

33. Bertolt was raised on post punk as a teen. He still has all his band shirts from his favorite shows. 

34. He loves showtunes. He is not embarrassed about loving showtunes. 

35. He subscribes to a variety of DIY zines and web message boards. 

dedicated to sweet angels @partydanchou @didanwhisperer @dyke-jonze and @titansatemysoul, who love bertl as much as me in these hard times *sobs*

Mary Poppins Wixen World Headcanon

So panpolymommy and I were talking about the various “Mary Poppins is a witch (something something something Ministry of Magic/Hogwarts)” headcanons and we came up with our own, detailed version of this.

Mary Poppins is a nanny born sometime around the 1880s whose lifelong quest is to open the minds of the parents of Muggleborns in preparation for their Hogwarts letters. She was inspired to this calling by the experiences of her childhood friend, Bert, who was the child of a wealthy, artistocratic family who refuses to allow him to go to Hogwarts because he was to take on the family business (during the walk in the chalk park, Mary sings to him “though you’re just a diamond in the rough, Bert, underneath your blood is blue.” to which Bert responds “common knowledge.”) In fact, Bert is actually Bert Dawes, grandson of Mister Dawes the elder (also played by Van Dyke), chairman of the bank. Bert’s upper class upbringing also could explain why his Cockney accent sounds put on - it is.

If you watch through the film, you can begin to piece together the story. Bert and Mary grow up together, or have known each other for a very long time. Bert is no Squib, but neither is he trained. Perhaps Mary tutors him from time to time, but Bert has integrated fairly well into the early 20th century Muggle lower class of London and is bound by guilt over a falling out with his father, the junior Mister Dawes, to Muggle society. Bert does, however, have a wand, which he stashes in his cane/chalk stick. His skill is magical art, allowing him to do things like impart life to chalk drawings.

Mary Poppins is likely a Half-Blood with a Muggle parent or Muggleborn who specialized in Muggle Studies at Hogwarts. Her talents are wandless magic (though she also can be observed using her wand, which is stashed in her umbrella), speaking with dogs (Andrew tells her about her Uncle Albert up on the ceiling), and jumping into Bert’s magical drawings (a skill she attempted to teach him, but sadly it is far too advanced for him). In Howarts she was likely sorted into (good) Slytherin (she is cunning, resourceful, and has the ambition to never let any Muggleborn child be left behind). Her bag is enchanted with a spell to conceal the contents from all but her, and also with an Enlargement Charm (à la Hermoine’s bag in Deathly Hallows), her mirror is actually a magical portrait of herself set on a reflective surface so that when she walks out of the frame, it’s just a mirror (that’s why her “cheeky” reflection sings back to her and is still in the frame to wink after Mary walks away). She also enchanted her umbrella to approximate Bert’s personality so she wouldn’t miss him as much when she was out of London.

As for the Dawes family, Dawes the Elder was a Muggleborn like Bert whose family objected to sending their only heir away to be apart of a world where humans can’t even run the banks. They didn’t even let him see his letter. Dawes the Younger was a Squib born to his magically-ignorant father and a Muggle woman, and he married a Muggle as well. It was to everyone’s surprise that Bert was born with magical abilities and they squashed his dream of attending Hogwarts with Mary, tearing up his letter before his eyes. Bert, who says he was afraid to speak when he was a lad, was actually afraid of both upsetting his father and grandfather, but also of screwing things up with bursts of untrained magic. That is until Mary teaches him a nonsense word that helps him calm down enough to tame the magic. Bert and his father eventually have a falling out over Bert going to Diagon Alley with Mary when he was 17 to purchase a wand, and the Dawes kick him out. This was the last time Bert ever spoke to his father or grandfather, though as stated earlier, it’s his guilt over this exchange that keeps one foot in the Muggle world.

As for Mary’s Uncle Albert (I’m assuming here, though clearly he’s known Bert and Mary for a long time), he has a wziarding disease which causes uncontrollable levitation upon bouts of laughter, and it is highly contagious among wizards. Mary is somehow immune, but Bert, Jane, and Michael all have become carriers as well. Michael inadvertantly passes it on to the elder Mister Dawes (an untrained Wizard) in the bank, which contributes to his death. Because Bert stays in the area, Mary has asked him to help take care of Uncle Albert.

At the end, Bert’s father has calmed somewhat down by his father’s death by laughter, Mr. Banks has become a better father and husband and has had his eyes opened to the idea of magic, and the elder Mr. Dawes finally gets a chance to be himself before he dies.

So yeah, that’s about it. Well, there is the part where it all ties into Blue’s Clues. But I’ll make another post about that. ;)

anonymous asked:

Hope you're having a great weekend! Take care. p.s. that Lirry + Bert post truly ended me. Nothing could ever be more adorable than Harry invading a muppet's personal space with his goofy smile alongside a beautiful-looking Lima.

Hiya Anon!

I’m having a full Baratheon morning thank you very much! Hope your life is kingly too. 

and lissen, you say adorable but this is me all day:

Why he gotta do Bert like that?
Liam knows:

What’s up?  My real name is Eric Barrett, but most everyone calls me “Bert”.  (Long story-I’ll explain later).  To keep it simple, I’m a 29 year old white male from the Baltimore City/county line.  Overlea, to be technical.  I’m 5'9" & 190 lbs.  Plenty of tattoos.  Dark brown hair & brown eyes.  As I’m sure you know, at this time, I’m incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown.  I enjoy music, playing cards, reading & (believe it or not) writing both poetry & an Autobiography.  I have an Associate Degree in Networking Information Systems (Computer Networks).  A degree that I will probably never be able to use again to earn a living.  A hell of a waste!  I’m a very sarcastic person.  I love to make jokes & have a look on life in the manner that you must be able to laugh at everything.  On another note, I’m looking for someone I can have a good conversation with.  Not that they must be smart, but someone not afraid to make their opinions clear.  Stand firm for their beliefs & always have a voice.  Closed mouths never get fed!  So to end this, I hope I have caught a nice, witty, beautiful & legal female!  Lol!  To write to me, send mail to:
Eric Barrett #420576
18601 Roxbury Rd
Hagerstown, MD 21746