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Here is my exam for the third year of my bachelor. You had to produce a pitch package to sell a comic book line.This is the sample page and some concept dev. I chose to create a comic satire of Mary Poppins. Here I introduce you to Mary Robbins ! All right reserved.

AJS V 4 the first motorcycle in the Ulster Grand Prix to win a grand prix by maintaining an average race of the (160 kmh).–In an effort to create something unique, that would properly utilize the AJS name, Collier & Sons launched the ’Vee 4’ touring bike in 1935. Designed by Bert Collier, the Vee 4 had a unique, and technologically advanced 500cc 50º chain-driven SOHC engine, with exposed ’hairpin’ valve springs. The AJS Vee 4 was an offshoot of another v-four Collier engine design - the 1931 593cc Matchless ’Silver Hawk.’By 1936, AJS introduced a racing version of the Vee 4, using a supercharger designed by Swiss engineer Arnold Zoller. The supercharged V4 produced 55hp, and had a top speed of 135mph, and was designed to compete against BMW’s supercharged racers.Between 1936 and 1939, the AJS Vee 4 set several records, breaking the 100 mph lap speed record at the Ulster Grand Prix. During the last model year for the Vee 4 in 1939, a liquid-cooled cast alloy engine was produced, using enclosed valve springs. The successor to the V4 was the AJS Porcupine.-

This week: a rare performance on the Mechanical Flux Orchestra, Lime Kiln Club Field Day returns to MoMA Film, and more. 

[Joe Jones and George Maciunas. Mechanical Flux Orchestra. c. 1964–72. Publisher: Fluxus, [New York]. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]