bert book


Here is my exam for the third year of my bachelor. You had to produce a pitch package to sell a comic book line.This is the sample page and some concept dev. I chose to create a comic satire of Mary Poppins. Here I introduce you to Mary Robbins ! All right reserved.

Why the hell am I posting the cover of an old British children’s book here?  Because Bert reminds me of @olag-gan.  He’s a nice, kind giant fellow with a sweet wife and a noisy baby, who might not be the swiftest intellect but he always handles the nonsense that happens to him admirably.

He also saves a puppy from drowning.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t watch the hell out of a Blake’s 7 episode where Gan rescued puppies.  Because you would.  I would be playing it multiple times in every stream.


Fuck fate.

Dr. Fate intervenes with Black Canary’s ‘fate’ in Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two #24