The Wolf lurks in the shadows at the edge of my existence,
Outlawed and banished for his feral nature,
But ever present and watchful for a chance to possess me,
He will come as I need him, with galdr to invoke,
Dance, breath and chants are the flesh for his feast,
His approach is instant, his instinct released,
As his essence takes control it protects and empowers,
With one hand I restrain his fury to avoid being devoured,
The surge burns intensely within the grip of óðr,
Divine madness brings recognition from the Sigföðr,
Bargaining a coalition, harmonising Fenrisúlfr and Týr,
A man of Óðinn marches forth as an embodiment of the great spear,
A weapon in his hands, manifested as gungnir,
The úlfheðinn is born, let all enemies know fear.

Words by hedendom
Artwork by usull