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Should he look at him? But he knew that he wouldn’t be able to withstand his gaze, he would confess everything to him all at once, he would cry, he would be vulnerable… he would let himself go and be something he never wanted to be, he would be someone he buried years ago in order to achieve something bigger, something more meaningful.

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Heh, I've literally had people call me ableist for judging Guts for trying to rape Casca, because "he is schizophrenic" or whatever their excuse was "and therefore shouldn't be held responsible." Or people say "we know what he did, but we kinda ignore it" Just check the berserk-confession blog and the comments there.

Berserk-Confession is a cesspool of literally the worst in the fandom, so I don’t know what you were expecting. Anyhow, the majority of the Guts lovers I know don’t have nearly as much frantic apologist bullshit going on as Griffith ones do. You also didn’t exactly address the point I made that unlike Griffith, Guts knows he’s fucked and takes preventative measures. As an aside, being a cowardly anon must be tedious, message me in chat like someone who actually has a spine. 

It would be interesting to see the origins of the God Hand from their perspectives of when they were human kind of like Dreams of Deadworld from 2000AD (quadrilogy of short stories from the perspectives of each of the Dark Judges).

Then again, if they do not have their origins revealed, I am totally fine for they have a certain Lovecraftian feel- ancient and unknowable. On the Lovecraftian theme, could blatantly see Slan as being a Shub Niggurath figure.

“I really hope they don’t make Dagur sacrificing himself for Heather the same as Stoick sacrificing himself for Hiccup. The better not copy that scene! I already dislike that Heather copied Valka’s badass masked dragon rider intro. Dislike that they tried to parallel Heather to Valka. Valka is one the most important people to Hiccup, Heather is a nobody in comparison. The whole thing was really cheap! They better not disrespect Stoick’s character like that.”

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please I just spent the last two hours going through your blog I can't get enough of berserk could you recommend me more berserk blogs like yours please I'm dying

lmfao DON’T WORRY FRIEND I UNDERSTAND THE THIRST; we’re in this together yo, I’ll help u sate it. Time for some promotion.

@fuckyeahberserk, bc every fandom needs a fuckyeah blog.

@1-71v is full of incredible caps among their own edits.

@faustuszero posts some hella great artwork.

@berserk-confessions need I say more?

@strangemonochromes is manga cap galore.

@s-erpico is no longer active, but they have a pretty rad selection of caps.

@commanderguts for the same reasons as above.

@berserk-translations ain’t too active, but they’re still fun to look through.

and lucky for u, @o-blessed-king-of-longing‘s just made a return. one of the top Berserk blogs out there. belated welcome back btw.

others include @vizslavegas, @buhserk, @berserkarchive, @allthingsberserk, @gatsuey, @i-nereo, @berserkmangaguts, @voyagetofantasia, and likely some others I’ve missed. have fun drowning in all the Berserk on your dash bc I definitely am

I usually hate main characters because it’s obvious who the author wants you to like, which i don’t like because i want to decide if i like the main character or not. I don’t want the author to sell me on anything.   But with guts, it’s obviously different. Miura seems to not give a damn if we like guts. He allows him to be his own person and lets us decide what we think of him. He’s not trying to convince us of anything. In the end i like guts. At first i didn’t care if he lived or died, but now im truly invested. I don’t feel like im Supposed to care…i want to care.

I ship Guts and Schierke together but not like in a pedo way. To me they seem to have a real bond and act like partners. They seem like the type to be together thick and thin. The romance shit can happen when she’s older, Casca is wonderful but I would rather Guts be with someone will be right by his side in battle and afterwards have a bowl of soup in one hand and worried slap on the shoulder with the other.

If Miura does another farflung backstory, it should be about Judeau! I very much want to see this “traveling troupe of entertainers and performers” that keeps getting mentioned in Berserk. We saw them firsthand in Volume 12 when they along with Puck escort Rickert to the border, and Puck mentions them right off the jump in Volume 1. I’m sure Judeau and Puck got into several hijinks! Above all else, we can finally see what motivates Judeau to leave his life as a busker to join the Band of the Hawk.

Reading the Fantasia arc, I noticed that Griffith as a leader and potential King isn’t actually that bad. He tamed the Apostles, ended the war with the Kushan Empire, and even though the merging of the worlds resulted in more monsters running around among humans, he created a refugee collection plan almost immediately and his city Falconia has ample systems regarding the allocation of employment and the needs of his people.

But what comes next? His dream was to be the leader of a country, but now that he’s practically completed that dream, May he want more? Getting to his current state of power involved mass brainwashing and the mass sacrifice of The Band of The Hawk, The population of St Albion, The sacrifices of Emperor Ganishka, and that doesn’t even count the numerous non-supernatural casualties of war.

There are two possibilities.
A) He sticks to the plan and Midland becomes a Utopia.
B) He takes over the world, him seizing power generally involving large sacrifices in vaguely city sized areas.

If Solution A happens, then the journey is over. Is Guts still entitled to kill Griffith? Does his suffering mean anything? If he still tries to kill him, does preventing peace for the country that made him a mercenary at the age of 6 mean that Griffith becomes the hero and Guts a tragic villain? Does potential peace justify the deaths of hundreds of thousands?

If Solution B happens, and Falconia’s residents are sacrificed in the same manner of St Albion’s, then maybe Guts can kill Griffith. However, if Griffith succeeds and creates everlasting world peace, the same dilemma stands. Does the plot pull a Watchmen and justify the deaths of millions for the lives of billions?

The only way for this to end with Guts morally on top would be for Griffith to reveal some sort of “Mwahaha I’ll destroy the world because i’m evil” plan, but I doubt someone who’s had writers’ block for 7 years would do something so simple.