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“I really hope they don’t make Dagur sacrificing himself for Heather the same as Stoick sacrificing himself for Hiccup. The better not copy that scene! I already dislike that Heather copied Valka’s badass masked dragon rider intro. Dislike that they tried to parallel Heather to Valka. Valka is one the most important people to Hiccup, Heather is a nobody in comparison. The whole thing was really cheap! They better not disrespect Stoick’s character like that.”
Berserk Confessions
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So as an answer to the confession talking about the two moments when Guts annoyed them.

I agree with the first point. It’s something which I noticed too.

 But if I remember correctly Guts’ first reaction was to shrug non-committaly  and say something about how he’s the wrong person to ask -being the hundred-man-slayer and all.

To which Griffith just gives a tiny nod and looks down

Guts looks at him, looks disturbed for a moment then  grins and says all that about it being important for his dream.

Even so he doesn’t actually answer the question.

I have actually started seeing a pattern of Guts trying to avoid, distract himself or quickly diffuse any situations which involved him having to see Griffith in discomfort or a degree of vulnerability. I think I’ll write a separate post about that, explaining it a little better.

But yes. It doesn’t annoy me exactly because it’s a natural reaction to try and comfort a friend who looks miserable at the moment- but yeah I do think this led to a lot of indirect complications later on.

Oh and the Casca thing, oh boy the Casca thing. It’s taken me a long time to sort out these feelings but now I think I’ve gathered enough Guts (hah) to verbalise them. I didn’t start out as a Gutsca shipper. Not because I didn’t like the pairing or thought they wouldn’t be good together. Hell I thoroughly loved their interactions throughout Golden age and awww’ed a lot in the moments when they started warming up to each other.

They were adorable no doubt.

But romantic?

To me the Sudden Romantic Twist came out of absolutely nowhere. It wasn’t slow burn, it seemed like a last minute plot revision and I WAS RIGHT.

There is an in fact an interview where Kentaro Miura mentions that he had never intended to have Guts and Casca be linked romantically in the beginning, it was only much later he thought it would add an interesting dimension to the plot. And to me at least that was very evident.

Of course Miura is a master storyteller so once the plot point was written he wrote it with great conviction and made it real. And this is where those little romanticisms come in the ‘You were the only one whose touch didn’t offend me’ and these little things we’ve come to associate with romance which insinuated that this had been going on for sometime.  And being the genius he is Miura had us convinced in no time.

That’s where I thought the second point came from. Because factually it is incorrect. The first person whose touch we don’t see Guts reacting violently to was actually Griffith. And not only does this continue but after time skip Guts has no problem touching or even hugging Judeau, rickert, gaston etc.

“Heather turned into a superhuman warrior/dragon rider/justice seeker in less than 3 years because of her tragic past that sounds like an episode out of a soap opera. She is the most unique looking beserker and her dragon happens to be the most unique and highly skilled dragon. She is presented as the perfect combination of Hiccup and Astrid, and is treated as a main character more than them. She is a hero in that she gets herself captured every season so she can play martyr and then be admired.”

Everyone, who contemptuously calls Griffith a fag, because they believe it’s something negative to be gay, should rethink their behaviour. Guts using that word in some translations doesn’t make it cool. Also, we are living in the 21st century, unlike Guts. Stop acting like cavemen, please.

(Whether Griffith is straight or not doesn’t even matter here, that’s not my point.)

Is Femto the Berserk answer to Metatron from Hebrew mythology? In mythology, Metatron was originally a human called Enoch who was tasked by Yahweh prepared three hundred and sixty-six books. When he learned everything,  Yahweh revealed to him great secrets – some of which are even kept secret from the angels.

In the Babylonian Talmud, Metatron has such immense power that he is confused with God with some sources of literature even referring to him as a “lesser Yahweh”.

In which case the Skull Knight would be his ‘diabolic’ counterpart Adralmelech, a being worshiped as a sun god and fueled by offerings with behelets in the place of children (the behelets being the spiritual ‘offspring’ of the God Hand) .

What is interesting is the below quote regarding Adralmelech by Robert Silverberg.

“The enemy of God, greater in ambition, guile and mischief than Satan. A fiend more curst — a deeper hypocrite”

In the context of Berserk, this not only would hint at the Skull Knight’s relationship with the God Hand but also his past and his ambitions- does he hate the God Hand because of the threat they pose or a prior relationship or because a desire to take their place or replace the Idea of Evil itself?

That and the Hebrew suffix “melech” literally translates as “King”.

Reading the Fantasia arc, I noticed that Griffith as a leader and potential King isn’t actually that bad. He tamed the Apostles, ended the war with the Kushan Empire, and even though the merging of the worlds resulted in more monsters running around among humans, he created a refugee collection plan almost immediately and his city Falconia has ample systems regarding the allocation of employment and the needs of his people.

But what comes next? His dream was to be the leader of a country, but now that he’s practically completed that dream, May he want more? Getting to his current state of power involved mass brainwashing and the mass sacrifice of The Band of The Hawk, The population of St Albion, The sacrifices of Emperor Ganishka, and that doesn’t even count the numerous non-supernatural casualties of war.

There are two possibilities.
A) He sticks to the plan and Midland becomes a Utopia.
B) He takes over the world, him seizing power generally involving large sacrifices in vaguely city sized areas.

If Solution A happens, then the journey is over. Is Guts still entitled to kill Griffith? Does his suffering mean anything? If he still tries to kill him, does preventing peace for the country that made him a mercenary at the age of 6 mean that Griffith becomes the hero and Guts a tragic villain? Does potential peace justify the deaths of hundreds of thousands?

If Solution B happens, and Falconia’s residents are sacrificed in the same manner of St Albion’s, then maybe Guts can kill Griffith. However, if Griffith succeeds and creates everlasting world peace, the same dilemma stands. Does the plot pull a Watchmen and justify the deaths of millions for the lives of billions?

The only way for this to end with Guts morally on top would be for Griffith to reveal some sort of “Mwahaha I’ll destroy the world because i’m evil” plan, but I doubt someone who’s had writers’ block for 7 years would do something so simple.

I love the fact that in Berserk, unlike a lot of other manga and anime, wounds never really go away.  In most shounen, if a character is hurt, in a few episodes it will go away and there won’t be a scar. But for Berserk, and specifically Guts, every wound scars, and you can see it clearly on his body. He has lived through battle after battle and fight after fight, and his scars are visible. I like it because it adds weight to each battle and each action, because the harm that they do doesn’t just go away. It stays with the character forever.

Some people have speculated that as Femto is still ‘incomplete’ as a God Hand (i.e. the sacrifices Casca and Guts are still alive) and share the connection to Guts through wearing the body of the Demon Child like a suit that this would mean that he would align with Guts.

I find this to be implausible and, if Guts finds out what Femto has done to the body of his child, this would just make him angrier as this would be one more thing that Femto has ruined for the sake of his ambitions.

Also, it may be worth noting that the other members of the God Hand represent different aspects of the consciousness according to Freudian psychoanalytical theory: Slan= Eros, Conrad=Thanatos, Void=Ego, Ubik=Id.

So you could really say they are but functions in the mind of the Idea of Evil- not necessarily evil in themselves in the conventional sense but at the same time contributing to it.

So this could mean that if anything Femto is more dangerous as he represents a complete person or at least the Idea of Evil’s perception of a complete person despite his ‘incomplete’ status.

In my mind, I see the reverse, Guts and at least one of the God Hand (either Slan or Void) working together (the latter fearing that this would be a threat to their own state of dominion) to weaken Femto so that the Demon Child’s mind can assert itself.

This coupled with the successful sacrifice of Guts and Casca would create a 'complete’ being with Femto’s power yet which represents an ultimate equilibrium of these aspects.

Think Nietzsch’s ubermensch and you are there.  

Whether this being would just be another tool of the Idea of Evil or whether the Idea of Evil would want to use this being to bring about what it sees as the perfect world either through using the being to destroy itself and and let the being take its place as the master of fate or some other method such as to seed it in the minds of all of humanity.

With this in mind, Femto’s 'defeat’ does not necessarily have to end with him being physically slain but diminished and discriminate on a spiritual and psychological level.

A stage the Idea of Evil may have already planned and accounted for.

I saw on some Reddit  post some of Kentaro’s sketches for Chapter 348, one of which shows a dog (Guts) dragging a coffin with the emblem of the Band of the Hawk. In the coffin is a broken doll  (Casca).

A lot of people are speculating that this means that Casca is broken. But what if it is the reverse? What if that broken figure in the coffin is actually the shell of an egg? A dog protecting an egg which has already hatched… now that is tragic.

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.”

Max Demian

Would then this represent Gut’s subconscious fear of ‘moving on’, clinging onto a ‘world’ which no longer exists? The little girl shown in the next sketch could be an infantile 'reborn’ Casca who is now able to appreciate the true nature of the world.

Meaning that the context of these images could be after she has regained her memories and the 'bird’ has now hatched in a not dissimilar way that Femto “hatched” from the remnants of Griffith’s desires.

In other words, when she regains her sanity, she may be unrecognizable from the girl Guts knew. Perhaps colder and more distant.

If we are to take the Abraxas quote literally, Abraxas in Gnosticism translates into the Great Archon, princeps of the 365 spheres.

In Gnosticism, Archons are servants of the Demiurge (most likely Void), the god that stands between humans and a transcendent being which can be communed to through Gnosis.

Who do we know in the Berserk Universe who is the closest thing to this “Great Archon”/Abraxas? The answer is nebulous as Archons in Gnosticism could be angels or demons. However, the more likely answer may be Griffith/Femto.

The only two moments, in which I was ever annoyed by Guts were:

1. When Griffith asked him if he thought he was an evil man and Guts said no, which was fine, because Guts really didn’t think he was evil. But then Guts went on about how it was all for the sake of Griffith’s dream and how Griffith shouldn’t have doubts now, even though he was shown to actually judge Griffith about being too cruel towards the Hawks by faking his death only few hours before. So he basically told Griffith what Griffith wanted to hear, instead of actually telling him his real opinion.

2. When he had just had sex with Casca and told her how he always minded everyone’s touch except hers and how she has always been an exception, which was untrue again, because he is shown having nightmares about his rape and struggling to shove her away, while she was sleeping next to him to warm him after he had just lost to Grifftih. So here again, he basically told her what she would have loved to hear.

Am I the only one bothered by those scenes or am I misunderstanding them?

I  believe that Griffith had always thought of Guts as his equal & the day Guts defeated him he broke down because he realized that Guts had surpassed him in every way. I think Guts was just unaware of it cause he never believed himself to be as smart or as strong as Griffith & was blinded by self doubt. There is no question in my mind though that jealousy turned Griffith evil & had he not seen his true love “Guts” with Casca the story might of ended a lot differently. I still cry for Griffith!