Eren’s Full Transformation List - Documentation

Ever since the reveal in Chapter 88, as well as the common knowledge that the more a Shifter uses their powers, the more of an effect it has on their body, I’ve been meaning to talk about this but never got around to it. But now, it’s here!

We’ll be taking a look at a full list of all of Eren’s canon titan transformations/titan shifts and will keep a counter in order to estimate the total at the end. Keep in mind there have been off-screen shifts, for instance in the training with Hange, so we can estimate the minimum amount of transformations. Here we go!

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"Eren's Berserk theme" edited
Hiroyuki Sawano (original song)
"Eren's Berserk theme" edited

Since I got tired of having to wait for the Season 2 soundtrack I tried changing up the speed and pitch of various existing tracks, sometimes with decent success! 

Check out the EP 25 “Berserk theme” (進撃st-hrn-egt20130629巨人) slower and deeper! 

Holy Moly. I’m done. I’m fucking done. 50+ Layers, a 150MB+ SAI File, probably around 24 Hours of work (Yes, I’m a slowpoke.) Countless attempts to draw anything that looks remotely like flames and countless replays of Eren’s Berserk theme and a whole bunch of inspiration from the last Episode of season 1. 
Fucking hell, Titan Eren is so much fun to draw. He was also my first AoT Artwork back in 2013 aside from a couple Jean doodles. 

- Feel free to do whatever with it as long as you keep my name on it and give credit. 

anonymous asked:

I find it so hilariously ironic how Eremika antis claim "Eren hates Mikasa" or some other bs but what they seem to have forgotten/failed to realize is that Mikasa is literally Eren's berserk button? Like, if Mikasa is so much as threatened, Eren will flip his shit

They tend to cling onto behaviors he hasn’t shown since the Trost arc, which is really unfortunate because he’s come a long way since then. The whole point of their moment at the end of Clash was him learning how important she is to him and his own need to protect her. Plus, his outbursts never had anything to do with hating her. Quite the opposite. He was upset that he couldn’t protect her, and that he had to work his ass off over things that came incredibly easy for Mikasa. He was a bit jealous, but he grew out of it.

Eren Jeager as a high school student :

Eren : get ink stain on shirt* God Fucking dammit, that was my last goddamn clean shirt, fucking bollocks!
Teacher : Youg man! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth ?!
Armin : god, why…
Mikasa : Eren, no…
Jean : here we go again…
every one : Teacher, why you do this…
Eren : *goes berserk

The Serum

I thought more people would be theorizing about that titan serum Kenny saved. Well, I’ll do it. There are two main points to cover. Who is it used on, and who is eaten to make them shifters. Let’s start with candidates for who it’s used on.


The most obvious candidate is Levi himself, since he’s the one holding on to it. However, we have to remember Levi’s feelings about titans and how he’d rather die before becoming one. He hated them at first, but now fears that he’s a mass murderer. Next candidate!


I like this one because no one expects Mikasa to need it at all, but she might need it most. If the story is going to end happily, which I doubt, someone needs to be a shifter and Eren’s love interest. Mikasa is already in love with him, I’m sure, and being a shifter would make her understand him. However, she would never allow herself to be turned into a titan, as she wouldn’t want to eat Eren or put him through more hell.




Why? Why not? There’s no compulsion to make him a titan, and no compulsion to avoid it if the opportunity presents itself. The story could progress nicely, but why? Well, why not?

Now comes the sad part. One of our beloved shifters is on the way out. Maybe more. But, one for sure. Let’s start with the happiest death.

Beast Titan

Everyone hates him. He’s the villain. He’s possibly the true main villain. It would be great to see a new shifter eat him, but I think his death involves Eren going berserk because he can’t win and uses a new power before eating him and getting his super powers.


Of all my ideas, I think this one is the second most likely. Let’s be honest, her arc is over. She might not even be alive. On the other hand, she might have one final rescue before Beasty kills her, which is what I think will happen.


Eren fights the Beast Titan and nearly gets captured. He realizes he can’t do it. Not alone. He needs help. So he frees Annie and they team up under some deal. But something goes wrong. Annie loses. Eren’s against a wall. So Levi injects someone with the serum, and Annie sacrifices herself to make that person a shifter, earning redemption when she did so many horrible things. The shifter and Eren succeed, and Eren eats the Beast Titan. I think this is incredibly likely, considering how strong The Beast Titan is and how Eren isn’t on his level. He can’t do it alone.


Simple. They stay on the wrong side, get captured, and Eren personally feeds one of them to his new shifter pal.

Of course, this is all just personal speculation… A lot of it. I also have some interesting new thoughts on the nature of titan powers and why The Beast Titan is considered the most powerful.