11: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/06/10(水) 22:56:26.65

I’m impressed by how quickly Momo the Professional passed the mic from her left hand to the right.

17: 名無し募集中。。。 2015/06/10(水) 23:06:14.09

I’m impressed by what excellent reflexes both of them have.

To all H!P Fans:

Are you a fan of Hello! Project, but are unsure of who’s a fan in your area? Well, I decided to create a map that shows H!P fans from all over the world! 

It’s super easy, you just go to this link right here, go to where it says “additions”, and in the drop-down box, click “add marker - simple”. Add your name (preferably your tumblr url, or your actual name), and you can add your other social media stuff in the description box! and maybe your favourite groups and girls, too

it’d be cool to see who else is a fan, especially anyone living in Manitoba. Please don’t put personal info, like your address and phone number. Social media is perfectly fine!



桂「ドレスは向こうのモデルに合わせ180センチを想定して作るが、日本に持って帰ると170センチ台のモデルが多いので、わざわざ十何センチの高いヒール を履いて出てもらっている。今回オーディションをしたら181センチは彼女だけ。デザイナーにしたら、そのままでいいので選びやすい。堂々としているし、 経験を積んだらパリコレに出られる」

Kumai: Since I had a complex that I was too tall to be an idol, now I’m really happy that Mrs Katsura has given me a chance to turn the complex into an advantage. I’ve seen a different person in the mirror today.

Katsura: Usually I make dresses for 180 cm tall models abroad. But once I’m back in Japan where most of models are 170 something cm tall, I’d need to ask them to appear on runway in high heels of 10 cm and taller. She’s the only one in the audition who’s taller than 180 cm. It’d be convenient for designers to choose her to avoid this kind of bothersome things. She also has a dignified manner, and a future as a top model in Paris Fashion Week if she got more experiences.

Berryz熊井友理奈パリコレ・ドレス披露 ヒール履き190センチ!