Gooseberries, currants, and more (Ribes sp.) ripening

All the Ribes species over in berryland seem to be having a fine season - some won’t crop until next year, but I’ve managed to cram a number of species into the landscape.

Their shade-tolerance will be an asset as the surrounding trees begin to form a canopy.

anonymous asked:

ok im new to the coldplay fandom (i mean ive been a fan of coldplay's music for years but havent watched many interviews or been a proper fangirl) could you tell me some basic fangirl/fanboy stuff i should know? idk like nicknames or stupid things or one of their outrageous stories theyve told, idk anything really?

Ok, I can try but it’s gonna be long haha. :)

30 things about Coldplay you should know:

- Nicknames: Chrissy, Jonnypuff or Jonnyboy, Sexyberry, Willybear.

- Don’t forget the man behind the curtain aka the 5th member: Phil Harvey. Coldplay wouldn’t have been the same without him.

- Harveytown is the place where the Coldplayers live.

- We called ‘Buckin’ the relationship between Chris & Jonny as well as others like ’Berrytin’, ‘Berryland’, ‘Champtin’ etc…

- They bought a bakery in London and now it’s their studio. As well as the Beehive. A lot of fans met them over there.

- The first rehearsal of the band was in Jonny’s bedroom back in 1998.

- The first name of the band was Starfish.

- Will didn’t know anything about drums at the beginning.

- Will left the band for a week because of Chris.

- Chris attacked a paparazzi once.

- Jonny has been attacked by a sheep once.

- Will has been attacked by a balloon once. And a second time.

- Chris’s favourite shirt is the flowery one.

- Or maybe the ‘Barack to the Future’ one.

- Everybody fangirls on Chris’s dance moves.

- Everybody fangirls on Chris’s curls.

- Chris loves to get touched by the crowd.

- Chris once ran into the crowd of a full stadium because it was fun.

- Jonny could have been a football player.

- ‘Green Eyes’ is a song about Jonny and not Gwyneth.

- ‘Jonny Goes Jazz’ is a video you should watch.

- Guy is really shy at interviews (everybody shuts up when he speaks).

- Guy loves old music. He likes Kool & The Gang and he has a jukebox.

- Guy once left the ‘AROBTTH’ album on the train.

- Chris always mentions Guy as “the handsome bass player”.

- Will seems to be the serious one but he’s a real joker.

- Chris & Jonny played in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and Chris was a zombie.

- Chris & Jonny are fans of Sherlock Holmes.

- Chris & Jonny first started a band called Pectoralz.

- Last but not least: ‘The Nappies’.