berry sweet sims 4


Plum: “I… I - you …”

Vanilla: “Oh, I knew it, I knew you wouldn’t want to have a baby, I’ve barely talked to you at all in the last couple weeks, you probably hate me and want to break up on me and then this happens, and - and - I just don’t know what to do, I was so worried that I’d tell you I was pregnant and you’d leave me forever and I- I won’t be able to raise a child by myself, I just feel so stuck and so I called Seashell but she didn’t answer and so I called Ever and she told me to tell you everything about how I feel and why I’m so scared and she told me you might not even be wanting to break up with me and that you might be busy but I think you might and now you might not even break up with me even though you want to because I’m pregnant-”


Plum: “Vanilla. Stop. First of all, I- I don’t hate you - how could you ever think I hate you?”

Vanilla: “I…”

Plum: “I’m not going to leave you, Vanilla. I’m not going to make you raise the child - our child - alone. I would never do that.”

Vanilla: “But you wanted to break up with me.”

Plum: “I… No, of course not, I don’t know why you thought that. I’m sorry I’ve been distant. I’ve just been… busy.”


“Not interested, Butter. Please just go.”

“Hm. Fine. You have my number. And you deserve to just have a good time, Ginger. Hit me up when you’re feeling lonely.”

“Yeah. Whatever.”

“That little evil lemonloaf got into your mother’s brain. Put an evil bad idea into her smart and pretty little head. And I hated him for it.”


Nolan-sims Couronne de Fleurs recolored in the bpr colors because reasons. 


  • colors are organized by the current generation (i.e. white) being the main color and the next generation (i.e. pink) being the secondary color.
  • under hats
  • i think the thumbnail is messed up but i’ve resaved the package like 5 times and it’s still not working in my game so /shrug sorry, feel free to fix it if it bothers you


Download (SFS)

Hey 👋 Long time no *cc*

Today I’m bringing you @simmandy ‘s Puppy Crow Skintones!

These skintones work so well for alien, berry or supernatural sims! They look nice in game and in cas.

They don’t overlap with my WMS skintones nor should they overlap NoodleCC’s sorbet skintones. I’ve enabled them for all sims but if requested I can make a file for vampire and aliens only.

TOU is don’t claim as your own or reupload them anywhere. (I’m looking at you SimsDom!) Please tag me or use the hashtag #Fl0w3rBunny so I can see you use them.

One last thing, if it wasn’t obvious, the actions and palette were made by Simmandy so please go follow her !! Her CC and art is outstanding 👏👏👏 Truly an amazing Content creator and artisté.

Anywho, enjoy !!



I may have finally started working on Seasons recolors. I like recoloring complicated objects like beds in rainbowcy colors. So far I have berry pastel rainbowcy and seven songs colors for this bed. Let me know what other rainbowcy color schemes you’d like me to do. 

And like with some past uploads, I will include the psd I used for recolors and the recolored textures so you can make your own combinations. 

 more @pinkpatchy‘s hair recolors !

sorry i took so long to post previews and everything just life got reaaallly busy ;-; also different berries this time around since im on a different computer ^^ anyway i hope you enjoy these !! (and ps the next batch of recolors will be brows !!)

  • comes in 65 noodles sorbet colors as ADD ON swatches !
  • which means mesh is NOT included
  • credits to pinkpatchy for the mesh&originals and @tainoodles / noodles cc for the colors and actions !