berry sweet sims

Astrid: Oh… O-of course. Of course I will.

Ambrosia: Can I ask you a question? Why “sweeter than a box of chocolates”? I was surprised. I thought I was more bitter than mustard.

Astrid: I’ve always seen your sweet and soft side. Even when you didn’t.

Ambrosia: Also, you were wrong about my number of secret admirers. You were the first real one, actually. Who knew you’d be such a romantic, Tough Astrid?

Astrid: Honestly? I never knew it either before I met you.


“I mean, San Mulberry is nice but  Dulce de Leche is where it’s at… You ever been to the city, Granite?” Brio confidently asks. 

“Can’t say that I have been. I mostly stay in the Springs-”

“Ah, the oasis. Rockin’ place. I’ve done a few shows there.”


“What was I thinking? I’m not really sure… but here I was, about to put myself through the ringer again. Honestly, I was a little astonished that so many people came to meet me, to try this thing out… want to get to know me- me of all people? 

But I guess here goes nothing. Maybe, just maybe- I’ll find someone this time. Berry knows I’m not doing this a third time.”


Luna: “You… think your dead girlfriend is telling you to stay away from a guy who’s flirting with you?”

Bora: “I mean, there’s no other way! Sorrel is a great guy, and I can’t think of a reason things seem to go wrong around him.”

Luna: “This is… okay, this is an intervention, this can’t go on-”

Bora: “An intervention while we’re drunk off our asses? Sure, Moony, whatever you say.”