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As some of my followers know, I love sunsets. Especially the colors, which are pink and orange. I have @berrysweetboutique to thank for, because I discovered that those two colors go perfect together by reading her ITF. Her sims, December and January, are the sims who showed me the colors go beautifully together. With these colors together, I was inspired to take pictures of sunsets, make pink and orange drawings and jewelry and make sunset colored berry sims. Thanks for reading my rant. =^_^=


imo A La Mode should’ve gotten a damn animation like geez


Welcome to My Hero Academia Writings/Black Clover! You may refer to me as Admin Berry! It’ll be a pleasure to run this blog for you, now that my summer break is almost here and I’ve yet again fallen in love with these fandoms! I’m so looking forward to seeing what your requests will be!

But before anything, some rules are necessary for the blog’s proper functioning:


  • First and foremost be polite and understand that, true, this blog was created to make your day a little better, but I’m still only human and can’t answer requests like a printer plastering words on a piece of paper.
  • I’m all caught up with the manga! Go bonkers with characters, people!
  • No canon x canon, please. I’m pretty awful with ships, actually…
  • Specify your preferred gender. If you don’t, I’ll simply make it as gender neutral as possible.
  • If you would like to add about your preferred Quirk/Magic, I will make use of such information. When not specified, there won’t be mentions about the Quirk/Magic unless completely necessary, in which case I’ll make one up.
  • I actually really like talking through Tumblr, and getting to know the people who like what I write, so never hesitate to meet the ask box to talk.
  • Beware stupid writing memes from time to time. Summer is coming and I get really bored.


  • NSFW is allowed (for both scenarios and headcanons; confessions can also turn to the dirty side). However, know that there are certain things that are out of my comfort zone, and so I will have to refuse writing.
  • Again, be specific about your preferred gender and sex; there’s no good smut if I have to be vague about the nether regions!


  • Only two characters per scenario request, please. These usually take a bit longer to do.


  • Four characters per headcanon request. Depending on the amount of characters (and how much I like the request, to be honest) there will be more or less headcanons.


  • Specify if it’s a confession you want, instead of a headcanon. These will come along with an image, most likely a manga panel, since I dislike using other people’s art and I can’t draw to save my life, so…

That aside, please, make your requests and look forward to them!

~Admin Berry ♥


(A birthday present for @salamiac! :3 Figured I should write something as a gift so… I decided to write something with Risa and Coops… Here we go!)

Almost a year has passed… Since someone special had came into the household as an adopted family member. Who he was exactly depended on who you were asking. Sometimes the answer was a dictator-like, hissy-fit throwing Ringmaster, and other times the answer would be a child trapped in a teen’s body, among the known 5 answers often given. But among those five responses, there were always similarities.

The one always given… Was that he was an amazing brother. Peini, Penny, Bro… Cooper. Yes, Cooper. The skeleton brought into the family by mercy of the mother, Sarkyva, and one that had… Issues.

These issues… Pertained to personality. For this penny, as normal as he seemed on the outside, was more than one person. He was 5 of them. 5 Coopers within one body. Chaotic? Yes. Unlovable? He is one of the most lovable skells to exist. At least to the family, that was the case.

A year has almost passed since this penny has arrived, becoming loved by the entire family, despite the kinks and conflicts. At this moment, Cooper would be inside of a pillow fort. Where? In a part of the house known as ‘The Safe Room.’ This room was meant for a specific personality, one said to have been trapped in a realm where everything was like an old sitcom.

His nickname, consequently, was Sitcom, a penny who’s anxiety over cameras and being put 'on vacation’ led him to become very submissive and easy to scare with cameras. Or in other, more positive words, he became a dorky marshmallow.

Sitcom and another skell were laid in this pillow fort, hidden away from any cameras, with the penny reading and the other playing quiet tunes on a ukulele. This musical skeleton was Risa, blind but still outstanding in almost all of Cooper’s personalities’ eyes. Except for one, who didn’t exactly become friendly towards anyone no matter what.

A sister and an adopted brother, relaxing inside of the sturdy fort. The air was a bit stuffy due to there only being a small door in the corner, but this fact bothered neither of them. Soft musical chords filled the air, keeping silence from creeping up on the two letting the atmosphere stay relaxed and easy going.

The carpet beneath the siblings was nice and soft. Someone could fall asleep if just given a pillow inside of this fort. Too bad there were no spares since the pillow fort was made of… Well… Pillows. That, and the fact that neither of them would be able to sleep for long. Dinner would be served soon.

These two would continue reading and making music, each respecting each other’s privacy and sometimes singing together whilst doing whatever else they wanted. Here was a safe place, a place away from all those dangers outside. It was serene, calming… Always open to enter.

And the best part was for Cooper, more accurately, Sitcom… “Hey uh… Sis..?” Was that Risa… “Yea, bro? What’s up?” At least to his thinking… “Can I uh… H-have a.. Hug..?” Was the best sister… “Sure, bro. Heh. You deserve it.” He could ever have.

A kind, gentle embrace was shared between the two. A true show of the family love between them. There were no needed questions, no second guess, no standards that needed to be met. There was only care to be needed for love. And the two siblings… They cared a lot, for a number of things, but especially each other.

The embrace was warm, comforting, like having a giant heating pad to hold onto. A heating pad that loved. A quiet hum was shared between them both, the two siblings equally giving affection to one another. It was fair, and among all else between them, it was comforting.

“Hey fam…” Risa spoke up, and Coops looked up to meet… Well… They couldn’t meet eyes. But the penny was able to see his sister’s smile, happy as ever. Even just that was able to make him grin in response. “Yea, sis? What is it..?”

Risa shifted position, settling her skull into her brother’s shoulder. Though it was somewhat muffled, what Risa had asked was still understandable. “When did ya ever get so huggable?”

Sitcom let out a snicker at the question, grinning what would be ear to ear if he had them. “I guess… When you became the best sister!”

“And when was that, fam?”

“…the moment I met ya.”

like y'all have seen my critical posts about sense8 the show is nowhere near perfect. it’s done really gross stuff like racism and thinly veiled homophobia, and lana wachoski(?) is antiblack af but I really need you to understand how much i and other lgbt folx of color connected to the show. seeing bi/pan black women like zakia and amanita on tv. trans representation with substance. a story of wlw that didn’t end in death or pain or separation and wasn’t grossly curated for male consumption. we don’t have a lot of representation as it is, and I’m going to miss that. i’m also going to miss the connections i made watching the show with other lgbt people, mostly of color. friends, peers, ex-lovers. I’ll probably never have a show like that again.

haha okay yyaaay I finished iiit!!!
There are 344 frames in this sucker
It’s the longest animation I have made so far!
Ehh, I just hope you like it?
It’s okay, I wanted ‘you’ to have more movement but what do you expect, I’m an amateur animator hh
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic
Oh heyyy alsoo
This pretty much was @crowfry ’s idea, I thought it was adorable sooo here’s thiissss haha

okay but can you imagine an AU where adam quits a dead end job to travel across the country and picks up each of the boys as he meets them in various locations?

Like, he left some boring temp job in Delaware and goes south, navigating only through road maps and locals. He ate greasy gas station food and didn’t shave. He only slept in the back of a barely working, beat-up, rusty 70s station wagon, which was a little too roomy for his liking.

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Hey! Can I just ask you a silly question? Did MakoHaru ever actually happened, or everyone just wants it to happen? :D sorry, im new to this :<

I think it depends on how you interpret it, and I’m one of those who chose to interpret it as a yes, because there are hints I simply cannot see any other way.

Like for example, the scene when they reunited after Haru came back from Australia… something as simple as a welcome home and an I’m home was played in such a way that it let you know these two belong together. It seemed like “home” in that case wasn’t Haru coming back to Japan; it was Haru coming back to Makoto.

And it happened after their fight, so it served to prove something like that can’t keep them apart. They can always find a way to make things right, because they belong together.

There are scenes like these where the way they look at each other is very telling.

There’s fondness in those looks; there’s love. They seem so comfortable looking at each other, as if they’d be contempt just letting their eyes do the talking.

Besides, even after graduating high school and choosing different paths, they still found a way to stay together.

I’ll say it once again: they belong together. No matter where their paths take them, they’ll always find their way back home, back to each other. Their bond is unbreakable, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they love each other.

If your question was if there’s an explicit scene where they’re presented as an official couple (like a kiss scene or anything of the sort), then the answer is no. But was something like that necessary for MakoHaru to happen? No, not really

The bond between these two isn’t about one moment defining their relationship; it’s about every piece falling into place naturally and resulting in something that was meant to be.

That’s my take on it.

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Jen do you have any garnet songs you'd recommend whilst drawing her?


But also, you can go to and type in ‘Garnet’ n the search bar and it will lead you to MULTIPLE playlists made with Garnet in mind!