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800 Followers ~ Thank You!!

{Chartreuse Yuzu}  just wants to live life to the fullest and have fun. She hopes to one day have her own family and share new traditions.

I’ve had 800 followers for a bit and just now got around to thanking you all! I hope you enjoy playing with her as much as I had fun making her. She is available for download as is or even as a base. All I ask is please do not claim her as your own or re-upload her anywhere.

Origin ID: Nizaberry | Please make sure to turn your Custom Content on in your Advanced Settings to see her.

CC Used: Hair | Eyes | Lips | Nails | Tattoo | Dress | Shoes | More Genetics 


“I don’t think I like your tone.” The guy’s voice lost the innocent feel it had to it just moments earlier, and he seemed to put on a more serious face. 
“I’m just trying to be nice. I get it, I’m a stranger, it’s probably weird. No need to lash out on me.”

“Alright, fine, whatever.”
Urania rolled her eyes.

“Besides, you’ve been “admiring” a road for 10 minutes. We have nicer places to visit, you know?”

“… I didn’t even notice.”

“Of course you didn’t.” This time, he was the one rolling his eyes at her. “Look, I can show you around if you want. Unless you don’t want to be seen with ‘one of those people’. I totally understand.”

“No, you’re right. I’m sorry.”
Urania sighed, “I’m not good at handling people. Please, I’d love to see more of this place.”


► 6500 followers gift: Blank canvas Lily of The Valley

This cutie is free to be used for whatever you’d like! I’d made her an actual sim for if you’d like to use Lily as she is, but feel free to change her color/appearance/traits/facial structures/hair/clothing etc!

► Necessary CC:

Skin // Nose Mask (adult + teen) // Nose Mask (child + toddler) // Eyes // Sliders

► Traits/Favorites:

Loner // Virtuoso // Clumsy // Computer Wiz // Diva
Classical Music \ Grilled Salmon \ Pink

► TOU:

Don’t claim her as your own (even when you use her as a base, link back to me please!) or re-upload her anywhere. She’s a blank canvas and you can do whatever you please with her! Just be sure to give me credit!

► Download:

Adult // Teen // Child // Toddler