berry sweet comp

My Berry Sweet Comp Entry for the Finale

Photo 1: Third Wheel

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When Serria pleaded with me to accompany her on a date - a third date no less - I was naturally anxious. Why me? What benefit could I be as a tag-a-long? But she’s my friend and, well we do stuff like that for friends. Three things happened to make the date completely and totally awkward - as if it weren’t already!

1) I realized, as I was getting ready and Ser wouldn’t shut up about him, that this was the “audition date” - the one where you see how is with your friends before taking it up a notch.

2) Ser’s date turned out to be Khaki. Khaki was Thistle’s scout leader. Khaki and I had flirted quite a bit on a certain camping trip!

3) I realized my BFF was already head over heels for this guy. So much for my little crush.

Photo 2: Dumped!

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I’d seen it coming - I wish I could say I hadn’t but the moment Khaki had recognized me on that fateful date, things had gone downhill with Ser. So I planned ahead and just waited. I elicited the help of Ser’s administrative assistant and our friend Amy to plan a big night for Ser. I almost felt bad hoping Khaki would dump her before the day came and went!

Amy was on the board of a big charity helping battered and abused women get on their feet again. She’d already been planning a fashion show when I proposed using Ser’s designs in the show and she was quick to jump on board! 

When the big night came, Ser was still in phase one of the dumping and didn’t even want to leave the house but glitz and glamour always perked her up! She was so out of it, she didn’t even notice the models were all sporting her own designs until the announcer called her up on stage! I was the loudest person in the crowd cheering for my BFF - much to Amy’s horror.

Photo 3: Birthday Party!

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Having reconnected with Amy during the charity event, I thought getting all the old road trip gang together might further Ser’s recovery. She’d lost touch with most of them but I’d exchanged emails over the years so it was easy enough to find them. Fate, as ever, was in our favor and everyone was able to make it! I expected Ser and Picton to pick up where they left off - fighting - boy was I in for a surprise!

Of course Khaki crashing the party was an even bigger surprise! What the berry was HE doing here?

“Oh, you’re not alone…” Khaki looked around awkwardly at the party he hadn’t been expecting. “I wanted to talk to you…is that Serria?” I didn’t answer as his face moved from surprise to hurt to annoyance. “Guess she moves on fast…”

“Seriously?!” He left soon after that, though it took a lot of persuading on my part!

Photo 4: Sweet!

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I’ve always thought of Ser as the sister I never had. Despite our obvious differences and small bickerings - we’re always there for each other. In fact, I think I could say the same for most of our friends now - they’re family; a family we could pick.

It’s been a year since that fateful date on the boardwalk. Despite the initial heartache - I think it was meant to happen the way it did to bring Picton and Ser back together. Amy and Tango have even made a go of it - which was awkward at first but I assured her that Tango and I are just friends.

Besides - I’d say Khaki and I getting together was more awkward than all the rest. I know! I know! It’s crazy isn’t it? But that’s the way the Sweet world works! Oh I think I’m supposed to try for the bouquet now!