berry sim legacy


She’s here!!!  Guys ok…seriously I’ve played the beginning of this legacy three times now.  I started over the first time because I decided I didn’t like the neighborhood I put her in.  Then, this last time I recently got gifted Roaring Heights and found the perfect beach plot for her.  Sooo here we are try #3 is the charm :D <3  Welcome to the world Dove!! <3

PS: That adorable banner you see?? Yeah @simlishprincess did it again and amazed me with another banner! <3 Thank you so much lovely! <3


Nat: Dude… your parents aren’t going to be happy.

Jefferson: Yeah, that’s why I ain’t told ‘em yet. Thought about telling ‘em tonight after the show.

Nat: Well, good luck with that. What time is it?

Jefferson: Starts in about an hour.

Nat: An hour? What the hell, man, why are you still sitting here?

Jefferson: It’s just in the art room, ain’t anything special, for real. Ms. Forrester just wanted to show off my stuff a little… I do need to go get ready, though. See you later?

Nat: Yeah, man, I’ll be there.


Meet our new legacy generation 1 heir, Ms. Starlight Celeste!  She is a spunky girl who is always looking to have some fun.  Her maternal instincts, childish antics, and nurturing personality will help her toward her dream of becoming a daycare owner.  After seeing her parents so in love, all Starlight wants is to meet her perfect match and start her own big family. 

This legacy/rainbowcy will be following the below palette that i put together myself.  If you’d like to use it you can find it here with all the hexcodes.

Just a reminder: this legacy is based off of Sky and Mist, but we probably won’t be seeing much of them.  This legacy is going to focus on what happens to their family after Sky and Mist got their happy ending.  It will be another casual playthrough with some stories mixed in :)  I don’t think generation 1 will have a love story for the spouse meeting, but we’ll see :) 

Calling all Maxis Match Simblr’s!

Soo, I’ve finally decided to get back into Simming (mainly because of toddlers) and I wanter to share my sims with other people. Plus the fact I’ve always loved giving my sims a storyline to keep it interesting so I decided why not create a simblr?

But basically, I want to follow other simblrs like me who do Sims 4 Stories but also I would love to follow some maxis match creators, berry simblrs, urban simblrs, legacy/generations etc..

I’m currently following like 20 people and my goal is maybe 100-120 simblrs.

So pleaseeee reblog so I can follow you!