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Random Pezberry Thought of the Day #66

Santana was in the middle of taking a sip of wine when she choked, Kurt having to bang on her back as she tried to recover. When he slapped her between her shoulder blades, almost knocking her back down, she flashed her hand out to whack his arm, inhaling and protesting that she was okay, her voice high and tight in her throat. “I’m fine! Jeez. I’m fine!”

“You sure?” Sounding extremely skeptical, Kurt stepped back, his eyebrows up as he surveyed his now almost frantically gulping wine roommate. “What happened?”

Unattractively wiping her mouth with the back of her arm, Santana turned on her heel, pulling Kurt in next to her. “That’s Rachel?” she hissed, jerking her head back.

Sighing and following Santana’s directions, Kurt’s eyebrows shot up again before he groaned, shaking his head as he settled his weight onto one foot. “Oh,” he muttered, a second away from rolling eyes, “I see. So, I’m going to walk away now.” He turned, waggling his fingers at her, “Have fun exploring your repressed lesbian yearnings. Without me.”

“Hey! Kurt! Porcelain! HeyToothless Wonder!” Growling as Kurt ignored her, disappearing into the crowd of NYADA students and fashion gophers alike, Santana whirled around at the touch of a small hand on the small of her back. Her hand already up ready to slap a bitch, she faltered, jerking back as the surprisingly attractive form of her other roommate blinked up at her.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Rachel smiled, pulling her hand back to push her hair behind her ear, her other hand curling around a glass of what looked to be the cheap-ish wine Santana had picked up with her fake ID after work, “I just wanted to get your attention.”

Santana raised her own wineglass to her lips before, remembering she’d already drained it, she stashed it behind her back, not at all accidentally pushing her chest forward. “You have it. What’s up? Enjoying the ‘Trainwreck Extravaganza Take Two’?”

Nodding, Rachel took a sip of her wine. “Thank you for cleaning up your area. The, erm, couch seems to be quite… Popular.”

“You mean for macking couples?” Santana smirked, “You do know this means I’mma taking over your bed later, right? At least until someone disinfects or sterilizes the couch. I’m not going to sleep on it knowing there’s some baby juice just waiting to creep all up inside me.”

“Santana! You know that’s not how it works.”

“Mmhm, right. Whatever you say. Still not gonna take the chance.” Staring at her roommate clad in a scanty dress showing off both cleavage and legs, Santana blinked, bringing her empty wineglass back up in front of her; she rocked it back and forth. “‘M going to refresh my drink. You want anything?”

Rachel smiled again, shaking her head. “You go ahead. I’m going to go mingle some more.” Then, as Santana nodded, stepping forward to pass her, she reached out, her fingers soft against Santana’s forearm. “Find me later?”

Santana looked at her.

“There’s a couple of people I’d love for you to meet.”

Nodding, Santana smiled, giving a shallow yes and promise before stepping into the crowd around them.

Entering the kitchen and refilling her glass with the first bottle of wine she found, Santana hmmed, staring into space. “All you have to do,” she said out loud, her arm curling around her own waist, wineglass in front of her mouth as she ignored the people milling around her, “Is make sure no one else notices her dress or tries to take advantage of it. You have a date with her and her bed later, and you are not going to miss it.” Then, nodding and clinking her glass as if against an imaginary one, she took a deep drought, refilled her glass again, and confidently walked back into the party.

It’s finally done! I’m super happy with the final result, I wanted to take part in the #choicescreates previous rounds but I couldn’t because I was busy.

This is a personnal challenge for me, to get out of my comfort zone and actually share this drawing with you all! I’ve been working very hard on this so feedback are more than welcome and I hope this will be the first of many more to come!.

I went full cliche on Zig’s bad boy personality portrayed by @playchoices and as the prompt says “different doesn’t mean wrong”. 

That’s all for me! 😆 I’m shaking omg! 

so @hollyashton & @choicesimaginesandmore That’s my entry! I hope it’s not too late! 😊 This is hell of a challenge for me, and I’m happy I give it a shot! 

Zigmund is from the Freshman book 3 and belong to @playchoices and I drew the whole thing 😊

Berry-passion bliss✨🌞🍓 I found a whole tray of the sweetest passion fruit for $2 the other day, so I made myself this creamy cruelty-free mixed berry thick-shake layered with passion fruit and it was heaven🙏🏼 adding fresh passion fruit to smoothies seriously takes them to a whole new level!⚡️⚡️

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Modern Witchcraft Ideas

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So! We got a lot of asks with awesome modern witchcraft ideas. Thought I would post a few! You can find every suggestion people submitted in this tag, and feel free to keep sending them in! Please drop everyone who submitted and still submits content a follow!

  • “Modern witchy ways: I have a hard time collecting storm water but my alarm clock plays a thunderstorm loop all night long. Set your water, I use filtered water, beside the sound and you have storm water!” - @aliciadevraux
  • “Needing a little extra help grounding so you grab a packet of salt from the fast food joint and slip it in your pocket!” - @trixieone
  • “Drawing on sigils with your foundation before you blend it in ☺️.” -@pocketjosie
  • “Writing spells/intentions into the tags of blog posts.” - Anonymous
  • “Scrying with the screen of a turned-off phone/tablet. :-)” - Anonymous
  • “Naming a Pokemon after someone as a poppet, giving it berry shakes with certain berry combinations to achieve a purpose (Oran berry to heal a little, enigma berry to grow stronger from something bad, etc)”  -Anonymous
  • “Paint sigils on your nails with nail polish, then go over them with a solid coat so they’re invisible (or make ‘em look like a geometric design).” -   @lenyberry
  • “Lightly booping plant leaves affectionately to give them some positivity vibes!” - @hoodiecladknight
  • “Sea salt infused bodywash is an easy way to cleanse yourself every time you take a shower! “ - @Magick-dragon
  • “Song lyrics as spells!” - Anonymous
  • “Writing sigils on the labels of your clothes.” - Anonymous
  • “Enchanting makeup for magical intent.” -Anonymous

Meet Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Metabolism-Boosting Shake Recipe

Berry Berry Good Smoothie
Courtesy of BodyLab By Jennifer Lopez

3 cups strawberries
1 cup blueberries
1 cup raspberries
1 cup Greek yogurt
1 scoop BodyLab Tasty Shake (vanilla protein powder)
1 tsp. cinnamon
2 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
½ cup ice cubes

Blend together and enjoy. (Recipe makes 4 servings.)

Soft as Wildflowers

Bellarke Week // Day Six: fluff

Canonverse - Post 3x16, after the nuclear crap has been handled.

People in positions of leadership don’t often find time to themselves.

At least, that was what Bellamy found once the council was up and running once more, and he was voted as one of the representatives.

There was always something else to discuss, and once a meeting was over, there was an emergency to be dealt with, or duties to attend to, or it was the time designated for meals, which always happened in a public place, where someone would, without doubt, bring a “concerning matter” to his table.

It left very little time for thought and no option of personal space, or opportunities to have a private conversation.

So, when Clarke dropped down beside him at lunch, and said they had been given permission to gather food, alone, he was surprised, but entirely, worthy-of-a-smile, relieved.

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SHAKE is out this week, and the fine folks at the Mason Shaker have given us the go-ahead to share a lovely summer cocktail recipe with you all - read, drink, and be merry!

The FRENCHIE: A good muddle and a quick shake infuse French Rosé with the essential flavors of summer in this Francophile’s version of a sangria.

The Particulars: (Makes two drinks)

  • 10 shots of French Rosé wine
  • 2 shots of Cointreau
  • 1 cube cane sugar
  • 6 fresh raspberries (plus 4 for garnish)
  • 6 fresh blueberries (plus 4 for garnish)
  • 4 fresh strawberries (plus 2 for garnish)
  1. Add the cane sugar cube, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries to the shaker.
  2. Muddle the ingredients in the bottom of the shaker until thoroughly crushed and the sugar has mostly dissolved.
  3. Add the Rosé, Cointreau, and ice to above the level of the liquid and shake briefly for 3 seconds.
  4. Strain the mixture into tumblers (not tumblrs!) containing large cubes of ice and garnish with remaining berries.