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Food Preservation: Making Raspberry Fruit Leather

I miss the flavors of summer berries already. Around August this year, me and the Hubs picked a couple pounds of local raspberries. I turned them into fruit leather (berries + raw honey + flax seed >>> blitz into a paste) with aid of the dehydrator, no special preservatives added. It’s been at least 4 months since I made the leathers; their soft sweetness and tangy berries are still holding up fantastically. They make such a happy reminder of the greener seasons.


Concept art of the Weird Woods creatures by the Disney Legend himself, Rolly Crump. These were the sketches Rolly designed for Knott’s Bear-y Tales and then they were built in 1975. Art Courtesy Rolly Crump

POC Witch Harvest Season Aesthetic 🍞🌾✨

Lammas is the Anglo-Saxon word for the season. It means “loaf-mass". Lughnasadh or Lughnasa is the Gaelic name for the season, named after the sun god, Lugh. 

Being neither of  Anglo-Saxon or Gaelic origin, I simply call this August 1 holiday Harvest Season when we celebrate the first fruits or harvest of the season. It’s a great time for hearth and kitchen magick and of course, eating! As we prepare wheat and corn for breads and jar berries and fruits for preserves, we take this time to reflect on regrets and goodbyes and on the flip side, of harvests and preserves since the start of the year. 

j*n f*vreau can‘t read, a fairytale

Lovett: You have six meetings today, 213 emails to respond to—

Favs: Oh no, this is true, this is true! Tell me, how can you help, how can you help?

Lovett: —72 books you told yourself you’d read one day—alright, that doesn’t feel like Jon—

Favs: No.

(Blinkist ad, LOLI, 9/30)

Once upon a time there was a simple woodsman named Jon who offered shelter to a small ill-tempered bear in a snowstorm. The bear lumbered over to the fire and settled down as if he owned the place. The next morning, he was still there, snoring by the embers and snorting resentfully when Jon gently tried to wake him up. Finally the bear shambled outside the hut to write a message in the snow explaining that while temporarily ursine, he was actually a prince suffering under an unfortunate enchantment.

“Wow,” said Jon, staring with total incomprehension at the pretty patterns in the snow, “you are one smart bear.”

I’M NOT A BEAR, wrote the bear. MY NAME IS LOVETT.

“What a good bear!” Jon praised him, because he loved all living things, unless they were scary. “What a good boy, making pictures in the snow!”  

The bear rolled his eyes and padded down to the creek to break a hole in the ice and scoop up some fish for their lunch. He spent the rest of the day napping by the fire.

“You can stay if you want to,” Jon told him. The bear grunted companionably. He’d been planning to move on to the nearest city to research reversal spells, but he’d always had a soft spot for the handsome outdoorsy type.

Months passed and the bear didn’t leave. He was a pleasant roommate unless he was woken up or rebuked for knocking furniture over or prevented from eating all the berry preserves in the pantry. Jon got used to leaning against him while sewing homespun garments or petting his curly, disheveled pelt while articulately explaining his ideas for a better world. The bear was impressed by the woodsman’s natural eloquence and decided to teach him to read.

So as the days grew warmer, the bear arranged sticks and stones to form letters and did his best with sound and movement to convey their meaning. Jon was initially confused by the bear’s odd contortions and vocal repertory of grunts and clicks, and more than a few lessons ended with the bear throwing all the sticks in the air and going off to sulk. It was all worth it, though, the day the bear used a piece of charcoal to write HONEY on a wood plank and Jon realized that his friend wanted him to climb a tree and get stung by bees just so he could have a snack. Jon didn’t even mind the pain––he was too excited about their new mode of communication. “You’re so good at messaging,” he told the bear, who hummed appreciatively back at him with a mouth full of honey.

Now that Jon could read a little––albeit slowly and with mistakes––the bear could try to explain who he truly was. He could ask Jon for his help reversing the spell and then return to his castle to take up his princely responsibilities again. But these golden summer days with Jon were so sweet. Lying on the sunny bank of the creek, Jon resting his head on the bear’s side, the bear couldn’t bring himself to ruin their idyll.

Then Jon made the long trek into town for supplies and came back the next day looking worried. As he unpacked—he’d brought a pencil and paper as presents for the bear—he explained that their new ruler was an evil man who’d been doing untold harm to the kingdom. Guilt coursed through the bear. This must be the very usurper who had enchanted him, and he’d spent the summer dallying while his people suffered!

Quickly, he took the pencil in his jaws to write out the truth. AND NOW THAT FALL IS COMING I MUST LEAVE, he finished sadly.  

Jon read slowly, doing the best he could. When he got to the end of the bear’s story, he threw his arms around him. “I didn’t realize you fell out of a magic castle and now our king is turning you into leaves,” he said. “I’m so sorry, bear.”

The bear was so frustrated by Jon’s poor reading skills that he started to cry.

“My poor bear,” said Jon.

The bear sniffled and wrote I’M LOVETT, underlining it three times.

“You love me?” Jon asked. “Oh bear, I love you too!”

At the words “I love you,” the spell was undone. The bear was transformed from one small angry creature to another.

Jon’s jaw dropped. Standing in front of him and fuming was the most captivating young man he had ever seen.

“I said, call me Lovett,” the man snapped. “Learn to read, can’t you?”

“In a minute,” said Jon, and took Lovett into his arms.

I draw a tactful curtain over the scene of passion that followed. When Jon and Lovett finally got out of bed, they made contact with a resistance movement, assisted in overthrowing the usurper, and persuaded others to implement policy creating a more just society. As all this took a great deal of time and energy, Jon never did get around to improving his reading skills. Nevertheless, they lived happily ever after.

Rolly Crump posing with his Bear-y Family of Knott’s Bear-y Tales! This was taken just a short while before the ride was opened at Knott’s Berry Farm back in July 1975. The characters Crump is posing with from the ride are: (Top to bottom) Razz, Elder, Flapper, Boysen, and Girlsen Bear-y. Photo Courtesy Knott’s Preserved and Rolly Crump

2013 Tank Garage Winery “All or Nothing” Red

It’s Super Bowl LI, people! All or nothing! Macerated black cherries, blueberries, boysenberries, cassis, Bonne Maman  mixed berry preserves, vanilla extract, and a hint of coconut crème on the nose. Fresher on the palate with loads of blackberries, boysenberries, blueberries, and a dusting of cinnamon. Well-balanced so you don’t feel the alcohol. Just put your paws up ‘cause you were born this way, baby!

4/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petit Sirah, Carignan

14.7% abv

Napa, California, USA

calpurniuspiso  asked:

I'm absolutely hooked up with Aria/Tevos, so of course, I ask something with them. Nothing particular in fact. I don't know if you will write something like that in the future, but I would love to read something about Aria, Tevos and Tevos' family (a meal?). Maybe when Tevos introduces Aria to her family.

The Family’s Fate

[Aria/Tevos, Dianth]

Rating: SFW
Word Count: 3,959 words

Summary: Tevos decides that it’s time her family met her daughter… and Aria as well. Naturally, the event is a calculated one. After the War, the N’Vani-N’Yiria bloodline has been plagued by signs of imminent decline if its heirs continue to renounce tradition, and Omega is poised on the brink of another golden age and only needs a few more nudges in the right direction to realize that goal. What might have seemed like an outrageous alliance several years ago has suddenly become too tempting to immediately dismiss. How strange it is, they think, that someone as small as Dianth could be at the crux of all this maneuvering. 

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Wanda Fox as drawn by Rolly Crump! Wanda is a tea leaf reader that can see into the future. She happens to be a collector of silly spirits that reside in tea cups that appears from inside her tent. In the Fair, she lifts a hat that reveals different items appearing from a table - a magic trick of sorts. Sketch Courtesy Rolly Crump and Source By Knott’s Preserved

2013 LangeTwins Estate Grown Zinfandel

This is some lovely value Zin to keep you warm. Dark fruit, mixed berry preserves, fruit leather, and cinnamon on the nose. Macerated dark berries, mixed berry preserves, and a whiff of bacony fat on the palate. Pretty good acidity and gentle tannins. Prunes on the finish with a lovely tartness. A very nice Zin for the price. 

4/5 bones



15.5% abv

Lodi, California, USA

Concept Art of Zaz Owl as drawn by Rolly Crump! Zaz the little Owl is a character that can see the future past the stars. When riders see her Gypsy Camp, she is levitating a table complete with levitating music instruments! She is seen again in the Country Fair levitating and then waving goodbye to riders as they leave the ride. Sketch Courtesy Rolly Crump and Source By Knott’s Preserved.

2013 Ben Glaetzer Wallace Shiraz-Grenache

FREEEEDOM!!! This wine is named after the maiden name of the winemaker’s wife but it’s a pretty big, bold, bada$$ wine for $20 so I’m going to associate it with Braveheart as well, given the Scottish thistles on the label. Rich, sweet blackberries, black cherries, dried cherries, dark chocolate, green olives, cinnamon, and leather on the nose. Both savory and fruity on the palate - plums, blackberries, and cherries with olives, pastrami rind, clove, sweetspice. Almost like the fruit that’s left and slightly dried on the top of a jar of mixed berry preserves. The alcohol feels like sweetness on the palate. Pretty fierce stuff!

5/5 bones


Shiraz, Grenache

15% abv

Barossa Valley, AUSTRALIA

Cult Cab

This is a fun non-vintage Napa Cab from my friends at Cult Wines! Juicy, jammy, and slightly syrupy blackberries, cassis, and raspberries. Molasses and dark brown sugar on the nose as well. Very fruit forward and ripe on the palate - mixed berry preserves with molasses and brown baking spices. Acidity is higher than expected to keep the wine in check. Finish trails off initially then comes back with some alcohol warmth. 

3/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Sirah

14.2% abv

Napa, California, USA

2012 Domaine Grande Bellane Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas

Loving this organic baby Côtes du Rhône - especially at this price! Blackberry preserves, macerated red fruit, and a touch of twig on the nose. Bursting with plums and berry preserves, cinnamon, pepper, and bramble on the palate with zingy acidity. 

4/5 bones


Syrah, Grenache

13.5% abv

Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas, FRANCE

2012 Pecchenino Siri d'Jermu Dolcetto di Dogliani Superiore DOCG

A little DOGE-liani Superiore, amirite? Fresh black and red berries, sweet preserves, and a hint of licorice on the nose. Very ripe, small blackberries and cherries o the palate with a hint of fruit roll-up. Fun, simple, and nice. 

4/5 bones



14% abv

Dolcetto di Dogliani (Piedmont), ITALY