berry peach

Baobab raspberry smoothie bowl with fresh and frozen berries, peaches, grapes and my favorite @GrazeUSA flapjack snack that’s both vegan and made with super foods. @GrazeUSA offers a ton of snack packs options. Oh, their Beet Chips mixed with jalapeño chickpeas are my absolute favorite. You should def give ‘em a try. Head over to @GrazeUSA to find out how you can get a FREE box of Graze!


Vote for the new theme character for Feb 13th - Mar 13th. You can vote for only one of these characters! If you vote for two, your vote will be ignored!

  • Cure Bloom
  • Cure March
  • Cure Magical
  • Cure Berry
  • Cure Happy
  • Cure Peach

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Healthy vegan grocery list for beginners🌱

•Whole wheat pasta
•Brown rice
•Brown rice spaghetti
•Quick oats
•Chickpeas flour

Veggies, Fruit and Legumes

Treats and toppings
•Pure maple syrup
•Vanilla powder (I use it for pancakes)
•Chia seeds
•Goji berries
•Extra dark chocolate chips
•Unsweetened chocolate powder

Other things
•Plant milk
•Seitan (never tried it)
•Nutritional yeast flakes (SO GOOD)
•Tomato sauce
•Safran powder

Hope it helps you!☺️