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“We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts.”

The Rodriguez Triplets ( Los Trillizos ) Appreciation Post

some facts: 

1) 10/10 will cut you if you get too close

2) will do anything for the other in the end.

3) ran from home together for good reasons. they have only each other now.

4) oldest to youngest: alma, amir, antonia

5) fight on the regular. it can get messy. and you’re sure as hell not getting involved.  

Bonus Kara and Alma bc I’m an hcore fan of these two: 

hello everyone! :o

i’ve been in california for almost a week and i just downloaded sims 4 on my laptop so if anyone has any maxis match cc blogs they like or mm cc they can’t live without (like berry skins!), send it my way!

also, what mods should i get? like, i haven’t played 4 since it came out haha


Let me tell you somethin’: it’s black people everywhere, you remember that, okay? Ain’t no place in the world ain’t what got no black people, we was the first ones on this planet. I’m from Cuba. Lotta black folks in Cuba but you wouldn’t know it from being here. Was a wild lil’ shorty just like you, used to run around with no shoes on when the moon was out. This one time… I ran by this old, old lady, was just a runnin’ and a hollerin’ and cuttin’ a fool, boy. And this old lady, she stop me and she say to me, ‘Look at you. I was a lil’ bad ass too, you know.’ She say, ‘Look at you’ and I say ‘Look at you!’ Then she smiled and she say, ‘running around catching up all this light. In moonlight’ she say, ‘black boys look blue. You blue,’ she say. ‘That’s what I’m gone call you: Blue.’

MOONLIGHT (2016) dir. Barry Jenkins

ideas for a new animal crossing game!!
  • windy days where the trees blow and bells chime and villagers comment about being swept away 
  • sunflowers! water lillies! 
  • more ways to group things like the fruit baskets such as bouquets of flowers
  • keep all your tools on a tool belt that takes up one slot
  • being able to choose where villagers live or bring back something like the signposts 
  • more conversations+replies! Just more things for villagers to say in general i’m tired of the same thing every day 
  • letter system that recognizes key phrases/words and has villagers reply to it (like if you say “how are you” they would respond, if you write something mean they would get upset and not just thank you lol) 
  • duck villagers like the rain as well as frogs (i think ducks like rain?? not entirely sure tho)
  • meet villagers at the café, museum, beach, etc for a date sort of thing, like instead of meeting at your house meet at the café. 
  • bring back constellations, or at least be able to tell Celeste she’s adorable again I miss flirting with her.   
  • become friends with npc like u do with sable/ once you become good enough friends they get their pictures (ik u can get some special character pics but I want blathers and the able sisters and pete etc etc) at a certain level they can pop into your house uninvited  
  • be able to send kk slider fanmail/ send mail to other npcs
  • a way to plant grass. Please. 
  • fruit bushes, berries and things like that 
  • MORE FLESHED OUT VILLAGER PERSONALITIES. I want villagers to be mean to me again and yell at me!! villagers that are cold at first and then build up a friendship with them! I want this more than anything else on the list tbh  
  • christmas lights on houses and buildings!!
  • a main street similar to the one in HHD with more shops! 
  • basically everything from HHD: furniture outside, furniture closer together you can squeeze through, middle slots for items on tables, villagers holding items like ice cream, ceiling decorations and curtains and windows oh my, possibly furniture outside but with a limit 
  • resize things as a form of customization 
  • ability to turn furniture in more directions 
  • a big hide and seek competition like the fishing tourney where you have to find every villager or something? 
  • give isabelle time off! Maybe a new character that takes her place when she’s on break, like phyllis in the post office
  • when isabelle has time off (sundays? Lunch time?) u can see her roaming around town
  • more colors/options for pwp, like the police station has two options. different color scheme choices for the campsite, café, any pwp could have multiple color choices basically
  • brewster stores gyroids again I loved seeing him geek out over them
  • something (like thanksgiving) where you can gather certain food, fish, other things, bring to a piece of kitchen furniture and make them into a food to bring to your villagers or sell (ex: gather a bunch of apples and make a pie) maybe a grocery store to go along with this? And you could buy exotic fruit from that store as well?
  • more stories like able sisters+tom nook, maybe blathers and brewsters gay lovestory or something
  • buy different styles of fish tanks and bug boxes, a big tank for a lot of fish, ability to throw fish food in 
  • a new way to make paths instead of patterns with options for cobblestone, brick, asphalt, and sidewalk materials
  • in your encyclopedia an icon that shows if you’ve donated it to the museum 
  • ability to rotate pwps/houses
  • more animations, for example Jock villagers can jog around town
  • library pwp with a new uptight librarian character that likes you because you’re so quiet
  • pwp on beaches+ ones made specifically for it like beach umbrellas
  • villagers contribute to museum and donate more to Pwp
  • areas away from the village you could travel to and explore, similar to the island, like woods, a winter world, maybe even some sort of planet you could unlock! Each have a few villagers or npcs living there, like the islanders in older games  

Feel free to reblog and add any more of your own ideas or tag your favs :)

The Signs Described as Colors

Aries: fiery, bright red and yellow

Taurus: grassy green and pale yellow sunshine

Gemini: lemon, jungle green and light blue

Cancer: beautiful, clear ocean blue and that creamy/white colour the clouds have when the sun is hitting them

Leo: The colour of golden honey and the beige colour of a lions fur

Virgo: coffee brown, ivory and sorta any colour that reminds of cute antique-ish books.

Libra: pinks like fuchsia and watermelon, also violet and berry

Scorpio: deep blue like the depths of the sea, onyx and deep rose red

Sagittarius: lavender/lilac and peachy colours but also bright colours like magenta, red and orange

Capricorn: pretty sage green, daffodil yellow and hazelnut

Aquarius: teal blues and bright electric blue but also soft greys and creamy white

Pisces: the colours of the sky in the evening. hazy blues, purples and pinks, all swirling and blending

Some things you can add to your tea, as a witch

🍓 Berries - There’s nothing like a hot cup of camomile tea with a few fresh blueberries. Blueberries = Protection // Raspberries = Protection & Love // Strawberries = Love & Luck // Blackberries = Protection, Healing & Money

🍯 Honey - Adds that extra bit of sweetness and honey is great for love and binding. Green tea with a little honey would be the perfect start for a self-love spell or ritual.

🥛 Milk - I like to use almond milk. Almonds are great for fertility, money and luck spells. It also taste really good! I find taste best in black tea.

🍋 Lemon - Tastes great in green tea. Lemon is great for purifying and cleansing in spells and rituals. Would be an awesome tea to enjoy next time you do a cleansing meditation for your chakras.

🎄 Cinnamon - This one makes me think of winter and Yule but it taste so good. Especially when you pair it with a little bit of honey. Cinnamon is most commonly used in witchcraft related to healing, love, money and happiness.

🌿 Peppermint - It’s an acquired taste, for sure, but it’s very yummy in most teas and can help relieve nausea, gas and stomach cramps. 

🥄 Ginger - Another that’s an acquired taste. It’ll definitely add a zing to your tea but it can help with flu symptoms and nausea. Used in witchcraft to help “speed things up” or “add passion” to spells.