berry kiss

Loção hidratante corporal Berry Kiss - Victoria's Secret

Esse é um dos meus melhores hidratantes e está com a data de validade perto de expirar, então estou usando-o todo dia, me lambuzando com ele após o banho, tipo a Xuxa no comercial de Monange, hahaha. E isso faz com que minha pele fique bem macia e viçosa. xD

O aroma é muito bom, me lembra bala de uva. Doce, porém, suave e nada enjoativo. É bem molenguinho, mas seca rápido.

A linha é composta por 9 produtos: creme hidratante para o corpo (esse que eu uso), manteiga ultra hidrantante para o corpo, eau de toilette, spray refrescante para o corpo, creme de hidratação profunda para corpo e mãos, sabonete-creme para banheira e corpo, xampu, condicionador e sabonete líquido para o corpo. Ufa!

No Brasil, eu sei que é meio caro. Já vi a linha Berry Kiss completa e outras da Victoria´s Secret em algumas lojas no centro da cidade, então, apesar de não ser baratinha, não é muito difícil de achar.

Big Decisions: I Am Not Going To Be A Grinch


This is the third year in a row, I have been in some sort of weird funk and upset over various things and wanting the holidays to be over as quickly as possible so I can move on to a new chapter and celebrate a new year, a new beginning for myself.

I am only 23. I should not be feeling pissed off by the season to be merry. 

I remember as a kid as soon as August was over, I was filled with excitement. September=my brother’s birthday, October=my birthday and Halloween, November=Thanksgiving, Decemeber=Christmas and New Year’s Eve. My mom always decorated and made a huge deal out of all holidays. Perhaps this is part of the equation; I desperately miss home. I know us young adults have the tendency to whine about our lives and most of it is petty, but there is something to be said about the tragic growing pains of fully transitioning from child to adult. 

Adult things: 

  • 40-70 hour work weeks. Somehow work loads are 100x more stressful during the holidays.
  • Dating never gets easier. Actually it seemingly gets more difficult with each passing year. Single people get uber lonely and losers, in hopes of getting attention but never wanting to commit, like to text you because they can’t deal with their drunk families or drown their sorrows in gravy any longer. 
  • You either have a totally weird roommate who is way into smelling your dirty laundry or live by yourself constantly worrying you are making the wrong choices in life. Either way, you have to hang tinsel and watch musicals by yourself. 
  • Cellulite
  • Bills 
  • Death

Child things: 

  • School programs, even if you fear embarrassment you end up feeling sentimental seeing all your peers dressed up as idiot reindeer and if you are lucky Hugh Grant is the grand finale. 
  • Eating as many sugar cookies as possible without guilt.
  • Having endless amounts of joy over the simple act of snow falling from the sky. 
  • Snuggling into bed with your siblings and talking about what you want to be when you grow up and which presents you hope to get. 
  • Wearing cartoon character pajamas without shame. 
  • Believing in magic and love and family and happy endings. 

I may have been a wee bit dramatic. All I know is life sucks sometimes, but it is much worse if we let ourselves feel sorry for ourselves. Have a good cry. Have a pity party day. Then try this newfangled act of being thankful for what you do have and let some of the pessimism that has slowly crept into you over the years go. Who knows? Maybe your heart will grow three sizes. 

Truly yours,