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Gen 1: White (Founder)

  • Max Painting Skill  ✔
  • Make money selling paintings ✔
  • Sell 5 masterpieces ✔
  • Mate’s Career: Detective ✔
  • Have a total of five children with two different Sims (Pink Sim & Purple Sim) ✔
  • Paint portrait of your heir to hang proudly in the family home. This will be done during Gen 2.

WOW! I can’t believe Sugar’s generation is over. It’s been over 5 months since it started! I’ve had so much fun playing with these guys. Sugar, Lupin and Pepper will always be special to me. ♥

Thank you guys for all your support and kind messages to me! They always make me smile. :) I’m really glad you’re enjoying the Gumdrops so far and I’m really excited for Figgy’s story.

Also a HUGE thank you to @berrysweetboutique‘s for her fun challenge and amazing story which inspired me to start my Simblr. ♥


Ash: So let’s get started then. How have you been feeling?

Venus: See Ash, that’s the problem. I feel completely normal. No morning sickness, no nothing. I… I’m don’t think that it worked. 

Ash: Don’t panic V. We’re running some tests right now, and I’m sure that my dad will come back with some good news. 

Venus: I hope you’re right. I know I was skeptical the first time and things worked out. 

best stuff (worst) first?

So most people have heard about the strange “Best Stuff First” feature that’s been rolled out on tumblr recently. It’s buggy, inconvenient, and is a real problem for content creators who don’t fit tumblr’s pre-determined algorithm.

If you don’t know how to switch that feature off yet, here’s how. I got rid of that rubbish a few days ago, but I’m still finding that my dash is being affected - whether that’s due to a bug or because other people haven’t turned it off yet, I’m not sure.

But there’s something else you can do to ensure you don’t miss content from people you actively follow.

Turn on blog notifications.

See this little icon here? You’ll find it in the oh-so-usable tumblr mobile app, in the upper-right corner of the blog page you are viewing.

Tap that icon, and it’ll give you some options. See the massive red circle? Right there is the option you want.

If you’re not following this so far, I can’t help you. Go stare at a wall.

Oh look, there’s an option for desktops too! Amazing. What an informative post.

So, if you really don’t want to miss out on posts from your favourite content-creators, make sure you have you notifications switched on for them. You’ll be notified every time they post something - and if that is Mary Berry biting into a crumpet, well, that’s something you really don’t want to miss out on.

Finally, make the effort to reblog their posts rather than just liking them. Smaller blogs are really struggling to get their content seen at the moment, so reblogging is especially needed right now. Until @staff hopefully remove it as a default option, let’s all try to support the talented content creators we have on this site.

( Special thanks to @maryberrybitingintothings for providing what I never knew I needed so badly. )


Black actresses in lead roles: 2014


bonus art:


Fandom: Stranger Things 
Pairing: Eleven, Mike Wheeler
Characters: Jim Hopper, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Max Mayfield, Will Byers 
WC: 3418
Summary: “She’s spent all week waiting for triple-decker Eggo breakfasts, slow rock on the radio, and most importantly, her friends.” In which Eleven reflects on her favorite day of the week, and how it’s spent with her favorite people.


[A/N]: This is my first Stranger Things fic! Hopefully you guys like it! 

It’s January, and Eleven still doesn’t understand why, if Hopper is her Papa now, she can’t live just like everyone else.

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The Mortar and Pestle

I can think of no tool in a witches’ arsenal which requires more finesse than the mortar and pestle. So often people will pick one up, looking forward to pounding and grinding, not realizing it takes so much more than brute force. Resins will gum up, herbs will be stirred with little to no effect, roots will refuse to powder, all causing a great deal of frustration to those who so looked forward to using this marvelous set. But here’s the secret to using a mortar and pestle: brute force is rarely ever needed, and will not work well in most cases.

Working with resins, herbs, spices, flowers, and more can be maddening with a mortar and pestle, as each of these requires different ways of grinding and working. You cannot approach each the same, as each is entirely different. Simply pounding away at everything will not produce the fine powders so often hoped for. In some cases, a powder is simply not attainable. But, with a little patience and cunning, the tool will serve you well. But before we get to any of that, it’s important to note that if you’re having excessive trouble with working with a mortar and pestle, and the set came from a specialty occult shop, it might just be best to toss it aside. Most of the time these sets are too smooth, not having what it takes to actually grind the materials down. A mortar and pestle made for culinary use is usually the best way to go. Such sets are generally not expensive, and will last you a lifetime.

With that in mind, left’s get right to it! Below are a few examples of the different grinding methods I use.

Resins- Resins can be notoriously difficult to powder properly, often succumbing to the friction between the mortar and pestle and gumming up. Even pounding the resinous chunks too hard will result in sticky pieces. When it comes to tree resins, you must consider what it is you are grinding. Don’t pound the chunks with all your might, or try to grind them with force. No, resins require a delicate touch. Use the pestle to gently hit the chunks until they crack apart. Then use the pestle smoothly, gently, with patience. Resins will take time to powder, giving you plenty of chance to focus your will as you work. Before you know, the gently circular grinding motion will produce a fine powder for any use. Be aware, though, that you cannot use one technique for all resins. Copal powders easier than Dragon’s Blood, which powders far easier than Myrrh.

Dried Herbs and Flowers- Another example of a place where brute force will not serve you, though dried herbs and flowers are much more forgiving. Rosemary, jasmine, lavender, and vervain are all good examples here. Simply stamping at these will not be enough. Often times it takes a gentle grinding of these ti create a suitable material for a powder. Some dried herbs, like mugwort, simply will not powder, whereas Jasmine flowers will be reduced to a fine powder in mere seconds. As with resins, take your time. Be gentle. When you grind dried herbs, you’re either working with botanicals you have dried yourself, or that come prepackaged. If you’ve dried them yourself, you’ll have a much easier time. Prepackaged herbs, while useful at times, are very difficult to grind down any further than the state in which they are purchased. It’s possible to do though with yet more patience.

Dried Roots, Barks, and Berries- Don’t let anyone tell you these are easy to grind because holy mother, that is a lie. Dried roots, bark, and berries are prbably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to grind in my life, and these botanicals are some of the only ones where brute force is your friend. Each of them requires a great deal of power to break down. However, once you’ve pounded them apart, the force is no longer needed. You’ll still have to give it some welly, but it won’t require near as much effort once you’ve broken the materials down. Mandrake root is a good example of this. When dried, mandrake becomes wood-like. It’s very difficult to break down. However, once you’ve got it worked down, you can powder it as you would anything else. Other roots are not so forgiving which is why, if you pull your iwn roots, I encourage you to slice the root pieces into disks. These are much more managable than even small pieces, as the larger surface area gives you more to work with. Bark should be handled much the same. As far as berries, you have to be sure they’re comoletely dry before attempting to work then down. Some berries are far easier to powder than others. Juniper berries (not being real berries) will give you hell. But, as always, keep your patience. It will serve you well.

Fresh Botanicals- This is where you’ll want to forget about powdering. When it comes to fresh botanicals, it’s often only feasable to draw out the juices via stamping and bruising of leaves and flowers, or making a paste by the addition of warm water. Roots will create a paste of their own, as will mucilagenous plants like aloe-vera and marshmallow. Berries will simply muddle down. If you’re trying to get seeds from fruits or berries, you can use a mortar and pestle to (gently) muddle the materials, then add water. After some time, the seeds will sink to the bottom while the body of the fruit/berry floats. Using fresh botanicals in a mortar and pestle can create a great poultice, as well as helping release the volatile oils and constituents of a plants for an infusion or decoction.

However you choose to use your mortar and pestle, remember that it will take time to really understand the tool, and longer to get the hang of it. However, the nortar and pestle is, I feel, and integral part of witchcraft practice. One can learn so much from working their botanicals down, smelling them, hearing them, feong what it takes to break them down, and more. While the mortar and pestle have a great deal of uses beyond just grinding, it’s a great place to start. Happy grinding!

best team skull grunts:

rah rah cool cats

  • grunts A and B ask you if you remember them, and if you say no they shrug and switch places to see if that helps, even though they look exactly the same
  • the one that tries to steal berries from an old man, gets called out, and tells him not to say that because his “self-esteem is already low”
  • the grunt squatting on a route that says he is in pain because squats are hard
  • grunts stealing the bus sign
  • the one female grunt who really loves carnvine but doesn’t have one on her team yet (someone get her a carnvine)
  • the rapping duo manning the po town pokecenter that are broke and probably spent too much time practicing that rap 
  • the guy passed out (drunk?) in said pokecenter next to a spinda
  • two miscommunicating male grunts: one is trying to send a signal about being invaded, the other, “does he think I’m hot or something?”
  • whichever grunt has that cute room decorated with plushies
  • the grunt sleeping across two beds
  • two fourth-wall-breaking female grunts arguing about their tank tops
  • the one that gets really confused when you sit on guzma’s chair
  • “wanna see me get hit with hyperbeam?” grunt who will do anything for money
  • the grunt that knows he will loose, so he just leaves without fighting you