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gaypop mvs/songs

in honor of 2017 Pride Month, i went and collected/found various kpop songs and music videos that were lgbt inclusive! so all of the songs on this post either have lgbt lyrics and/or music videos! the first half is mostly girl groups/wlw and the second half is mostly boy groups/mlm! happy pride everyone ^^

  • 9Muses - Sleepless Night / Gun / Wild / Dolls / Lip 2 Lip •• AfterSchool - Because of You / Flashback •• Anda - Touch •• Babysoul ft Yoo Jia - She’s a Flirt •• Berry Good - Don’t Believe •• Brown Eyed Girls - Moody Night / Abracadabra •• Dreamcatcher - Luckystrike (cover) / Treasure (cover) •• Epitone Project - Hate, Vocal •• Gangkiz - Honey Honey / Mama •• Gfriend - Navillera •• Glam - Party xxo 
  • IU - Red Queen / Peach •• Jinju - Miro  •• Laboum - Shooting Love / Her (cover) •• Ladies Code - Lorelei •• Lee Hyori - U Go Girl / Going Crazy •• Loona - My Melody / Sunday / I’ll Be There •• Lovelyz - Wow •• Mad Clown - Love is a Dog From Hell •• Mamamoo - Um Oh Ah Yew / Girl Crush •• Nana - Eyeline •• Nuz - We Can Freak in My car •• Orange Caramel - Catallena 
  • Primary - Mannequin •• Purfles - Bad Girl •• Red Velvet - Wish Tree •• Risso - omg •• San E - Story of Someone I Know •• Seeya - Shoes / Crazy Love Song (sequel to Shoes) •• Sistar - I Like That / One More Day •• SNSD - Divine (JPN version) / Baby Baby / Dancing Queen •• Sleeq  - Liquor •• Songjieun - Don’t Look at Me Like That •• Spica - Witch’s Diary / Tonight / You Don’t Love Me •• StellarJet - Guidelight •• Subin - Flower •• Sweet Revenge - Cry to Your Heart’s Content 
  • T-ARA - Lovey Dovey / Sexy Love / Day by Day •• U/Yu Mei - Suddenly •• wa$$up - Shut Up U •• WJSN - Secret •• Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely •• Z.Hera - D Island 
  • 1Sangain ft. Jo Bora - Rain •• Aoora - Lovestagram / Body Talk / Morning, Afternoon, Evening •• Bestie - Excuse Me? •• BTS - Blood Swear & Tears / Good Day / Cypher pt.3 Killer / Wishing on a Star / Run / Prologue / I Know •• Epik High - Amor Fati •• EXO - Playboy
  • Heechul+Min Kyunghoon - Sweet Dream (the scribble at the end is Heechul’s and Kyunghoon’s names) •• History - Psycho •• Homme - Still Eating Well •• IMFACT - Lollipop •• Infinite - The Eye / Nothing’s Over •• Infinite Flow - Rainbow •• i11evn - Pornstar 
  • Jonghyun - 02:34 / Cocktail / Monodrama •• Jo Kwon - Animal •• Jo Sung Mo - Immortal Love •• Kim Hansol - Ice Cream Cake (cover) •• K.Will - Please Don’t - K.Will •• Luizy+Hyunsik - Baby Ride •• Monsta X - All In •• Myname - Baby I’m Sorry
  • Taemin - Pretty Boy / Press Your Number •• Rich - Baby Just Say I Love You •• VAV - I Need a Girl (cover) •• Victon - I’m Fine

Lily: H-hey! Nice party - you’re Isaac aren’t you?

Isaac: Yeah, that’s me and thanks! Lily Berry right? You’re a junior aren’t you???

Lily: Yup, haha. 

Isaac: Woow, you’re being a v bad kid then aren’t yah - hanging out with us oldies ;) drinking, smoking, all the bad things…

Lily: Well, I don’t mind being bad ;)

Isaac: Oh reallyy? Let me get you a drink then…


Sweet Pea: “So you know what I said on crushing on you earlier?”

Gardenia: “Yees…”

Sweet Pea: “Well, I must say you grew up really nice. Maybe we could go on a date or something? See if it will work out between the two of us?”

Gardenia: “Yes! Definitely! … That sounded way to eager, didn’t it?”

Sweet Pea: “Maybe. But it was cute. And I’m glad to see that you’re as eager as I am.”

Chapter Five takes place over October.

In game, each contestant had two interactions with Coffea. This is represented by the group interaction and a single interaction. 

The sims were on freewill until 10pm. Any flirting with other contestants (or Rhody, who was around in game too) was a minus five points. 

Any auto interactions the sims had with Coffea will be represented with extra interactions in the story, and will be explained in the tags. 

The challenges and elimination takes place on the second last day of the month (in the story). There were three different challenges, all given a score based system, and the winner was the sim with the highest points. That sim got a date, which consisted of a chat, a flirt, and a heat of the moment kiss. They then had three hours on auto.

The sim that was eliminated was the one that had gained the least  points of relationship within the chapter. 

Jealous Part Two

Requested: Could you please do a part two of Jealous :-) Love your writing

Requested: Can you do a smut where the reader seems all inocent but when peter approaches she’s really not

Warnings: smut

It had been months since Wendy left Neverland. And since then, Peter had teased you about being jealous. He wouldn’t let it die down. You’ve been planning on getting him back, but there has never been a good time. Until now.

 A couple of days ago, you and Pan had gotten into an argument about something trivial. You can’t even remember what it was about, but you were sure to make it a big deal. The two of you hadn’t spoken since. Now was your chance.

 You thought hard about who to choose. At first you thought Felix, who was sure to help you, but you feared his punishment. So instead, you chose the newest boy on the island, who just so happened to know nothing of you and Peter. 

 Last night, you sat with him during dinner, giggling and batting your eyelashes at him. You asked him to dance during the campfire, and the whole time you could feel Pan’s eyes on you.

 Today, you and the new boy, Tanner, sat finishing up breakfast. You made sure to sit where Pan had a clear view of you.
 “So, Tanner, how are you liking Neverland?” You ask, leaning forward.
 “It’s great, especially since I’ve got such a pretty girl beside me.” You giggle and toss your hair back.
 “Oh, Tanner, will you help me with my job today? Pan’s got me picking berries. It’s simple stuff, but I could use a hand.” He nods and stands, offering you his hand. He helps you up, and doesn’t let go as he leads you to the woods. You turn to look at Peter, and he’s whispering something to Felix. You catch Felix’s eye, and he winks. You told Felix about your plan, and he couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll tell him to go easy on whatever poor boy you choose,” He had said.

 You hand Tanner a basket, and show him which berries to pick. Flirting with him is no fun when Peter isn’t around, so you keep it slight. The two of you sit on a log after filling up your baskets with fresh red berries. He makes you laugh by catching berries in his mouth. After a while of chatting, a rustle behind Tanner makes you look up. You spot Felix in a tree, who throws you another wink. You scoff and roll your eyes. So Pan sent Felix to spy on you. Who’s jealous now? You look back up at Felix, and make a kissy face at him. Tanner furrows his eyebrows and turns around, but since Felix understood, he was no longer in the trees. He turns back to you. 

“So, uh, is Pan into you or something?”
 You nearly drop a berry. “What?”
 “I’ve noticed him looking at you- and well, um, he scares me a little, so-” He smiles a little “I wouldn’t wanna piss him off by flirting with you.”
 For some reason this catches you off guard. Of course he’d notice, Peter probably stares daggers at the poor kid.
 “He’s into me, yeah.” You shrug casually. “But-”
 “Then I think I’d just like to be friends.” He says, cutting you off. You smile and stand, helping him up this time.
 “Good, because I see all of the Lost Boys as brothers.” You throw a berry into the air and he catches it. You clap and lean forward to hug him.

 It seems like a millisecond has passed before he’s jerked back.
 “Get off of her.” You hear someone growl. Pan has him by the back of his shirt, his lip curled in anger.
 “Peter!” You shout, taking his hand off of Tanner. You look into his eyes for the first time in days. “Leave him out of this.” You whisper.
 “Get back to camp.” Pan orders. Tanner turns and quickly leaves.
 “What the hell is this all about?” Pan asks, turning back to you. You furrow your eyebrows, trying to seem innocent.
 “This is revenge for Wendy isn’t it?”
 “Who?” You ask lightly, pouting your lip.
 “Enough of this.” He says, and before you can reply, he smashes his lips onto yours, kissing you fiercely. You pull away with a smirk.
 “You’re so cute when you’re jealous.” You say, repeating what he said about you being jealous of Wendy.
 “Jealous.” He snorts, and kisses you once more. “You’re mine, love. And I’ll make sure you don’t forget it.”
 His lips leave yours and make their way down your jaw, stopping at your neck. He sucks at your soft skin, soothing it with his tongue. You tangled your fingers in his hair as he kisses your neck. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips. “That’s right, love. You’re mine,” he says once more “Everyone will know you’re mine.”

 He clicks his fingers, and the two of you stand in his tree house. He gently lays you on the bed, straddling your hips. In one quick motion, he tugs your shirt off. He unclips your bra and begins to kiss your chest, earning him a soft moan. He smirks, kissing lower, down to your hips. Taking off your pants, he kisses your thigh. You whimper when he stops.
 “Patience, love.” He whispers and takes his shirt and pants off. You yelp as his hand slides down your underwear. You moan loudly as one of his fingers enters you, nearly breathless when he stops.
 “Peter-” He hushes you with a kiss. You moan once more when slips your underwear off, along with his. He slides in painfully slowly. You buck your hips, but he holds you down.
 “Peter please.” You groan. This time he complies, fulfilling your needs.

 Your head rests on Pan’s chest as he plays with your hair. “I should make you jealous more often.” You say with a smirk.

First Kiss | Peter Pan x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)
Description: It gets out around camp that you haven’t ever kissed anyone before. The boys decide to make a game out of it among themselves on who will get your first kiss. Inspired by number 6 on this list
A/N: as soon as I saw this edit on my dash, I knew I had to write about it. I have a few other things in my drafts I’m working on as well. Carpel had been killing me the past few days. 
Warnings: Mention of physical and verbal abuse from peers and family.

Talking to the mermaids had been your undoing. Why you thought it was a good idea to confess one of your darkest secrets out in the open, you didn’t know. The mermaids liked Pan, and by extension his Lost Boys. They even seemed to take to his only Lost Girl as well, and they were the only girls you could talk to. But you should have never admitted this out loud.

You were only fifteen when you got brought to Neverland, an outcast to everyone you ever knew. Both your parents took turns in either verbally or physically abusing you, and your classmates took care of the job when they couldn’t. You had lost your will to fight, and had no idea what to do. Peter Pan was normally not one to accept girls into his Lost coven, but he’d never had a girl as broken as you were. You would have rather lived on the island alone than go back home. That was when he made you a Lost Girl. 

Peter taught you to stand up for yourself, fight back and gave you a home. The boys more or less respected you, though sometimes it was difficult being the only girl they regularly came in contact with.

This was definitely one of those times.

It took a while for you to even realize what had happened. After talking with the mermaids, you went back to the camp. Yes, the boys were acting strange, but that was almost normal for them. Most of them were teenage boys, they were weird. But this was even more, the way they glanced at you every now and then, like they were checking you out more than usual. It was unsettling, but you held your head high and ignored it. 

The next few days continued to be weird; one time Devin decided to go with you to pick berries and flirted with you the whole time. It wasn’t the pushy flirting you’d experienced before back home (mostly guys who just thought you’d be easy because of lack of self esteem), but he was definitely flirting.
Another day, Steve and Chris saved a spot between them for you at dinner. They too gave little comments, not quite as obvious as Devin had been, but you still understood the signs of flirting.

It continued on, just little things that were different from normal. You assumed it was just the boys warming up to you even more, and wanting to make something out of it. Not that you’d really let that happen. If you were going to be with anyone, it’d be Peter, but you’d be ridiculous to think that. You were a messed up Lost Girl with a terrible past and he was this all powerful leader. 

                                        —–Peter’s POV—–

The boys seemed pleased with themselves the past few days. Peter heard how Phillipe had overheard Y/N talking to the mermaids and saying she’d never gotten her first kiss before coming to Neverland. The boys decided to make a game out of it, to see who could get her first kiss. 

Peter hadn’t decided if he wanted to play just yet. He was biding his time and watching how things progressed. So far, the boys had all been failing miserably. If a boy went off alone with her, the others would wait eagerly for him to return and see if he accomplished the game. A few would even try to follow at a safe distance to see if it happened.

The game was actually growing old now. It had been nearly a week, the boys were always distracted and it was the only thing they were interested in. It was impossible to get them to focus on training or anything that wasn’t this current game, and Pan decided it was time to end it. 

                                       —–Reader’s POV—–

The sun had set and you all gathered for dinner and dancing, as you always did. The weirdness of the boys was becoming normal by now, and you did your best to ignore it. At least you had finally figured out what it was about – the boys had finally given you some alone time, and when you came back, you hid behind a tree and heard them arguing over who would be your first kiss. You felt humiliated that they knew, and a little annoyed they made it a game, but you couldn’t expect any less from these boys. You just did your best to ignore it and their advances. Surely they’d get bored sooner or later. 

You finished your dinner and went to take care of your dishes. Once you headed back to take your seat at the camp, you felt a hand on your arm stop you and you glanced up to see Pan was the one who had stopped you. You gave him a quizzical look, not understanding what it was he wanted, prompting him to say whatever he needed to say.  

Instead of speaking, he did something you weren’t expecting: he grabbed you by your shirt, pulled you closer and pressed his lips to yours, kissing you deeply. It was rough and passionate, his tongue demanded entrance and you let it. You didn’t know when the last time was Peter kissed anyone, but he definitely knew what he was doing. You were grateful for the fact he moved his hands to your hips, effectively holding you up or you would have gone weak kneed at the feeling. 

He pulled away when it was time to breathe, and you were both out of breath. You glanced up at him, knowing he had officially won the game the boys had spent over a week playing, and you didn’t even mind.

“Peter Pan never fails,” he purred, kissing you once more before letting you go.

All the boys around you had been watching in shock. You had to force yourself to gain control of your jell-o legs, also feeling the shock they did. 

A couple boys mentioned how just grabbing you and kissing you was cheating.

“You never specified rules. The game was who would be her first kiss,” he shrugged with a triumph smirk on his lips. 

“He’s got a point. Why didn’t we think about that?” one of the boys murmured.

You glared between them, “because I would have slapped you had you tried.”

“You didn’t slap Pan,” Felix pointed out in amusement. He hadn’t taken part in the game, seeing you too much as a little sister for that. But that didn’t mean he didn’t torment you a bit.  

You flushed a little, grateful for the red light of the fire to hide it. “Pan’s kiss wasn’t unwelcome,” you declared with a smirk. 

Some of the boys laughed at that, others made suggestive sounds or nudged Peter, who just continued to look amused.

“Pan never fails,” Felix commented, echoing his earlier statement. 


My recent haul from yesterday. New candle pedestal which looks awesome, Sweetheart collection, all 3 mists, a Rio Rumberry mist, Honey Sweetheart and Daisy Dreamgirl showergels (might go back to get Berry Flirt, deciding) and Aloha Orchid and First Bloom pocketbacs (I also got a I love Bubble Gum one for my niece)