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What I want for kpop in 2017

• For girl groups to be recognized for their hard work, especially smaller or newer groups like berry good, laboum, gugudan, and bulldock
• Sistar to renew their contracts and not disband
• Mamamoo to come to kcon, then have a cool (gay) summer comeback
• Somi debuts or joins a jyp girl group
• T-ara, brown eyed girls, wonder girls, girls day, and girls generation all stay alive and thriving
• f(x) gets another group comeback, a reality show, a non edm OFFICIAL lunber subunit, and maybe a Krystal solo and/or a Amber or Luna solo comeback
• Red Velvet comeback with another velvety concept like one of these nights
• Pledis girls debut and slay
• For solji to get well soon from being in the hospital and for exid to have a great year hopefully a full album and solo activities
• blackpink, twice, and g friend keep doing well and slaying
• more promotion and maybe a reality show or variety show appearances from black pink
• sadly I’m pretty sure miss a and nine muses will disband but I hope the members have success in their solo activities at least…
• oh and for less talked about members get attention and more parts because they deserve it they work just as hard as the popular members 🙃
There are a ton others I hope have a successful year let me know who I missed in the tags I read those

Dessert study.

“Dancing’s easy! I’ll show you!”
“Uhh-uh…Sure! Okay??”

Berry teaches her uncle Bonnie how to dance!

Kpop Girls February Birthdays~ Feb 1 |Jihyo (TWICE) Feb 2 |Victoria (F(X)) |Hana (SECRET) Feb 3 |Jia (MISS A) Feb 5 |Hyunjoo (APRIL) Feb 10|Sooyoung (SNSD) |Seulgi (RED VELVET) |Naeun (APINK) Feb 11|Jisoo (LOVELYZ) |Rose (BLACK PINK) Feb 12|Soyou (SISTAR) |Subin (DALSHABET) Feb 14|Yujeong (LABOUM) Feb 21|Wendy (RED VELVET)|Solar (MAMAMOO) Feb 23|Narae (SPICA) Feb 25|DaYe (BERRY GOOD) Feb 26|CL (2NE1)