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Final Fantasy XV, 2016

Sunny and I just having a “friendly chat” about personal punk philosophy. Eff that guy sometimes.

(Over 500 followers?! Thank you guys so much! A huge shout out to all the people of Derpibooru, my friends, and my girlfriend who runs @awesomeasiwannabe for pushing me to get more stuff out! Here’s to more stories and other fun art!)


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you like my little pony?

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Hello New anon! I assume you’re new because much older followers know I’ve done a lot of MLP genderbend stuff! lol

The characters were great practice and the writing/humor was pretty good so it was fun to record for! When I’m sent a good funny genderbend comic the likelihood I’ll dub it is pretty high!

As a result of all the dubs I have a “Pony-sona” which has really been relegated to one of my channel mascots thanks to wonderful friends like @askwicklesmack (seriously Wickle started drawing this guy first!) @cs-draws @pepoodraws!

I mean c’mon

He’s adorable! So “pony-me” isn’t going anywhere! 

Just sucks that the pony dubs have been attacked by copyright recently…

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I don’t know why I overlooked the blackberry bath bomb for so long, but it’s amazing!!! Between the smell and color I don’t know what I like the best. Will be giving this bad boy a repurchase for sure! ✨🌸💜