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Excessive (Harry Mini Oneshot)

A/N: Sooooo remember that post from dirtsbag about making Harry cum so hard he cries? Welp…

You’re still straddling Harry after just riding him like you stole something, and it’s the third time you’ve fucked tonight since he came home from months away on tour. Things always get steamy right away when he gets home, but he had been particularly insatiable tonight, continuing to suck and swirl his tongue over your nipples afterward and heading right back down between your legs to lick you clean of your juices and his own cum leaking out of you. You had only been asleep for what felt like a few minutes before Harry was at it again, rousing you from your slumber with his hand cupping and squeezing your heat and his hips pushing his hardening cock against your ass.

So you’re shocked to say the least when you crawl off him and settle down next to him, fighting back a yawn only to see Harry propped up on his elbows and fixing you with a peculiar look.


“I’m still hard.” He says, still a bit breathless, giving a pointed look down his body.

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I recently had the opportunity to ask Linda Preston (@55poppy55, @HairReign), Head Make Up Artist on Reign, a few questions.  She was too kind, and happily obliged, even with her busy shooting schedule!  What a gem!  She talks about her favorite products, how she developed the look for Reign, what’s to come for the show, and more! (Click the link for the entire interview.)

You’ve been a make up artist for a number of years, with many impressive credits.  How did you get into the industry and what advice could you give to an aspiring make up artist wanting to get into the TV & Film industry? I first went to Sheridan College to learn about fashion design, then went onto take a makeup course with George Abbott, a working makeup artist, From there I went on as many jobs as I could. I worked for little or no money for a number of years. I worked on Rock Videos, Short Films, Commercials. My advice to connect with a working makeup artist and try to learn as much as you can. Work with many different people, every person has a different approach and technique. Its important to have the right attitude, work hard, and love what you do. Treat each job as it is the most important job and do it to the best of your ability because to the actor/producer it is the most important job.

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EXCLUSIVE: Our interview with Linda Preston, Reign' make-up artist

Via Twitter, we had the chance to talk to Linda Preston, Reign’ make-up artist, to be able to submit questions and curiosity. And she very kindly agreed. Thank you again and we also thank all those who have sent us questions:

1. How did you get this job on Reign team? Did you do some particular selection before to get that? - Steven

I have been working as a union makeup artist for 25 years and I interview for each job.  I work with 2 time Emmy award winning Hair-Jenny Arbour frequently.  We like to go in as a team, as makeup, hair and wardrobe really need to work well together.  Both Jenny and I have worked with the producers and directors previously on other TV series.  When we take on a job we try to put together a really great creative team who will work well together and collaborate.  In the makeup department I have Alessondra Bastianoni as my first assistant, Ashley Rocha as my second assistant and Jane Meade in charge of background actors.  In the hair department is Jenny Arbour- Department Head, Kelly Whetter is first assistant and Molly Adey is the second assistant with Nati Atuan with background.  Ashley Rocha had graduated from Complections Makeup School 3 years ago and I met her as a permit member on a daily call.  She came out to help on “ALPHAS” for a day.  I saw promise in her ability and hired her to assist on “REIGN”.  Ashley is the newest member in our union and the youngest at 22 years old.  She is working with us in the makeup trailer and is learning how a TV series really goes.  The 16 hour work days, nights, exterior locations…everything.

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