Emily Berrington and Ruth Bradley photographed by Mariano Vivanco for Farfetch

‘Playing a synth (robot) is challenging - it’s based on the principles of how they would be built, so they don’t need to use muscle power, they don’t use force, they are very economical and have an ease of movement. And every so often someone will come up to me in the pub and try and switch me off by my chin! - Emily Berrington

Humans Season 2 - UK Release Month Revealed

#Humans Season 2 - UK Release Month Revealed

Humans Season 2 (8 x 60’) TX October on Channel 4 Several months on from the events of series one, Niska (Emily Berrington) is still at large and in possession of the consciousness code. Her ‘synth family’, Mia (Gemma Chan), Leo (Colin Morgan) and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah), unaware of her location, are each trying to find their place in the world while Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Laura (Katherine…

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