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Berrification Dedication

Hi from Susie & Sabrina (aka Gomar6sims)

To all our Berry loving friends ..
We really need more help over at our berrification blog; Berrify All The Worlds. Anything you can do will really help us out - whether that be building a house, creating a family or even a simple reblog. So click the link above and have a little look around our berrification dedication blog.

Lots of berry love
Susie <3 xo & Sabrina ^.^


For the Berrify all the Worlds project:Place on any 40x30 lot. I have no preference. :)

The Neccos are an odd bunch; a Dr. Swiss book waiting to happen. The parental unit, freelance writer Clark Bar and happy homemaker Hibiscus, found the triplets to be such fun that they added a set of twins to the mix shortly after, creating a delightful “controlled” chaos. The parents couldn’t be more exstatic when they discovered that the triplets were child geniuses, picking talents to perfect and hone in on. Now that the triplets are in school and the twins are beginning to toddle, how will this eccentric household manage? Will the twins inherit the geniusness of their older siblings? Will Clark and Hibiscus find the time to rekindle the romance put on the backburner so long ago? 


For the Berrify All the Worlds project: Place on any 30x20 lot. I’m not picky. :)

Known as the “Gilrolle Girls” of Frosting Hills, Vanessa and daughter Merille are quite the dynamic duo. Vanessa, a free spirited animal lover, found herself suddenly in the throes of young motherhood when a Spring Break trip to Sugar Valley took an interesting turn thanks to a certain purple Casanova. Shortly after Merille’s birth, Vanessa bought a run-down farmhouse, slapped some bargain-bin paint on it, and set to work furnishing it with mismatched furniture and paintings. Now that Merille has grown into a beautiful young woman with an aversion to shoes, will her quirks help or hinder her? Wil Vanessa ever find true love? Will their ex-stray pup Lolly ever establish dominance over the evil stray cat lurking around ever corner?
Merille’s hair: