The Lelie Rainbowcy

Hi guys I am presenting Clemencia Lelie as the (co-) founder of my new rainbowcy. I decided to put The Twilights on hiatus. Idk if i will ever play them again because their save lags too much. I still have the spouses from the future generations of Twilights. So I will use them in this Rainbowcy or in the Aspen save ;).

About Clem:

Traits: Good Sense Of Humor II Clumsy II Virtuoso II Artistic II Childish

Lifetime wish: Master Of The Arts

About This Rainbowcy:

  • It’s also going to be a Lepacy, I actually really enjoy playing it like that. It still feels like that I haven’t explored whole The Sims 3 so this brings lots of oppurnities and lots of adventures. And also the skills and careers :) there is lots to choose from so i want to explore it even more :D.
  • The Lelie’s are going to be also storytelling. It will be more like a mixture of gp screenshots and story kind of thingie. I am still deciding :D, if there are going to be any faults in the sentences ( like in the story ). I would really appreciate if you let me know ;). Rude anons are not welcome and i will delete all insulting messages.
  • There are 11 EP’s so I am going to play them in order of release. That means 11 gens. ;)
  • If you are interested in taking part of this rainbowcy and make for me a spouse for the future generation I would really appreciate that. Just send me a message and in which color you are interested in ;). We have to be mutuals
  • To make the Lelie’s more interessting I decided to not use any money cheats :D. 
  • Clem is going to live in a starter house, I built with the money she got at the beginning. And through the time i am going to furnish it more.
  • The Lelie’s are going to stay in Sunset Valley till Gen. 3 then they are going to move to Twinbrook.

Taz: …three sheets to the wind, and so am I, so what does she decide to do? Bake.

Temperance: She was a baker?

Taz: Oh, yeah. Amazing chef, too, but baking was her thing. And let me tell you, those were the best damn cookies I’d ever had. I mean, everything she made was always good, but after a few glasses of wine? Magical.

Temperance: That good, huh?

Taz: Oh, yeah. Adia’s drunk baking binges were the best.

Temperance: Hmm, maybe I should try some drunk baking sometime… more coffee?

Taz: Nah, I’m good, thanks.