Heiman collage!

In most historical cases, South Park has paired together old characters with new ones, so to me, one of the special things is these two do have something of a history. That’s not to say their love was written in the stars from day one, but that it’s very interesting that they’ve been interacting for a decade before actually becoming a couple. Attached little notes to each episode/image chosen.

New York Evenings
  • Finn:
  • Standing in the bathroom, looking at the image that reflected back from the mirror, Finn couldn’t help but sigh out. Dressed in his marines uniform, he couldn’t help but dread knowing that he would only be on leave for forty eight hours. Usually his leave was spent, visiting his mom and step dad all the way up in Canada but since the leave was short, he didn’t want to spend all his time flying.
  • When the opportunity struck for him to fly to New York to visit a friend and meet his new girlfriend, Finn knew it was the best option. Of course he would have liked to have gone home but this seemed like the next best thing.
  • Finn loved being a Marine but something in him had him yearning for more. He had always been like that ever since he was little. He was born in Lima, down in Ohio but when his dad passed away, his mom who was Canadian moved them back to Canada. Being a citizen of both countries Finn had ample of opportunities. He was a quarterback for his school, a promising student even though he didn’t appear to be. He had the world at his fingertips. The one thing I forgot to mention was his passion for music. He never thought that could take him anywhere though. Although he did form a band with some guys he grew up with and even though no one thought they would become anything, Finn loved the opportunity to get a on a set of drums and bash them away.
  • Being pulled out of his thoughts, he quickly looked to the time. They had to leave ta 7 so he quickly got into the shower and cleaned himself off. Changing into a suit, he walked out only to be greeted by Kitty, a blond girl who was dating his best friend Justin. “ready?” She asked as Finn nodded. “definitely ready.” He smiled. That night they were off to a Broadway show. Something Finn had never done before but welcomed. He figured what harm could it do.