Cherry Blossom: One day she’ll save us all. You’ll see. You’ll see.

Mango: No one messes with my Chiffon famil-ee.

Cherry Blossom: Modern day hero everyone. Living under our roof. I’m charging §5 an autograph. §20 for autograph and picture.

Carmine: I’ll take the package deal.

Cherry Blossom: Right this way sir. Tea go get your camera.

Mango: *blush* You are embarrassing me. You must stop. I simpl-ee told her to stop.

Cherry Blossom: Yes, but it sounded so cool. 

Carmine: She could read the back of a milk carton and it would sound cool.

Mango: *blushes deeper*

Cherry Blossom: This is true.


he couldn’t believe it until he saw her grave. emotions washed over him at lightning speed… anger… love… sadness, and the words escaped his lips, the words that he never could’ve brought himself to say before. “i never stopped loving you.” as tears fell from his eyes in a glistening cascade, he realized he’d never live in a world where is true love could be no longer and he sat down and laid himself to rest. “goodbye.” he whispered and closed his eyes to be at peace forever more.