CDC Deline Mirabel in the WBA Derby Mare show (or whatever it is called XD). She is here handled by her long time rider, Juliette Berrel.

Juliette stayed paralyzed after a show jumping accident, but the bond between the couple stayed strong.

This image is also dedicated to a good friend of mine who is a wonderful para-equestrian. I won’t say any names, but she did wonderful in her RL dressage show yesterday and I am extremely happy for her! You rock hun! <3

To quote The Fault in our Stars, page 19, line 12, word 6,



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Alright! So I’ve been going around the Carmilla tag and have been seeing a lot of hate towards the beloved show I assumed we all love and support. I wanted to address this because a) it’s stressing me out and b) it confuses the hell out of me and I believe we need to get our facts in check.

(Now before I do this please know I am respectful towards everyone’s own opinion and unlike some people I probably won’t agree with it but I will respect it.)

So what I have been seeing a lot of is things like “we don’t need to suffer anymore” and “these characters have suffered enough, they don’t need to go through any of this.” Yes, this is true. BUT!! REMEMBER!! THIS IS A SHOW ABOUT A THREE HUNDRED YEAR OLD VAMPIRE and A COLLEGE STUDENT! THINGS ARE BOUND TO HAPPEN. When you start watching this show it’s is evident that the show is no Parks&Rec or My Little Pony where at the end of the day everyone is made up and happy. You have to had know that this is what you signed up for! You are going to get struggles and you are going to have to go through these characters going through pain and sadness. Again, VAMPIRE AND COLLEGE STUDENT WHOSE ROOMMATE WAS KIDNAPPED AND MOTHER-VAMPIRE WHO WANTS TO KILL PEOPLE! This kind of tone is not set for happiness all the time.

As for the character’s suffering…YES! I KNOW! They have suffered ENOUGH! WE have suffered ENOUGH! But again! VAMPIRE SHOW, FULL OF DRAMA AND CONFLICT! Carmilla wouldn’t be Carmilla if it weren’t for its angsty cliffhangers and heartbreaking moments. We all know Carmilla wasn’t the show where Danny comes in to swoop Laura off her feet and Carmilla romantically swoon her away into the sunset or having dance parties in the Dean’s apartment. Carmilla is about kidnapping, fighting, drama, solving, and with all those together you will get some pretty angsty stuff. It’s not JUST about the relationship between Laura and Carmilla. Although some of us may or may not be here for that, all in all Carmilla is overall, drama and romance. Emphasis on the AND. So if Carmilla was just a romance story about a Vampire and her human (which we all love dearly) it would not be Carmilla AT ALL.

Now about our beloved ship Hollstein. We all know Laura treated Carmilla quite poorly in Season 2 and that so much crap happened who knows how anyone is going with their life at the moment. BUT THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT. Without conflict, the drama wouldn’t ensue and problems will never be solved. That’s the things about stories. If you just wrote ‘Laura met Carmilla and they loved each other so much then they married and…’ NO. If you want that go read fluffy fanfics or any other cheesy romantic movie/novel. Carmilla isn’t supposed to be the perfect love story where they met and that was that. EVEN THE THEME SONG SAYS IT! “Love will have its sacrifices…” The relationship isn’t supposed to be perfect and it’s supposed to have conflict for the story to continue.

Now with that and with our beloved Hollstein being two queer ladies in the year 2016 where the #BuryYourGaysTrope is at its peak, we may have some slight trust issues and fears when watching every minute of the show. As much as I would love to be sure that one of my favorite queer couples doesn’t die, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO, STOP CRYING ABOUT IT. Going with how the theme of Carmilla is violent and dark, we cannot just sit there and roll our favorite OTP in bubble rap and hide them in a safe so nothing happens to them. THE STORY WONT CONTINUE. And we also cannot wish that nothing bad happens to them! THIS IS A SHOW WITH A DARK TONE AND SOMETIMES VIOLENT. Characters will get hurt! Characters will go through PAIN and SUFFERING, because this is a VAMPIRE SHOW. And the main characters that are queer and that have a real chance of being happy together happen to be in the middle of said VAMPIRE SHOW. So we cannot protect these ladies! We cannot wish nothing bad happens to them! If it were a movie like Pitch Perfect or Toy Story then YES, WISH THAT NOTHING BAD HAPPENS TO THEM and EXPECT NOTHING BAD HAPPENS TO THEM. But this is not one of those stories.

Killing them off would be an unreasonable choice and surely be bad for the story. BUT we cannot expect nothing bad to happen to them and that they won’t suffer because, once again, VAMPIRE SHOW!

I cannot express this enough! VAMPIRE SHOW! VAMPIRE SHOW! VAMPIRE SHOW! When there’s vampires there’s blood and when there’s blood there’s conflict, and pain, and fighting. There is always a dark theme that comes with Vampire stories and romance stories. You can’t put down a show and wish that their story is written a certain way that there won’t be any conflict because that is what Carmilla is.

Also, in the words of the lovely Katherine Berrell (our famous Officer Nicole Haught from Wynonna Earp) “It’s the writer’s job to create conflict or else nobody would be watching this show…I think it’s really important for Nicole [her role in Wynonna Earp] - I want Nicole to just be like every other character on the show, who happens to be gay, that’s really important to me. Because if she’s just there to be the gay character we’re not moving forward” when asked if she will receive job security for Season 2.  And I 100% agree!

It sucks that writers are killing off our queer characters BECAUSE they are gay but the point Kat was trying to say is that we need the queer characters to be like every other character that HAPPENS TO BE GAY and that they shouldn’t receive any more job security than any other character, ESPECIALLY considering the theme at hand here.

So all in all I’m sorry if you feel offended and if you feel differently about this but it’s what I see as the truth and I just want this last Season of this show that I truly love and has had a great impact on me go off with a bang and I hope we can focus on positive aspects of the show instead it nitpicking.
(Also a special thanks to the cast and crew of Carmilla for working hard on this show that many people love because we know how tiring film days are and we appreciate all that you do!)