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Why is Bronze Yohn so committed to the cause of House Stark to the point of being in "near open revolt" over Lysa's failure to support Robb ?

  1. The Starks and the Royces are kin: Beron Stark married Lorra Royce, so all Starks since Beron have Royce blood in them.
  2. Ned and Yohn were contemporaries and knew each other pretty well: Ned was fostered at the Eyrie where the Lord/heir to Runestone would have frequently attended court, Yohn was at the Teourney of Harrenhal, Yohn almost certainly fought with Ned during Robert’s Rebellion, Ned hosted Yohn at Winterfell when Waymar Royce joined the Night’s Watch, etc. 
  3. Yohn rightly views the Lannisters as his personal enemies: Yohn was there when Robert died, he was put on Cersei’s enemies list, and managed to get out of the Capitol ahead of the Goldcloaks. 
  4. Yohn is likely one of those Valesmen who blame the Lannisters for the death of Jon Arryn.
  5. Yohn’s a traditionalist and views Lysa’s failure to fight in defense of her own kinfolk as failing in the honor code of the Vale.

Mood Board - Autumn Court ~ High Lord Beron 

“Someone appeared beside Lucien—a tall, handsome brown-haired man with a face similar to his own. Lucien didn’t look at his father, though he stiffened as the High Lord of the Autumn Court approached Tamlin and extended a clenched hand to him.”

Brave the Night

Thank you @valamerys​ for beta-ing this, you are great and you gave me a lot!! Of helpful advice!

Summary: Lucien has a nightmare. Comfort ensues.

Each step on the marble floor echoed throughout the throne room. Lucien knew that this was a dream. It occurred more nights than not and it was always the same dream.

A nightmare.

A memory.

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Aside from the CRIMINAL lack of JUGHEAD JONES AKA COLE SPROUSE AKA PLEASE GIVE US MORE Riverdale was… Ok? 6/10ish. It’s not bad but there’s enough Problems™ that it’s not quite good in my opinion. 

Everything about Grundy can just get out of the show. All of that trash can just leave.

Kevin is… Ugh. Oh boy, it’s Gay Best Friend. What else does he have???? He’s gay??? Is friend???? Says gay things???? They should have replaced all his scenes with Jughead. It wouldn’t change anything, and we would have MORE JUGHEAD!

Archie is Archie. He’s not too different from the comics. 

Betty and Veronica are probably the best part of the show. I’m not sure if I’m hoppin on the S.S Beronica yet because that kiss seemed like first episode bait but it could work.

Shoutout to little bit of Reggie we had, just being a lil’ shit. Bless him.

The show has good potential. I hope it picks up.


“You, are a very difficult female to get a hold of.” – The King of Hybern

The moment you realize, the trace when never on Rhys. It had always been on Feyre, specifically tracked to Beron’s kernel of power (Or maybe the trace was on both of them). 

Tamlin would have known she had that power because she left burned hand prints on the dining table, before she left the spring court. 

The Attor found Feyre not Rhys. In a forest outside the house. She was attempting to light a candle. Not the previous night, when a bed just appeared in the guest room of her sisters’ manor. Not at the glamour they used to conceal while the manor was temporarily evacuated.  The Attor did not go to the house, he went to the woods.

Fire began crackling in her veins when she thought of Mor’s father. Feyre used Mor’s story as her motivation to go to the Hewn City. They didn’t find Rhys, they found Feyre’s motivation outside the Court of Nightmares.

Lucien knew of Feyre’s general area within the Illyrian mountains because she had lit a decent amount of woods on fire, in a glorious explosion of flame and temper in reaction to the death of Rhys’s Mother and Sister. Lucien had found Feyre and was able to pinpoint her scent because they were already in the general area.

After a nice smutty night spent in the dingy Inn, another day of training with fire, Rhys gets shot out of the sky. They went nowhere near where they came across Lucien.

The trace was never on Rhys. The trace was always on Feyre.

“But I couldn’t … couldn’t stop being around you, and loving you, and wanting you. I still can’t stay away.” – Rhysand

Thank all of you for the 1000 notes!  Here is a drabble: The Game of Risk

Foreshadowing (Easter Eggs):
Feyre’s Prescience
Sleeping Giants
The Story of Prythian
Amren and the King of Hybern
The Bonds that Haunt Us
Creeping Like Frost

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Okay, so after the war, when Prythian has been restored to peace and EVERYONE lives ( I'm trying not to think of any other alternative ) - I'd like to think that Lucien attempts to court Elain and was wondering about your thoughts concerning what they would do first date wise ? Also would you prefer it if lucien became high lord of spring ( as is the most popular theory going around ) or high lord of autumn, assuming Beron dies and Lucien is the next heir ( as a lot of people think also ) Tysm

alright so conveniently i’ve written basically this exact fic (short answer, a ride and picnic, long answer, the context and timing of their first Real Meeting is way more crucial than their choice of first date and also likely to be somewhat out of their control. I HAVE SO MUCH ELUCIEN ACOWAR ANXIETY, YOU GUYS.)

But, ok, let me talk about The Fate of Lucien. I think in canon, based on my conjecture about how SJM tends to operate, he’s going to end up the high lord of the fall court. Which I’m not against at all, but it is not my preferred outcome. My preferred and wildly unlikely outcome is that Beron kicks it, Lucien’s mom declares herself autonomously-ruling high lady of the fall court, and Elain is the autonomously-ruling high lady of spring with Lucien as her consort.

I adore high lord!Lucien, but like, babe deserves to take a break and do nothing but nap and have sex with Elain for a couple hundred years. The series kind of treats high lord/lady-ship as a Fun And Fancy Title (sorry, but does Rhys do any actual governing? Does Tamlin?) but it’s, realistically, a very demanding political position. This is all my HC, but I don’t think Lucien wants to be high lord of anything. It’s fucking hard. He’s basically been running the spring court anyway since Tamlin #lost it and he’s been having a terrible time. “Being crushed under the weight of ur trauma and having no real friends” does not put you into a “yeah i think i could rule a country” mindset.

(Of course, that probably won’t matter, in canon; it’ll be an arc of dealing with a position he didn’t ask for in a court he hasn’t lived in for hundreds of years. Which is interesting, story-wise, but I want my babies to be MAXIMUMLY HAPPY so it’s not what I want.)

But beyond what I want for Lucien, I LOOOOOVE the idea of Tatiana (that’s lucien’s mom’s name, in my mind) being emboldened by Feyre’s appointment as High Lady and raising hell to get the power/respect she fucking deserves after having to put up with Beron for xhundred years. And it also JUST MAKES SENSE; who would know the court/ how to rule it better than her? And she can remarry some hot young fae stud and have some heirs who aren’t evil or Lucien. It’s a good deal, and, in my mind, somewhat redemptive of how fucking nasty this series is in laying on the misogyny-for-drama. @ SJM LET WOMEN BE BADASSES WITHOUT NEEDING MEN TO ENABLE IT.

Also in that vein the thought of Elain just falling head over heels in love with the spring court and coming into her own there because that’s how much she adores it and its people makes me want to cry. My baby would be SO GOOD at politics, and could have such a great arc abt learning to be more badass and assertive without ever losing that sweetness and compassion. And think of Lucien teaching her all about the court and being sort of in awe of how passionate she is about it and how earnestly she tackles these things he’s come to be really bitter about??? And everyone in the spring court being skeptical of her because of her age and how she used to be a human, until they meet here and EVERYONE FALLS IN LOVE INSTANTLY bc it’s Elain, you can’t not. And Elain working really really hard to maintain the tradition and the weirdness and the wildness of the court while modernizing it? And Elain always being barefoot with flowers growing in her hair??? And Elain falling asleep on top of books and paperwork and Lucien has to scoop her up and put her to bed????? #elainforhighlady

Typical Girls Names of The North
  • Alys (Alys Stark was a daughter of Lord Cregan Stark and Lady Alysanne Blackwood, Alys Karstark I married Lord Brandon Stark, Alys Karstark II married to Sigorn, Magnar of Thenn)
  • Alysane- a varient of the popular Alysanne (Alysane Mormont also known as the Young She-Bear is Lady Maege Mormont’s second daughter.)
  • Aregelle (Aregelle Stark was the eldest daughter of Elric Stark and Serena Stark she married Robard Cerwyn)
  • Arra (Arra Norrey was married Lord Cregan Stark) 
  • Arrana (Arrana Stark was the youngest daughter of Edric Stark and Serena Stark she married Osric Umber)
  • Arsa (Arsa Stark was a daughter of Lord Brandon Stark and Lady Alys Karstark)
  • Arya (Arya Flint was married to Rodrik Stark grandmother to Eddard, Arya Stark Lord Eddard and Catelyn Tully’s second daughter)
  • Barbrey (Barbrey Ryswell was married William Dustin and is the current lady of House Dustin)
  • Berena (Berena Hornwood is wife of Leobald Tallhart and the sister of the current Lord Halys Hornwood, Berena Stark was the eldest daughter of Lord Beron Stark and Lady Lorra Royce)
  • Eddara (Eddara Tallhart the daughter of Ser Helman Tallhart)
  • Erena (Erena Glover the daughter of the current Lord Robett and Lady Sybelle Glover)
  • Jyana (Jyana Reed is the wife of Lord Howland Reed and the mother of Meera and Jojen Reed)
  • Lorra (Lorra Royce was married to Lord Beron Stark)
  • Lyanna (Lyanna Mormont the youngest daughter of Lady Maege Mormont, Lyanna Stark I the only daughter of Cregan Stark and Lady Lynara Stark, Lyanna Stark II sister to Lord Eddard)
  • Lyanne (Lyanne Glover was married Lord Willam Stark)
  • Lyarra (Lyarra Stark was the second daughter of Rodrik Stark and Arya Flint and married to her cousin once removed Lord Rickard Stark, and had four children with him; Brandon, Eddard, Lyanna and Benjen Stark.)
  • Lyessa (Lyessa Flint is the current Lady of Widow’s Watch)
  • Lynara (Lynara Stark was the third wife of Lord Cregan Stark)
  • Lyra (Lyra Mormont is the third daughter of Lady Maege Mormont)
  • Lysara (Lysara Karstark was married to Artos Stark)
  • Sansa (Sansa Stark I was the Lady of Winterfell and the second daughter of Rickon Stark and Jeyne Manderly she married her father’s half-brother Lord Jonnel Stark, Sansa Stark II first daughter of Eddard Stark and Catelyn Tully)
  • Sarra (Sarra Stark was the eldest daughter of Lord Cregan Stark and Lady Alysanne Blackwood)
  • Serena (Serena Stark was the eldest daughter of Rickon Stark she married twice once to Jon Umber and then to her uncle Edric Stark)
  • Wylla (Wylla Fenn was from the Neck and was the mother of Lord Brandon Stark’s bastard son Lonnel Snow, Wylla Manderly is the second daughter of Ser Wylis Manderly and Leona Woolfield and granddaughter to Lord Wyman)
  • Wynafryd (Wynafryd Manderly is the eldest daughter of Ser Wylis Manderly and Leona Woolfield and granddaughter to Lord Wyman)

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how is lili a lebophobe

she said beronica could never happen because “They’re soulmates in a friends’ way. Our show is not meant to be fan fiction.” like ! idc about show beronic/a but good to know f/f couples are just for fanfiction <3333 riverdale sticks to serious ships like fucking lice

also ppl who obsess over her our ugly and boring shes,,,so plain and annoying


Rhysand, for one, is just amazing. He has like a dozen new powers no one can control or has heard of. And don’t even get me started on his looks or we’ll be here all day. Helion, High Lord of the Day Court, just sounds hot to me get it get it. I get that Tarquin only became High Lord because his cousin died, but if genetics don’t lie, his cousin was DOUBLE HOT. Beron is married and old, so I understand ignoring his red-head. Kallias, High Lord of Winter Court, has a hot name and i can only guess that all High Lords are some how inexplicably hot. Then the High Lord of the Dawn Court, who again, has to be hot. It comes with the job. All these delicious variety and flavors of High Lords, from dark chocolate to white chocolate, Amarantha takes over Prythian for this basic blonde green eyed Tamlin. 

let this sink in. 

the real problem is how basic Amarantha’s taste in males are. 

(winter is coming): Arya Flint

Arya Flint was a member of House Flint of the mountains. She married Rodrik Stark, fifth son of Lord Beron Stark, with whom she had two daughters, Branda and Lyarra Stark.

We know that Beron won’t be one of Feyre’s allies, along with Tamlin, and that Tarquin will probably not help either side due to the blood rubies, but his actually having a moral compass. However we know very little about the High Lords of Day, Dawn, and Winter, and I think at least one of these will be one of the “allies in unexpected places” that Feyre will have to make.

fun etymology facts!

  • loo probably derives from gare à l’eau, a french phrase people would shout before they tossed the contents of chamber pots out of their window.
  • barbarian comes from the ancient greeks, who thought that foreign languages sounded like someone saying ba ba ba.
  • man was originally a gender-neutral term that meant person. the male counterpart to woman was wereman, which is where the word werewolf comes from.
  • moose doesn’t pluralise like goose or tooth because it comes from the eastern abenaki word mws, whereas the others come from old english.
  • algebra is taken from al-jabr, meaning restoration, part of the title of a book by muḥammad ibn mūsā al-khwārizmī, the 9th century persian polymath who pretty much invented the field. the word algorithm is taken from his last name.
  • bear derives from beron, a proto-germanic word meaning the brown one. many early germanic peoples believed that saying the literal word for bear would summon one, so the euphemism became widely-used and eventually usurped the original word.
  • ye, as in ye olde, should be pronounced the. the y represents the (in english) defunct letter þ, which is pronounced th. when typesetting was invented, typesetters chose y as the closest visual equivalent.
  • blimey and zounds (amongst others) are versions of religious curses, respectively god blind me and god’s wounds. mediaeval theologians believed that swearing by parts of god’s body caused literal harm to the divine, so altered versions became more common.
  • tarmac is an abbreviation of tar macadam, meaning tar-penetrated crushed rock. macadam is named for john loudon mcadam, who pioneered its use as a road surface.
  • torpenhow hill, located in cumbria, has a name that literally means hill hill hill hill.