High Lady/Lords Meeting during ACOWAR

Tamlin’s bullshit

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Rhys hearing Tamlin’s bullshit

Feyre hearing Tamlin’s bullshit

Az defending Feyre from Tamlin

Cassian defending Rhys from Tamlin 

Everyone when Rhys took Tamlin’s ability to speak after he insulted Feyre

Nesta calling Tamlin’s out on his bullshit

Az defending Mor from Eris 

Feyre defending Rhys from Beron

Dream Court Squad as a whole in that meeting

Me while reading it:

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High Lords of Prythian Fancasts

*Please note, you do not have to agree with everyone I’ve chosen, in fact I do believe someone may be able to find better fancasts. If you have any, please feel free to share!*

Toni Mahfud as Rhysand: High Lord of the Night Court

Brian Whittaker as Helion Spell-Cleaver: High Lord of the Day Court

Therell Spires as Tarquin: High Lord of the Summer Court

Lucky Blue Smth as Kallias, High Lord of the Winter Court

Reid Worthington as Beron: High Lord of the Autumn Court

Brock O’Hurn as Tamlin: High Lord of the Spring Court

Avan Jogia as Thesan: High Lord of the Dawn Court


The High Lords of Prythian: Seasonal Courts (Solar Courts)

The High Lord of Summer had gone still, too—and it was pain, real pain, and fear that shone in those stunning blue eyes.

Eris would bring us to Beron, and the High Lord would either kill us for sport, or hold us indefinitely. And after what they had done to Lucien’s lover, what they’d done to Mor…

“Kallias,” Rhys said to the white-haired one, whose skin was so pale it looked frozen. Even his crushing blue eyes seemed like chips hewn from a glacier as he studied Rhys’s wings and seemed to instantly dismiss them.

Tamlin’s still-masked face twisted into something truly lupine as he raised his eyes to the queen and snarled. Fangs lengthened. Amarantha backed away—away from my corpse. She only whispered “Please” before golden light exploded.

Characters First Words ACOTAR Edition

Throne of Glass Edition can be found here 

By order of appearance

Elain Archeon - “Feyre!”

Feyre Archeon - “Where do you think I got it?”

Nesta Archeon - “I need a new pair of boots.”

Tamlin - “MURDERERS!

Lucien - “Well?”

Alis - “You want to wear this?”

The Suriel - “Human,” 

Rhysand - “There you are.”

Amarantha - “What’s this?”

Ianthe - “Oh, we can’t let her sit next to him.”

Mor - “So, that went well.”

Cassian - “Hurry up, you lazy ass”

Azreil - “If you’re going to pick a fight with him, do it after breakfast.”

Amren - “You Illyrians are worse than cats yowling to be let in the back door.”

Tarquin - “Welcome to Adriata,”

Jurian - “Stupid fool,” 

The King of Hypern - “The trap was so easy, I’m honestly a bit disappointed you didn’t see it coming.” 

Eris - “Look who we found,” 

Thesan - “Welcome,” 

Viviane - “You look the same,” 

Kallias - “I tried to suggest she stay at home,” 

Helion - “Does Tamlin know what she is?” 

Beron - "Mate - and High Lady.” 

Drakon - "You could have asked for aid, you know”

Miryam - “High Lady”

High Lords/Ladies and their Underwear - Collab w/ @tacmc

Rhysand: Exclusively wears black Calvin Klein briefs

Feyre: Boss-ass bitch lingerie

Kallias: Sensual, with a touch of smut

Vivian: Ice Queen Extroardinaire

Helion: “Sex Shop Seduction”

Thesan: Commando

Tarquin: Pretty much lives in swim trunks

Beron: Ill-fitting Tighty Whities

Tamlin: Adult diaper


Cassian: Fire Made Flesh

Azriel: Sophisticated, yet Sporty

Lucien: Classically Casual

Rhysand (Trying to Seduce Feyre):

(Spoiler alert: it works every time.)

But Beron. Beron had come. Eris registered our shock at that, too, and said, “Tamlin made him. Dragged my father out by his neck.” A half smile. “It was delightful.”
—  AKA the moment I couldn’t hide it anymore that though as huge as an asshole he might be, I secretely liked Eris (ACOWAR by Sarah J. Maas)
High Lords at the Zoo

Rhys: Annoyed because Feyre keeps dragging him to the bat exhibit. “Feyre, darling, that looks nothing like me.” 

Feyre: Can’t stop laughing because Rhys is so defensive about the bat thing; “Have you ever hung upside down like that?” “Cruel High Lady, no more bargains for you.”

Helion: Glaring at the peacocks because he dressed in the exact same colors; “I have claim to blue, green, and purple today, how dare you?” 

Thesan: Reads all of the signs at the exhibits, inquiring about how the animals are cared for, if they’re being fed properly, do they get enough exercise, are they socializing?

Tarquin: Trying to smuggle penguins out of the zoo in his robes; “This is wrong, I will free you!” (They’re happier at the Summer Court anyway)

Kallias: Wearing every animal-themed hat that Viviane brought me; “That polar bear doesn’t look anything like me Viviane.” “It’s grumpy and cold and white it’s exactly like you.”

Beron: Caught stealing from the gift shop; arrested on the spot. Eris’s plan to feed him to the bears is ruined.

Tamlin: Monkeys are flinging excrement at him


That the same Suriel came to Feyre each time and in the end he went looking for her because she was the only one to ever care about him and so he risked his life knowing what would happen just to help her.