Day 3 in Venice. Day 1 and 2 consisted of eating, strolling, eating, meeting restaurant owners who force you to drink crazy blue liquor with them and keep their place open just for you to finish their bottle, which I didn’t of course, and eating again. Had squid ink for the first time, explored the permanently just painted look of the rainbow houses in Berona, went to where lace originated and watched old ladies tie the smallest knots in the world out of cotton thread a million times over. 

I’m in heaven but I’m getting stir-crazy. Spent all of yesterday looking for signs or secret notes of some underground subculture. Maybe some locals. Something other than tourists. Found the Jewish area with cheaper spaghetti and a sunset that made even the sarcastic un-romantic side of me want to steamily make out with some Italian on a bridge just to bathe in hues of purple and pink in the way your supposed to when you’re in Venice. 

Today I’m getting introduced to some Spanish boys, hopefully they are cool and bring me to Barcelona with them so at least I know the literal next step in this unplanned journey. That or Tuesday, I head to Rome.

For those of you that don’t know. I’m traveling through Europe till mid July without any plan. Looking to photograph/experience/live something uniquely different. If you have an idea of something I should see, message me. If you’d like me to come document something in your town, message me, if you want me to come eat dinner at your grandmas in Florence, message me. 

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