The Fat Felt Fibre Film - Visual Thinking

Our film for the visual thinking of a Berol felt tip pen. We discover that a felt tip pen is actually rubbish at colouring in - even though that is what it is sold to do. Check out our humours take on the felt tip pen.

I have had these old Berol Aqua Sticks since I was a teenager, I assume a relative gave them to me.  I can’t imagine why I never used them! 

They appear to still be fully functional, I have been doing a bit of testing and the colours are beautiful and rich. You can draw directly with them, for a crayon like effect.  They blend with water, or you can use water to paint directly from the stick.

They were made at the Margros factory site in Woking.Therefore I know they must have been made between 1967 (when the Margros company was taken over by Berol) and 1973 (when the Woking site was sold).

It’s getting to the point where I might just ship Carol and Beth. Berol. Cutest ship out. Let’s see that love and respect for female characters who love and respect each other, and who would never fight over a man. They got bigger problems. Like zombies. And how cool they are.

of all the pencils

with complete disregard to quality, I think Berol Turquoise is my most loved pencil to look at, for sentimental reasons. I used them all through college. and I love the redundancy in the name when I see it stamped on the side of the barrel over a turquoise background. any chance the color protects my drawings from evil spirits?

Let me introduce you to…

…my babies!

I have collected quite the hoard of coloured pencils throughout the years. I couldn’t even count how many I have, but I’m sure it’s in the four figure range.

I grew up on the UK brand Crayola, all the way through primary and high school. When I hit university, I was introduced to the beautiful UK pencils made by Berol, Karismacolor. (These are the natural wood pencils in the picture)

Sadly these pencils were discontinued in 2005, and a relatively small collection like mine here could easily fetch $300 or more.

I was introduced to Prismacolors (made by Sanford) in 2004 by a dear friend of mine, and found out they were of the same make as their UK counterparts.

After Karismas disappeared, I continue to use the US brand to this day.
I have a few different brands, including occasionally Verithins and Pilot leads for sketching, but Prismacolor are now a big part of my life.

Thank you for reading! I hope you realise how much traditional art means to me personally :)


Whole slew of metal-base markers to add to the collection, courtesy of DIET - HTK.


Love this. Great stubby shape. SOLID one-piece metal construction. Side labeling screened on. Simple BLACK/WHITE color markings. Sparse details, Just says Berol.LIQUID TIP wordmark, ALL SURFACE MARKER with permanent ink, in a black box, and 1100, product code on side. Classic Berol Liquid Tip grooved black marker cap. Chisel tip. This thing is DOA, but still retains that strong hint of metal-marker aroma that takes me back to grade school.


Another great metal marker from Eberhard Faber. Solid one-piece metal construction. BLACK/WHITE colorblocking on side. Nice DESIGN wordmark. other than that, all other details are quite subtle. Small pt text, with cutouts towards tip leave room to indicate COLOR CODE and COLOR. Pointed nib. DOA. Also still retains that strong hint of metal-marker aroma. Made in USA. A true design classic and drafting table staple.


Marsh is a company with great history. Really happy to have this in the collection. Super heavy-duty metal barrel construction.  Bold MARSH stencil wordmark in RED, with black accent lettering, labeling details, and model NO# details. Bullet tip. Ink runs nice and thick, dark black ink. Good coverage. Top notch marker. 


A heritage brand. Made in USA. Heavyweight metal construction. Sticker marker label has satin finish. Not the most attractive label design. “Decorative Paint Pen” appears all wispy on the side, the Rusto wordmarks appear small and un-prominent. I guess this marker is supposed to appeal to the home improvement sector. Chisel tip. Makes dark black ink lines. Good consistency. I guess I just would like it to look a bit more “old style”


This thing is lean and mean. Solid metal construction. Black text on white backing. This thing contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause Cancer and Birth Defects.  Wish I read that bit before giving it the inhale test. Well, it smells a whole lot of strong. Pretty cool that Pottery Barn makes their own touch-up paint marker. The cancer/birth defect thing…not so cool.