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Hey, out of curiosity, is MCU Steve's origins closer to Ultimate Steve's origins? What's Ultimate Steve like, and is he different than he is in the 616 universe? And, is it true he dated Janet Van Dyne?

Oh boy. I have so many, many thoughts on this topic. Poor @queenmorganlafay, you’re probably going to be sorry you set me off. ;)

Short answer: Joss Whedon was writing Ultimates!Steve, Markus and McFeely are writing 616!Steve. And yes, Ultimates!Steve dated Jan at one point.

Now the long answer: Did you ever watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The slayer mythos went like this, every generation a slayer is born. The Watchers Council usually took that child as a baby, isolated her, and raised her to be 100% committed to her duty and purpose, with no space left over for friends, or family or love. They basically molded the perfect soldier and sacrificial lamb. Buffy escaped that fate, not being activated as a Slayer until she was already a teenager. She was raised by her parents, she formed friendships and emotional ties, and despite coming from a broken home, had a strong support network in her mother and her friends. Ultimates!Steve is how Captain America would be without his emotional ties, someone 100% committed to duty and honor and sacrifice. Someone with whom Steve Rogers got completely buried under Captain America.

For Steve HOW he woke up from the ice made all the difference in how his personality would evolve. I like to explain things this way: Steve Rogers is very much an introvert. He’s socially awkward, he once told Rachel that his idea of leisure-time was reading a book or working out, all solitary activities. Captain America is an extrovert. They are completely different skins that Steve wears. When he woke up in the 20th/’21st century (depending on which run you’re reading) Captain America had reached legend status. Steve woke up to a time when his alternate persona was absolutely revered. Which was immensely disconcerting for him, because what he found is that people had built Captain America up so much, had this ideal in their heads of what Captain America was and should be, that Steve Rogers was completely overshadowed. No one outside of his circle even knew who Steve Rogers was. And Steve struggled for decades trying to live up to the ideal of Captain America, the side effect being one big massive case of existential crises. 

In the 616 universe Steve, like Buffy, has had a very strong support network. All the women he has loved: Sharon, Bernie and Rachel, have all left their imprint. His bond with Sam also left a tremendous imprint. And, very poignantly, his relationship with Tony Stark. In the 616 the Avengers (Tony, Thor, Hank and Jan) found Steve, and right away Tony took Steve under his wing. Gave him a home, helped him adapt, was fully committed in integrating Steve to the future. Ultimates!Steve didn’t have that. He was found by SHIELD, and unfortunately SHIELD was not really invested in getting to know Steve Rogers, they wanted Captain America, thus Steve Rogers got buried. 

For 616!Steve, the people Steve surrounded himself with, the ones who said ‘you know, Captain America is great and all, but I really want to get to know Steve Rogers, can you bring him out, please’ made all the difference. So while Steve’s origins in the MCU matches that of the Ultimates universe, the various MCU writers have completely different takes on Steve’s personality.

I honestly believe that Joss Whedon was writing Ultimates!Steve. I also believe, because they’ve stated as much, that Markus and McFeely resent Joss for it and are very adamantly writing 616!Steve. I actually posted that quote from them once were they cast aspersions to Whedon’s characterization of Steve, just a minute let me find it… ah, here it is, from the 2016 Markus and McFeely SDCC panel…

McFeely: We don’t think of him quite as square as he was in the Avengers.
Interviewer: Darker edges basically?
Markus: He is… he’s a little more… he is a boy scout in the Avengers. And I don’t think our Steve ever was… that… pure. I mean, he’s pure, that’s the whole basis of him, but he’s not naïve.
McFeely: That said, if I had written “there’s only one god, ma'am and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that” I would be really happy.
Markus: See, I would have cut it. 

So that’s probably way more than you wanted, but yeah, as in everything, it depends on which writer is writing him.

HISTORICAL NOTE:  The term “trickle-down economics” was invented by satirist Will Rogers during the Hoover administration. 

A half-century later, Reagan’s budget director used the term seriously

IT WAS A JOKE — “trickle down“ was a derogatory term to describe the obvious supply-side disaster of Hoover, Reagan and the Bushes - it wasn’t supposed to become the Republican religion!   – Phil Davis, Trickle Down Mythology Exposed

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2014 FF Edition: Movies&TV&Music

This past year has been a busy one also on the posters/screenprints front. In addition to several more posters with my dear friends at MONDO, I did posters for the legendary directors Roger Corman and Joe Dante for their show at Hero Complex Gallery, and for SKUZZLES (I did also a cover for their Jeepers Creepers dvd/blu-ray).
On my personal release, I was so happy to have a collaboration print with the legendary Bernie Wrightson, a living inspiration and most of all a dear friend of mine :)

Excited to have my first cover album out this year: TRICK'R'TREAT was tooo much fun to work on: huge thanks to Waxwork (hey Kevin) and T'r’T director Michael Dougherty and composer Douglas Pipe for having me :)
I am already working on my next album/soundtrack cover, this time for MONDO: can’t wait to have it revealed early 2015 :)

Another couple of exciting projects I was fortunate to work on was the special art booklet I illustrated for the special edition of SLEEPY HOLLOW season 1 in dvd/blu-ray (you guys know how much I love that show) and my first collaboration with Kevin Smith and his first horror/comedy movie: TUSK.

Got 3 posters already in the work for 2015, the album cover I mentioned earlier, more dvd extras, specially for a movie I can talk about yet, so here’s to more movie&tv&music magic in the new year!


Me if I was ever in Civil War
  • Tony: You must choose. You go with me and trust the government, or you become a fugitive.
  • Steve: What do you choose?
  • Me: Are you kidding me? The government let Donald Trump run for president. Donald Trump. There's no way I'm trusting them. Come on Steve.
  • Natasha: ...That's true, you know.

It’s Steve’s birthday today! Thus we’ve reached the goalpost! Here is the final birthday post!

Day 7: Steve Rogers and Family (past and present).

Sarah Rogers (mother), Sam Wilson (partner and friend), Bucky Barnes (partner and friend), Sharon Carter (partner and common-law wife), Arnie Roth (childhood friend and protector), Bernie Rosenthal (formally engaged, remained friends, Bucky’s defense attorney), Rachel Leighton - Diamondback (former girlfriend)

We believe in life and the freedom to pursue it to the fullest.” ~ Steve Rogers


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“Betting on Romance” Zootopia drabble

“Betting on romance”

A group of animals hurried inside a dark and damp room. Hiding in secret and praying in hopes that no one would discover their plot. The light was off, prompting a cloven hoof to reach out and pull on the string of a hanging lamp. The dim bulb provided little light to the room, just enough to have a spotlight on the metal table underneath it and revealing the faces of the mysterious group. They did not want to draw attention to themselves as they cohorted to the room every monday. Being caught in the middle of their meeting would ruin everything.

They huddled over to the table, the lamp swung back and forth like a ticking dial. Prompting them to begin. The leader of the group placed a rolled up diagram on the cold table, his yellow fur seem to shimmer against the light.

“Okay!” he giggled, putting a paw over his mouth trying to contain his laughter. To his left, a pair of hazel-colored eyes rolled in annoyance along with a groan. The ill-mannered source of the noise thought he should have been used to his partner’s uncontrollable giddiness. “Let’s start the new week! Everyone knows the rules right?”

“Yes, yes!” the animal grunted, slamming his hoof on the table. “Let’s get on with the betting!”

A laughed rang across the table in front of the annoyed animal. Taunting him. “So you can lose again?”

“Hey-” the voice warned, poking his finger towards the other animal. “I’m gettin’ better and when had you ever won? The only one who had ever won the past month was Benjamin.” he said with a frown, turning towards the fat cheetah who let out a humble smile.

“Just one of my many talents, Chief Bogo.” Clawhauser replied, Bogo nostrils flared, a bit of steam came out of his nose. It was true that Chief Bogo has lost a few times, but he wasn’t going to be swayed by the arrogant tiger, Roger.

“Come on fellas-” a voice began, all eyes turned to Bernie the Hippo who was tapping his wrist watch at them. “Let’s just get started before they come into work…we have less than ten minutes.” He was the watch animal. Literally. His eyes darted down to his wrists every minute during their weekly meetings. It was almost obsessive.

“He’s right.” Clawhauser said and clapped his paws together. “Let’s start!” He unrolled the diagram to reveal a crude picture of a badly drawn fox and bunny. They were inside a red heart that was made out of paint and splashed with glitter. Chief Bogo shook his head at the embarrassing poster. It was a masterpiece that a child would draw.

“Alright, I am going to thrown in 100 zoo bucks and my mint condition Gazelle doll.” He said slamming the money down on the middle of the table and carefully place the plastic doll of the pop singer, Gazelle. Still in it’s box. “And with my supreme skills, I would guess that today Nick will be the one who buys coffee for Judy while she…um…” he tapped his double chin in thought. “Doesn’t get him anything, she will just owe him later.”

“That’s it?” Bogo snorted, digging into his back pocket. He could actually win this one. “I see your 100 and doll, and I’ll throw in another 100 and a paid day off.” He slammed the money down on the table. “And I believe Judy will actually be the one who buys him coffee. We all know that the fox is a penny pincher, he always does that “I forgot my wallet” gag.”

“Really Cheif?” scoffed Roger who followed with a laugh. Bogo glared at the confident tiger and watched him throw in 200 zoo bucks. “Judy bought him coffee last week, there is no way she will pay today.”

Bogo cursed under his breath, he completely forgotten about that fact. “I think they might skip today and instead of buying coffee, she will give him something else to look forward to…” he grinned, raising his eyebrows suggestively to his co-workers. Bogo rolled his eyes again as he heard Clawhauser clapped excitedly like a schoolgirl as the tiger continued. “She will give him a little sugar for the day and we all know she wears lip gloss. If she does kiss Nick today, we will see the evidence.”

“Unless he wipes it off.” Bogo noted.

Roger snorted. “He won’t do that in front of Judy and you know he didn’t notice last time.”

“Whatever.” spat the irritated buffalo, he turned to Bernie. “What are you throwing in?”

“200 too.” He tossed the money on the table, he licked his lips nervously. He was new to the game and hardly had any experience in winning. “I think that Nick will be the one to buy her coffee and a bagel, Judy will buy him coffee and a blueberry danish.”

Suddenly, everyone’s ears went up in surprise by the sound of Bernie’s watch signaling them to disperse.

“Oh! Hurry!” Clawhauser urged as they rushed to the door. “They’re going to be here any second!”

They all went out of the intereggation room, leaving behind their evidence to come back to in exactly twenty minutes. Judy and Nick arrive at 7:00 on the dot and at 7:20, when Clawhauser learns what they did in the morning, he will pass the information to the others. Until then they all made their way towards the front of the ZPD. They all separated, standing in their regular and designed places. Clawhauser stood behind the front desk. Chief Bogo stood at the door of the conference room, while Bernie and Raymond pretended they were having a conversation while all their eyes were at the front doors.

Once the hand hit 7:00, the doors slid open and a bunny raced inside.

“Yes! We made it right on the dot!” Judy Hopps exclaimed happily. Nick followed lazily behind her, his eyes low and tired while he dragged his feet. He watched as Judy jumped up and down, frazzled and ready to take off like a rocket. He rubbed his crusty right eye, glancing at his mildly tasting coffee.

“I think I accidentally gave you my expresso while I drank your decaf.” He muttered before letting out a loud yawn. Coffee was the only thing to keep him alert throughout the day, now he was forced to suffer being in the presence of an overly optimistic and extremely hyper-active bunny. Judy began to jump around him.

“I was wondering why it tasted so good! It was the best coffee you ever bought me!” She sprang into the air and did a backflip. Nick gave her a frown when he collided with her small body.

“Okay, let’s keep that voice down.” He grabbed her shoulders, holding her in place while he let out another yawn. “And yourself down. No offense but you’re giving me a headache.” He said softly, giving his temple a rub. Judy whirled around and smiled widely.

“I’ll get you coffee after the Chief gives us our assignments!”

He cringed from her high-pitched voice, the caffeine was really starting to affect her. He never wanted earplugs so badly.

“Alright…but I don’t think I’m going to make it.” He rubbed his eyes again. He was ready to crawl back into bed. Maybe he could fall asleep in the patrol car once they get their assignments.

“I’ll save us our seats!” Judy said before taking off towards Chief Bogo. Nick slowly made his way to Clawhauser who had his mouth (and neck) full of donuts. His eyes darted to the side, watching as Chief Bogo stumbled back as he saw Judy attack the doorknob and kicked it open. Nick ignored the mushy mess in Clawhauser’s mouth as he leaned against the counter.

“Hey Spots, I need you to send my paycheck to Judy’s apartment.” Clawhauser almost choked on his donuts. He coughed, spitting crumbs right into Nick’s face. Unfazed, the fox brushed away the dough off his muzzle. Clawhauser hit his chest and swallowed before pushing his large body on top of the counter. The fox took a step back, afraid that the fat leopard might accidentally fall right on top him.

“Say again?!” He yelled making Nick flinch from his loud voice. “Did you actually said Judy’s apartment?” He asked, unconsciously reaching for his notepad that held all the notes he wrote down about Nick and Judy’s relationship. The couple believed that no one on the force knows about them but really…it was obvious. Which was why it was Clawhauser’s idea to have a betting pool with the employees he trusted.

“Yeah.” Nick said with a droll and smacked his dry lips. “My new place…umm, it’s temporary and I don’t have a mailbox. Can you send it to her apartment instead?”

Clawhauser squealed inwardly as he slid back onto his chair.“Sure! Of course buddy! I’ll do that right now!” His eyes darted to Chief Bogo, who quickly noticed the cheetah start to motion for him to come over while speaking in a booming voice. “I just need to finalize it with Chief Bogo! Real Quick! For HIM to come over!”

Chief Bogo’s slender ear went up by his sudden calls and began heading his way towards the frantically waving cheetah. Soon most of the police force eyes were on him, making Chief Bogo put up a front and stomp his way over to the counter. Nick covered his ears from Clawhauser’s loud voice. With a finger to his ear and with a sour demeanor, he walked away from the annoying cat.

“Why don’t you yell a little louder, maybe those donuts would actually jump in your mouth….” He grumbled before heading towards the conference room. Chief Bogo noticed his grumpy mood and decided to just ignore it when he watched him go into the room, where Judy waited for him inside. Once Chief Bogo made it to Clawhauser, Roger and Bernie rushed over once Nick entered the room.

“What is it Benjamin?” Chief Bogo hissed under his breath. “You were screaming like a maniac, did I win the bet or what?”

“Not even close Cheif but-!” Bogo slammed his hooves on the table in disappointment.

“So who won?” Roger asked with a grin. “It was me right?”

“No! Just listen!” Clawhauser begged and motioned the group to come closer, wanting to keep their conversation private from prying eyes. “I just got some new details!” he opened his mouth letting out a dry squeal when everyone looked at one another with wide eyes.

“What did you find out?” Bernie ask with a large smile.

“Okay, okay.” Clawhauser took a breath and fanned himself with his paws. He was struggling to keep himself calm. He was ready to burst. With a belated breath, he came back down to the curious group. “Nick is living with Judy!”

“No!” Bogo gasped. “Are you sure?!”

“Of course I am, he told it me that himself!”

“Really?” Roger arched a brow. “The same exact words?”

“Well…” Clawhauser tapped his thumbs together. “He told me to send his paycheck to Judy’s house because his new place doesn’t have a mailbox.”

“Ah Benjamin!” Bogo turned his head away from him. “That is not enough evidence! You got to really boil down to things before telling us the whole truth!”

“But he was lying Chief! I know he’s living with her!”

“But Judy is not that type of girl.” Bernie began softly. “We all know she is a modest bunny, she wouldn’t let a male live with her unless she is married with him. It’s how she was raised.”

The tiger crossed his arms from the thought. “Unless they eloped and got married in Las Dingos down at Sahara Square in the weekend.”

The cape buffalo scoffed at the idea. “Don’t be ridiculous, this is all speculation!” Clawhauser sunk in his cushy seat, holding a sad expression. They were right. He was jumping to conclusions.  The Chief let out a soft sigh. “Look, we cannot simply guess our way of what they do every day in their private lives, only when it comes to our game. We can’t really follow them around Zootopia to make sure.” He snorted not noticing that Clawhauser lifted his head up. His happy grin returning.

Chief Bogo tapped his hoof against the counter and motioned for Bernie and Roger to follow him. “So let’s go, Clawhauser will tell us who won once I give out everyone’s assignments.”

But Clawhauser wasn’t interested in who won, even if it was him. There was really no doubt. He turned his head watching as his buddies go out of sight once the door of the conference room closed. With no one watching, his fingers immediately danced on the computer opening up the address book of everyone who worked in the ZPD. It was easy to find Judy’s address and type in Nick’s name underneath it. With notepad in paw, he scribbled down a set of numbers, including the name of Judy’s apartment building.


sorry for the long wait, but I am studying for finals so I really didn’t have any time. But here it is! Something to enjoy for another two weeks until I finish with school ^_^

I hope you enjoyed! 

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