bernie & ernie


Miles Davis - The Meaning of the Blues/Lament (alternate take)

Miles Ahead (Columbia, 1957)

Personnel: Miles Davis – flugelhorn; Bernie Glow – lead trumpet; Ernie Royal – trumpet; Louis Mucci – trumpet; Taft Jordan – trumpet; John Carisi – trumpet; Frank Rehak – trombone; Jimmy Cleveland – trombone; Joe Bennett – trombone; Tom Mitchell – bass trombone; Willie Ruff – French horn; Tony Miranda – French horn; Bill Barber – tuba; Lee Konitz – alto sax; Danny Bank – bass clarinet; Romeo Penque – flute, clarinet; Sid Cooper – flute, clarinet; Paul Chambers – bass; Art Taylor – drums; Gil Evans – arranger and conductor

Saw the SDCC panel for Supernatural, and when they’re talking about Jensen and Misha being nominated for the Teen Choice Chemistry award, Richard tells them that they’re the “best team since…Ernie and Bert.” 

That was a beautiful moment, but did anyone notice that Richard also made up a ship name for Ernie and Bert? In the middle of the commotion following his “best team” comment, he literally says, “Bernie.”

I had to pause the video because for some reason I found that unbearably hilarious.